Transform Into a Highly Paid Fully Booked Consultant in the Shortest Timeframe Possible. Discover the Shortest Path to Significant Growth and Freedom in your Freelancing Career.

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It's Tough Out There!

  • How do you stand out?
  • Why would someone pay a lot of money to hire you?
  • What special skillsets do you have that someone can’t get elsewhere?

Don’t worry, we can help with all those questions…and more.

Freelancer Masterclass isn’t a course you’ll get at any college or from any other “guru”. Mike shares his knowledge on his 20+ year career as a freelancer. How he charges $300/hour, is fully booked, has time to run several other businesses while being a single dad. Learn from the best, someone who has been there and lives it every day.

You’re Here Because You Deserve More. More Money, More Freedom, More Happiness

Freelancer Masterclass comprises of 9 easily digestible online video modules totaling 14 hours, that contain important documents, homework and resources along the way. All of our instructors are top rated and highly paid freelancers with fully booked calendars. In fact, the lead instructor Mike Volkin, was on the homepage of Upwork, currently writes for their blog and has earned the expert vetted badge, an honor less than 1% of the freelancers on Upwork have been awarded.

Personal Attention

Along with the most comprehensive freelance course available, you'll get personalized support from an expert freelancer who lives every day charging what they want, working they hours they want and being their own boss.

Here's Why You Should Join Freelancer Masterclass

Create and manage explosive growth

Learn strategies to rapidly grow your freelance business and stay ahead of the competition.

Attract and retain ideal clients

Discover methods to attract and retain high-value clients that align with your expertise and goals.

Efficient workflows that save time and increase income

Streamline your processes to boost productivity, save time, and maximize your earning potential.

Develop top-tier communication skills

Master effective communication techniques to build strong client relationships and enhance your professional image.

Leadership skills to take charge of your career

Cultivate leadership abilities to confidently lead your freelance career and achieve your goals.

Financial freedom to live the life you choose

Gain financial expertise to secure your future and enjoy the freedom to live life on your terms.

In addition to the video courses, you’ll also get helpful documents and premium material
(worth over $6k!)

Meet Mike Volkin

Mike Volkin stands as a beacon of success in the realm of freelancing, armed with over two decades of marketing leadership experience and a track record of building and selling multiple companies. His journey from Army veteran to marketing maven showcases not only his resilience but also his ability to adapt and thrive in dynamic environments.

Mike’s expertise has garnered widespread recognition, earning him features on prominent platforms like Upwork’s homepage. His insights in the freelancing industry have been sought after by numerous media outlets, positioning him as a thought leader in the freelancing community.

Mike's thought leadership has been featured on:

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FAQs: Find Your Solutions

Yes, this is the time when you are most “moldable” and flexible to change. Freelancer Masterclass is ideal for you.

20% of students finish the module in 2 weeks, 40% take between 2 and 4, 30% take between 4 and 6 weeks, 10% take longer than 6 weeks. It is recommended you watch the modules twice, one to absorb the information and the second time to watch it with the associated documents, homework and worksheets provided.

The Titan Entrepreneur Group comprises of freelancers and business owners alike. You get personal mentorship from Mike, access to monthly trainings (Visionary Ventures), access to open office hours where Mike streams live and answers questions publicly, and other benefits like discounts on software and other helpful tools. Check out the full list of benefits at

As long as freelancer masterclass is publicly available.

It’s for both, although technically the terms are different, the term is used interchangeably for this course.

Yes you will get lots of benefit from Freelancer Masterclass.

You will have access to updated content.

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