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Avani is a business coach for freelancers. She’s on a mission to help service-based entrepreneurs get more clients and scale sustainably to 6-figures and beyond. Avani runs her own UX Strategy Consultancy, Avani Miriyala Strategy + Design, and is the host of the 6-Figure Freelancer Podcast.

1. Before we talk about some tips for freelancers, I think it’s important for our audience to understand your background. Can you tell us a bit about your corporate tech career?
2. What is your niche? What kind of clients do you like to serve?
3. What is your favorite part about working for yourself?
4. Give our audience some tips about how to increase their revenue as a freelancer $25,000 next year
5. Tell me about the client magnet roadmap
6. How can our audience follow you online?


An Interview with Avani Miriyala

Today we’re going to talk to Avani Miriyala, a business coach for freelancers who is on a mission to help service-based entrepreneurs get more clients. She will also give us tips on how to earn six figures or more doing freelancing jobs. She runs her own UX Strategy Consultancy called Avani Miriyala Strategy + Design and hosts the 6-Figure Freelancer Podcast. Check out my interview with her:

Mike: Hi Avani, welcome to Freelancer Masterclass. Just to let you know, I first knew you through your podcast, Six-Figure Freelancer. I learned a lot from your talk and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to grow his income to six figures. But before that, can you tell us about your corporate background?

Avani: First of all, thank you for listening to my podcast. Well, I have a degree in Industrial Design, which is my passport for working with so many amazing tech companies. I love working for the tech industry because there are so many things to learn. I love challenging myself to understand consumer behavior and what products can fit into the market’s demand.

I was part of an in-house UX designer where I did both qualitative and quantitative testing, doing interviews, and getting to work with the product development team. From there, I leaped a startup company from Texas, a delivery company called Favor, which is similar to Uber Eats, DoorDash and Postmates. With Favor, I was the only in-house designer. I had no one else to talk to so all the planning and execution was under my wings. I was omly given $500 to do formal testing, like what would I do with it? I figured out everything on my own until it reached the point that I felt like I was stagnant. With those experiences in my bag, I decided to do freelancing in UX and product design and I liked it.

Mike: Your niche is UX product design for small to midsize companies, am I correct?

Avani: It’s twofold; we are a UX and product design agency for consumer-facing tech companies. We also expand to cover crypto and blockchain technology companies.

Mike: You mentioned that you like having the time by yourself or, I guess, dictating your own time. Is that your favorite part of freelancing or something else?

Avani: I love being able to nap when I want to but there’s so much going on I don’t have all the time every day. As a freelancer, I get to do it if I want to do it like today. Or I don’t have to ask somebody if I can go on vacation for example. Just those little things and having the control with how much money I want to make. I really believe that money is a tool for impact so I love being able to learn how to do that myself and share with other people.

Mike: Can you leave our audience today with some tips on how to increase their Freelancer income, say $25,000 or more next year if that’s their goal for 2020? What advice would you give anyone out there listening to increase their income?

Avani: Always start with a goal; say your goal is 25,000 per quarter. As a freelancer, you have to realize that to achieve that goal; you need to develop your business. You can’t settle for what you have right now; you need to look for new clients regularly. If you are not getting enough clients, your revenue will remain the same. Take some time every day to look for a new client. Block one hour of each day for searching, making a follow-up, writing resumes, and other money-making tasks.

Do your job consistently every day, except during your rest days. When you do your job each day, you polish your skills. You avoid making the same error you did a few days ago. In short, you become a master of your craft. If you focus on your work and do the task religiously, there will be more clients coming your way and offering you better deals.

Mike: That’s a great tip. I always say in my MasterClass to make a schedule of your day and do the tasks in the calendar. If you do it every day, it sharpens your mind, and it becomes a part of your routine. At first, it will be difficult. It’s like creating your YouTube channel, and start promoting it but nobody listens. It’s disheartening, but just stick to it a little bit.

Avani: Absolutely, we’re both a testament to that.

Mike: Tell me a little bit about the client magnet roadmap. It seems very interesting to me.

Avani: The client magnet roadmap is what I’ve been using in my business. It’s the framework that I use to have a steady flow of clients coming in and it’s simply a set of systems. I would say that you can put it in place and they’re really simple. Part of the system is being able to schedule in your calendar that you’re reaching out to a certain number of people per week. It also shows you how to demonstrate value for a potential client without going and doing a project for them. The framework will show you how you can have a steady flow coming in or become a client magnet. It’s a free roadmap that anyone can grab online on my website,

Mike: Great, so that’s for free. But is it like an eight-week guide? How long does it take to complete it?

Avani: It’s a few pages of a roadmap, and what it gives you are the steps of what you need to do. But if you’re serious about taking this to the next level, at the end of the roadmap, I can give you a link to join a free class that I have. And it’s an ongoing class that I do, which then goes into details, like the strategies and the things that you can take action on based on the roadmap itself. If you want that 25K extra, feel free to join the class. You should be able to walk away and know exactly what you’re going to do next.

Mike: That’s why I asked you about it because I know you’re full of actionable tips based on your podcast. So how can our audience follow you online? Tell us where to get a hold of you.

Avani: You can hang out with me over on the Six Figure Freelancer podcast. I just recorded some really amusing episodes yesterday. It’s out every Wednesday and Thursday. I’m on Instagram too. I love hanging out over there. Just search for my name Avani Miriyala on Instagram.

Mike: That’s great. We got your podcast; you got your client magnet roadmap; you got a lot of stuff going on. I’ll let you do your own thing. And thank you so much for joining us.

Avani: Thank you for having me here. I’ll definitely follow your Freelancer Masterclass. Bye!



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