Mike Volkin

Mike Volkin, often referred to as the King of Freelancing, has been freelancing for over a decade with resounding success. He is an expert panelist at Forbes and has appeared on dozens of media appearances spanning radio, TV and podcasts and has also been featured on the homepage of Upwork. As a best-selling author who has built and sold 4 companies, Mike continues to inspire entrepreneurs throughout the world helping freelancers break free from the corporate rat race and spearhead their own successful careers.

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Affordable Health Insurance for Freelancers

 One of the great benefits you lose transitioning from corporate life to being a freelancer is health insurance. In today’s episode, I discuss options for affordable health insurance for freelancers. RAW TRANSCRIPT: Hey everyone, Mike Volkin here from Freelancer masterclass and Freelancer school podcast today, boring subject, but I’m gonna try to make it …

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How Do Freelancers Digitally Convert Prospects?

In this special interview, Mike Volkin talks with conversion expert Austin Church on how freelancers can convert prospects digitally. We talk about lead magnets, “snacks”, and other important conversion items to help you get your prospects further down the sales funnel. He has a special offer for all our listeners, check it out: https://austinlchurch.com/freelancer-school RAW …

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