Best Ways to Get Freelance Work Online

If you have been a freelancer for a long time, you know that finding freelance work can be a challenge. You would rather spend all of your time servicing your clients, but the reality is at least a small portion of your time should be spent applying and searching for new clients.

We have come up with the best ways to get freelance work online and even included some tips so you can focus more on servicing clients and less on prospecting. Ready to know how to get freelance work? Let’s get into it!

Make Freelancing Your First Priority

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When you first start to find freelance work online, unfortunately, you don’t have any clients and are desperate to start working. As soon as you find enough clients to hit your income goal for that month, and feel you can provide high-quality service you want to make your current clients your main priority. 

What happens when you make freelancing your first priority? If you don’t have any clients yet, you are going to focus a lot on developing your skill sets to build a stellar portfolio that will increase your chances to land clients. You need to accept the truth, freelancing is very competitive in 2020. For a newcomer, the competition might seem even tougher because of not having any experience or feedback to show.

The best way for you to survive this competition is to demonstrate your skills. If you can convince a prospecting client that your skill sets are extraordinary, you will get freelance work online regardless of not having any prior experience.

You need to be patient as well. At times it might take weeks, even months, to get hired on your first freelancing gig. You must not lose hope and give up on freelancing during these tough times. If you keep at it, you will land jobs for sure. Once you get hired on your first job, getting new gigs will be much easier than before. 

Focus on delivering great service that makes your clients comfortable and wanting to come back to you for future projects. An important note is to ask for referrals.

After closing a client for the work you will be doing and collecting payment upfront (you should always do this), ask if they have other people they would like to refer services to. 

Word-of-mouth even today is still often the primary way many businesses and freelancers receive clients. Make sure to deliver high-quality service so you can expect to hear from them.

Use Freelancer Job Boards

Freelance Marketplaces

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You can find opportunities for freelance gigs from many online job boards. It takes time to search through each job board to find opportunities relevant to your skills and then apply. 

Fun fact: Our online course has a class where we show you how to make this process simple by setting up your email to receive opportunities as frequently as you desire.

Here is a list of the best freelance job websites for freelance work online:

1. Upwork:

Upwork is probably the most famous freelancing platform in the world. Previously known as oDesk, Upwork is the go-to choice for clients and freelancers from all over the globe. 

2. Guru:

Guru is a relatively new freelancing platform but has become quite popular in such a short period of time because of its freelancer friendly terms and conditions. 

3. is one of the most reputed freelancing platforms in the world. Though it’s a bit competitive, you must give it a shot as a beginner. 

4. Fiverr:

Fiverr probably is the most beginner-friendly freelancer platform. In this site, you can create gigs based on your skills and sell directly to clients. 

5. Indeed:

This is an employment-related search engine that features both online and offline jobs. Indeed has some hidden gems of clients you won’t find anywhere else. 

6. Flexjobs:

Flexjobs is one of the biggest remote work platforms where clients hire remote workers. Remote working is very similar to freelancing, that’s why this website made this list. 

7. Peopleperhour

Peopleperhour is another reputed freelancing platform. If you are confident about your skills, Peopleperhour can be the right website for you to find clients. 

8. Craigslist

Craigslist has listings of literally everything, including freelancing jobs. You should search for freelance jobs on Craigslist on a regular basis. 

There are many other job sites for freelancers, yet these are the main ones. If you already know the specific services you would offer, you may find job boards specifically for your service, such as

Most of the successful freelancers you see today have started from these freelancer job boards. Getting used to these platforms might take some time if you are a complete newbie. Don’t start with all of them at once. The best way to go about it is to start with one or two and move on to the other ones after getting some success.

If you become really successful in either of these platforms, you might not even need to expand your business to other platforms at all. All of these freelancer job boards have tons of clients for a wide variety of industries.

Before choosing your preferred freelancer job board, do some research, and choose the one that fits your expertise and skills. However, you should know how to approach clients in these job boards if you are to become successful. If you are willing to get jobs via Upwork, then you must know how to apply for jobs on Upwork.

Reach out to your Network

Another great way to get freelance work is by using social media. You have two main options. You can post on your personal account that you are now offering freelance services and encourage people to message you for pricing.

This might not sound like the most effective idea, but it sure is. Your social media friends might not have a job for you, but they might know someone who has. These days, people are most active on social media, so it’s a great place to let the word out that you are offering freelance services.

Social media platforms, especially Facebook, have specific groups for freelancers. You’ll see a substantial amount of online freelance job posts in these groups. It is possible to land a job from social media if you look enough.

Another way to use social media is through groups of people with similar interests. The problem is there are many groups of people who will spam their services. We have created a private group of quality freelancers that you can access if you are enrolled in the Freelancer Masterclass.

Seek Help from Experienced Freelancers

If you know people who are into freelance business for quite some time, it’s a great opportunity for you to get a head-start in freelancing. Having freelancer peers come with a lot of benefits. You can directly ask them questions when you are stuck, request them to show you their hands-on experience, and most importantly, even get clients through them.

Experienced freelancers often get freelance projects online, even more than they can take. You may request your freelancer friends to refer you to clients they are unable to take. Of course, your skill must be up to the mark to serve the clients well. If you receive a client from a referral, your referrer will get a bad reputation if you fail to deliver quality services.

Ask your freelancer friends for referral only if you are confident about your skills. And most importantly, don’t instantly take a job that comes to you. First, analyze if you are capable of satisfying the client’s expectations. Only then consider taking the job.

Send Cold Emails

Yes, cold emails are still effective marketing strategies in 2020. If used wisely, cold emails can open so many freelance job opportunities. The strategy is very easy and simple too. Find new businesses and startups who might need your support, and email them telling how you can be of use.

Make sure to complete thorough research on the business you are willing to pitch your service, and if possible research about their industry as well. If you can show your prospect that you will be able to add real value to their business, they will hire you for sure

Create a Portfolio Website

build portfolio website to get more jobs

Creating a portfolio website is the best way to demonstrate your skills to potential clients. Such a website allows you to organize your previous work experience, samples, and client feedback at one place. If a potential client wants to see proof of your skills, sending them the portfolio website link is the fastest and most convenient way to give them what they want.

A portfolio website can also help clients find you. More often than not clients use search engines to find someone they want to hire. If they come across your portfolio site, you might get hired. That’s why it is not just enough to have a portfolio site, you’ll need to make it visible to search engines as well.

Spend some time to design the website, do basic SEO, and add content. If you start getting success in your freelancing career, this website can open doors to start a full-fledged business. This means, your portfolio site is basically a long term investment you can capitalize on in the future.


With the uprising of remote working culture in 2020, probably this is the best time for you to be serious about freelancing. Many companies worldwide are more eager to hire remote freelance workers. So, there are lots of opportunities out there. You need to find yours and grab it with both hands. These suggestions will help you to accomplish that.

Depending on how developed you are as a freelancer will determine how much of each method you will see results from. The important thing is to start applying to as many gigs as soon as you can and make sure to do great work for your customers.

What do you think of the suggestions mentioned here? Which one would you like to apply? Let us know in the comment section.

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