An Awesome LinkedIn Hack to Get Clients

LinkedIn has become such a powerful platform that not being on it as a freelancer is virtual business suicide. Not only that but your profile has to be on point.

Before you do the hacks described in this blog, it is crucial that your profile is top notch. To make your profile top notch, do the following:

Create an Awesome Headline

Your headline should establish credibility, grab attention and be optimized for search. Here is a great example:

linkedin freelancer headline example

Write your Summary Section

Write it in the first person, as if you were speaking to your ideal client.  Have the keywords you want to be found for sprinkled throughout this section. (Don’t keyword stuff). Finally, share the highlights of your experience and your why message.

Display a Great Photo

Take a few great photos and use Photofeeler to let people tell you which one would be more effective for you to use.

Add a Cover Photo

Many people don’t add a cover photo, so doing this will separate you from the pack.

The above will give you a bare minimum of what a great LinkedIn profile should have. In a later blog, we will go into more detail about filling out your past and current work experience, adding slideshows, getting endorsements and more. But for now, let’s discuss this great LinkedIn hack, which is the purpose of this blog.

The key to great exposure on LinkedIn is the quality and amount of your connections. However, where most people go wrong is the only worry about making direct connections, LinkedIn refers to this as 1st-degree connections. The real power in LinkedIn is in the 2nd and 3rd-degree connections, those connections that your 1st-degree connections have but not you. This is where Linkedin Helper comes in. You can use this software to connect with all your 2nd and 3rd-degree connections. Here is a quick video explaining how it works.

Your goal should be to find 10 quality LinkedIn connections per day, then use LinkedIn Helper to skyrocket your results.

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