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There is a structure behind the 9 major courses for freelancers that make up Freelancer Masterclass. In fact, constructing the course structure took about as long as developing the topics within each course. Determining which courses for freelancers to include in the masterclass, and in what order, took research not only from my many years of experience but from talking with dozens of top freelancers.

There are hundreds of topics I needed to cover and I needed to do so in a step-by-step manner that gave the students in the masterclass short actionable lessons. The 9 courses are as follows:

  • Foundational Requirements for Success
  • Branding and Positioning
  • Marketing for Clients
  • Working with Clients
  • Working with Other Freelancers
  • Money Management
  • Tools and Resources
  • Work and Life Balance
  • Troubleshooting

Within each course are various topics that reinforce the overall theme for the course. We tried our best to incorporate best freelance skills to learn. There is a strategic reason why these courses were chosen in this order. By following the masterclass in the order presented, you are building the right fundamental steps needed in order to proceed to the next course. Yes, a student can take the courses out of order, just like you can eat a 3-course meal out of order, but it doesn’t taste right. Technically, you can eat dessert first, then the appetizer, then the dinner. But that isn’t the natural flow. The same goes for the masterclass. Taking the courses out of order will still get you massive benefit, but taking them in order will amplify those benefits.

Let’s discuss each course and what you can expect to get out of them as a freelancer. If you prefer to listen to the audio version of this post, check out the audio version on this topic at the Freelancer School Podcast.

1. Foundational Requirements for Success

When someone asks, ‘how can I learn freelancing?’, I suggest them to get the foundational requirements right. Even experienced freelancers get a lot out of this course because if your foundations aren’t correct then nothing else seems to fall in place. Think about it like building a house. The foundation comes first. If the foundation isn’t level or built properly, then the rest of the house won’t be built properly. The same goes for your freelancing career. There are foundational core skills you need in order to really excel as a freelancer.

In this course, you will learn what a freelancer really is, how to get your mind focused on being a freelancer and you will meet some freelancers who make a great living working from home and doing what they love. You will learn how to set up your office for efficiency and productivity and how to set up a business entity. One of the biggest takeaways of this section is goal setting. Without setting goals, you are driving in a car without a destination. This course will walk you through the math on how to set goals.

2. Branding and Positioning

Why would a freelancer need to brand themselves? That’s just for products like Coke, right? Not at all. As a freelancer, your brand is your identity. It is how you are perceived by clients. As we wanted to make Freelancer Masterclass one of the top freelancing courses online, we emphasized on branding. A bad brand shows you are low quality and a good brand will command a premium price. In this course, successful freelancer Hunter Cauley shows you how to choose a niche you’re passionate about and present you with hundreds of niche options to not only choose from, but get inspiration from. You will create essential marketing communication points like an elevator pitch and a unique selling proposition (USP). You’ll also learn how to beat your competition, because as a freelancer, no matter what niche you choose, you will have plenty of them. As you scale and become more successful, you’ll need a team. That is why in this section we talk about how to build teams the right way. Last but not least, another key element of this course is keeping stats on your business. Without knowing which stats to watch and why you’re operating in the dark. And operating in the dark is no way to run a business.

Applying the lessons in this freelancing course will skyrocket your career, and frankly, this is just the beginning. Now, with the combination of the first and second courses, you have already more knowledge than 99% of the other freelancers competing for your business. That’s a nice edge to have!


“As you scale and become more successful, you’ll need a team.”



3. Marketing for Clients

Understanding how to get clients is the hardest part for a freelancer to accomplish. Ultimately, I believe that is why freelancing is a part-time game because the vast majority of freelancers don’t know how to bring in business. Frankly, this is my specialty, so it’s my favorite course to teach. This course starts out with successful freelance writer Jarmila Gorman teaching you how to create a fantastic personal website. Instagram marketing expert Hunter Cauley appears again to teach you how to prospect for clients on social media. You’ll learn about marketing for clients on other platforms as well.

In addition to marketing for freelance clients, you will learn how to manage your reputation with successful freelancer Chelsea Craig, owner of Rhino Reviews.

One of the biggest benefits of this course is learning how to tell your story. You might think a prospect will hire you because of your skillset. That is partly correct. Prospects will also hire you based on the story you can tell. They want to understand what drives you, why you do what you do. I walk you through the power of storytelling and how to do it correctly to capture the most attention and convert that prospect into a client.

Given the feedback I have received, the class on the marketing funnel in this course is the most helpful to students. I outline a step-by-step approach on how to create a marketing funnel that brings in the high paying clients. The class is called The Magical PPC Funnel and it is the exact same funnel that I use to bring in $10k/month (or more) of work.

This course is long and intense, but rightly so as there is a lot to learn, as we are continually adding to this section too.

4. Working with Clients

Now that you know how to bring in clients and you have the proper foundation for branding, the next step for you is to know how to work with clients. As a freelancer, you will be no stranger to what is called a discovery call. The discovery call is a call you will have with a prospect to see if you’re a good fit for each other. You will learn how to master the discovery call, how to ask the right questions and how to get the prospect excited to work with you.

You will also learn various pricing strategies to ensure you are getting paid well for the work you’re doing. Most importantly, you will learn how to communicate with clients. This is crucial because without proper communication, your clients won’t keep you around as long and the projects you do for them won’t be as fun and rewarding.

5. Working with Other Freelancers

Do you know what the best source of work is? It’s not paying for ads, or networking with prospects, it’s other freelancers! In this section I’ll show you how to create partnerships with other freelancers. You’ll also learn how to manage a team of freelancers and how to communicate with them properly by using a technique called managing up.

Working with other freelancers is extremely important to scale your freelance business. There will be a time when you will receive such projects you won’t be able to do on your own. You might need to seek help from other freelancers with these projects. If you don’t know how to work with other freelancers, you will struggle to deliver in cases like this. 

6. Money Management

Unless you’re a financing expert, managing money hasn’t been in your wheelhouse. As a salaried employee, you would simply just take your check to the bank, or better yet, have it directly deposited into your account. As a freelancer, you’ll have money coming in from various clients and expenses going out to various vendors. It’s easy to make a mistake and even one mistake could cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. I remember years ago I did a big project for a client and never charged them! My bookkeeper found the error and 4 months after the project ended, I reached out to the client to get my money. Luckily she paid in full but I would never want to go through that again. I simply was so busy I lost track of my invoices. Once you watch this course, that won’t happen to you. You’ll learn how to manage money properly and efficiently.

7. Tools and Resources

As a freelancer, you will be overwhelmed by the number of companies trying to sell you tools and other resources to save or make you money. This course goes through the best tools, which ones you should be spending your money on and why. New tools and resources are coming out all the time, so we continually update this course with the best ones.

We suggest you only the tools you need for running your freelancing business without hiccups. Unlike many other courses, we will not simply try to sell tools developed by our partners or sponsors. The course also explains why exactly you need the tools we recommend, so you will get an idea how to use the tools. 

8. Work and Life Balance

Working in your home as a freelancer is a nice benefit, but certainly comes with some drawbacks. In this course, I walk you through how to keep your work issues in your office and how to not be tempted by procrastination, which is easy to do at home. That Xbox is only a few feet away!

Another problem is, freelancers at times overwork themselves and their gigs become burdensome. If you don’t enjoy your work, you won’t be able to hold on to your freelancing career for too long. It is also important to have enough time to spend with your friends and family and enjoy life. It will stop you from burning out, and start every project with restored energy. For good performance, this is very important. That’s why our course intends to teach you to maintain a proper work-life balance. 

You will also learn the importance of meditation and how to get started doing it if you have no experience with it. Meditation has changed the lives of millions of people and is especially important for entrepreneurs.

9. Troubleshooting

No matter how good you are as a freelancer, trouble will arise. I will walk you through the most common types of trouble like how to deal with difficult clients or what to do when faced with a lawsuit threat. Managing issues like this properly could save you thousands of dollars and huge headaches.


As structured as Freelancer Masterclass is, it is truly a work in progress. I and my team are always adding new courses and updating existing ones to ensure you have the latest and greatest information to succeed as a freelancer. We believe that we have developed a perfect training module for you to learn to freelance step by step.

In addition to the courses for freelancers I just outlined, we have a number of ongoing live and recorded classes where you can be a part of Freelancer Masterclass. Share this article and comment below on some courses you would like to see in the masterclass.

If you think you are ready to take the course, then now is the time to start!

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