Negotiation Mastery

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Why Learn Negotiation Tactics?

Just about every conversation you have is a negotiation of some type. Negotiations don’t stop at just business dealings. Whether you realize it or not, you negotiate with friends, relatives, co-workers, and more.

We negotiate multiple times a day with a variety of people and yet hardly anyone studies how to get better at it. Here is your chance to learn the top negotiation strategies from the best in the world. These strategies are easy to implement and will make an immediate impact on your life in many ways.

This course covers:

  • Intro: How to Make the Most of this Course
  • 6 Major Strategies of Negotiation
  • The Three Types of Yes’s (and Which Two are Toxic)
  • The Two Most Powerful Phrases in Negotiation
  • How to Gain Leverage
  • Rules and Models from Experts
  • How to Negotiate a Better Rate

The information in this course is an aggregate of the experience of Michael Volkin, a top marketing consultant who has worked with over 400 clients and notes from the top 3 negotiation books in the world.