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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can you help my freelancing business?

I help freelancers attract, convert and keep clients enabling them to earn more money and create a career they love.


Because I’ve been in your shoes.
Not fulfilled at my job.
Not appreciated and constantly worrying about impressing my boss… worried about getting fired.
I wasn’t in control of my career.
I know going freelancing can give you heart palpitations… but with the right help, tools, and marketing you won’t have sleepless nights worrying about paying the bills.

Ok, so how are you gonna help me?

With my 8-week Freelance Masterclass course.
You’ll learn to…
  • Attract, convert, and keep clients
  • Get constant referrals
  • Earn 6 figures or more (I’ve earned over 2M freelancing)
  • How and when to raise your rates
  • How to do discovery calls (the right way) with prospective clients to close them fast at a high bill rate
  • How to use Upwork and LinkedIn to attract leads
  • How to get paid… project-based? Retainer?
  • What to put in your contract and how to present it
Remember, this isn’t theory.
As a trained scientist, I tested everything.
My process works and you can’t get it anywhere else.

Is this just a course? Or do I get additional support?

No need to fret.
You’ll get lots of support on top of the course modules. I’m talking…
  • Weekly coaching calls.
  • A dedicated account rep assigned to help you
  • All the spreadsheets and documents you will ever need to shortcut your success
  • Private FB group – Don’t discount this! It’s where you can get help and network with other freelancers… even refer work to each other

How much money can I make after taking your course?

Every person is different, but if you apply the principles taught in my courses you can easily scale to 6 figures and more.

How do I find my niche?

Soul search on what you love and want to be known for, determine what you don’t like, and find what people will pay you the most amount of money for with the least resistance.

So what else?

If you’ve got more questions, I’ve got more answers.
Looking forward to our call 🙂