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There’s never been a better time, or a better team, to help you build a business you love.

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Mike Volkin

Celebrity Freelancer
Lead Instructor, Freelancer Masterclass

You Will Learn How To:

You Will Learn How To:

Mike Volkin

Celebrity Freelancer
Lead Instructor, Freelancer Masterclass

What You Will Learn

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You'll have step-by-step help and support throughout the entire building process!

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Nothing here is theory. We're in the trenches every single day testing everything!

Your Lead Instructor

Mike Volkin

Celebrity Freelancer

Lead Instructor, Freelancer Masterclass
Mike Volkin, often referred to as the King of Freelancing, has been freelancing for over a decade with resounding success. He is a frequent contributing author to Forbes and has appeared on dozens of media appearances spanning radio, TV and podcasts and has also been featured on the homepage of Upwork.

As a best-selling author who has built and sold 5 companies, Mike continues to inspire entrepreneurs throughout the world helping freelancers break free from the corporate rat race and spearhead their own successful careers.

Other Instructors

Helpful Documents and Premium Material
(Worth Over $6k!)

Below is a (growing) list of the helpful documents you will get access to.

  • Detailed Marketing Plan for Freelancers
  • Buyer Persona Template
  • Quick Proposal
  • Winning Bids Template
  • Start of Project Questionnaire
  • End of Project Questionnaire
  • Invoice Template
  • Credit Card Authorization Form
  • Client Screening Questionnaire
  • Cold Email Tracking
  • Interview Scorecard
  • Customer Acquisition Cost Template
  • Proposal Won vs lost Tracker Template
  • Cold Calling Scorecard
  • Pipeline Tracker Spreadsheet
  • NDA
  • Discovery Call Guide
  • Proposal Template (helps you convert prospects to clients over 40% more)
  • Client Management Spreadsheet (helps you convert prospects to clients 30% more)
  • Services Agreement
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Contract Addendum
  • Referral Agreement
  • Statement of Work
  • Partnership Offering and Agreement


Absolutely. No matter if you’ve been freelancing for 1 day or 10 years, the Freelancer Masterclass walks you through 9 step-by-step modules. Even the most experienced freelancers give great feedback to our very first module.

Some students that are extremely motivated can finish the course in a couple weeks. Some take a few months. It all depends on how much time you commit to view the videos and complete the coursework. On average, you should set aside 3 hours a week for about 6-8 weeks to complete the course.

You will have access to the course material for life in addition to any new material we publish. 

Everyone is awesome in their own way :). Discounts are not offered for individuals since there is already so much inherent value in the course. It is not uncommon for freelancers to double and even triple (or more) their hourly rate and clientele once graduating.

Consultants get a TON of value out of this course because the concept of establishing your online presence, brand, reputation, prospecting for and servicing clients and being/staying productive still applies. Also, agencies solopreneurs get value out of this coursework as well.

Agencies get a TON of value out of this course because the concept of establishing your online presence, brand, reputation, prospecting for and servicing clients and being/staying productive still applies.

The Only 'Stay Until You Get Paid Double'
Coaching Program Out There.

We work with you until you get paid at LEAST double your money back (and we even provide support after that!). This is the smartest money you’ll ever spend on your career. Freelancer Masterclass was created to not only give you all the information you need to build, launch, and scale a freelancing business… but to also give you the step-by-step coaching, mentoring, and support from world class freelancers who are already wildly successful. Don’t mistake us for “just some course” like some of the other “gurus” are offering. Once you join us, you’ll get the shortcut to success that 99% of other freelancers don’t get.

For a Career and
Income You Love Join

Freelancer Masterclass


“I realize you have probably seen gurus out there with courses showing you how you can be successful like they claim to be. They’re throwing 💲💲💲 in the air walking out of a Lamborghini, or a castle. I’ve seen them, it’s 🤪. My approach is completely different and what I am about to show you is different, that I will promise you.

We have the most comprehensive program on earth that shows you how to earn:

  • $10k
  • $20k
  • even $30k/month (or more)

freelancing from anywhere in the 🌎.

In the end, you can expect to get the income you know you’re capable of, you can expect the freedom you want and you can expect results that will change your life.

I started out, probably like you 🤟, with one corporate job after another. I hated it. I hated driving to work, I hated reporting to people, and hated worrying about getting fired all the time.

So, I had a decision to make, I could spend my only life on this planet working for some corporation or I could create my own career. And that’s what I did, I monetized my expertise as a marketer. Let me tell you something, the transition wasn’t easy. I didn’t have programs like this 15 years ago!

I struggled,

  • I took on clients I shouldn’t have 😣
  • I didn’t charge enough
  • I had long dry spells where little money was coming in.

It sucked!

Bottom line, I spent many years doing stupid 💩 so you don’t have to.

So how did I grow my freelance business? I grew by testing. Before I was a marketer, I was a scientist 🥼. I tested everything I could about growing a freelance business. So when I say that my program shows you the best way to become a successful freelancer fast, it’s not theory, it’s validated research.

I’ve made more mistakes than I can count. Mistakes that you don’t have to make.

What I am offering you isn’t just a course. This is

  • A chance for you to build a career you love.
  • A chance to be an entrepreneur and
  • Your chance to avoid the pitfalls that the other freelancers, including myself, have made.

If you want a winning formula, I’m handing it to you on a platter 🥘.

✋On one hand, you could keep doing what you’re doing and always wonder how to get to that next level, try a million different things that don’t work.


✋ You could get a system that gets you results.

Freelancing is the best way to earn a living (if you do it right).

I like to think I did it right. I’m on the homepage of Upwork, the largest freelancing platform in the world, with 18 million freelancers. I’m no model, so it wasn’t for my looks!

I’m not saying this to brag, I’m actually very humble, but I need to say it so you can believe me when I tell you that you deserve to be where I am.

My passion is life is helping freelancers create a successful career, let me and my team help you.”
p.s. There is a reason 99% of freelancers never get the income and freedom they want, because they try and do it alone.

upwork freelance homepage-Mike Volkin, lead instructor of Freelancer Masterclass