Creative Visualization-My Secret Tool for Success That is Completely Free

My journey to success using creative visualization came after just a couple of weeks of practice just 15 minutes a day. I read a book by Maxwell Maltz called Psycho-Cybernetics.

After utilizing the techniques in this book visualizing me playing better tennis (tennis is my passion and I play competitively), I won my first match after using these techniques 6-0, 6-0, something I have never done before. Since then, I have been hooked. You can use this in ANY aspect of your life. You can use it to improve relationships, be a better entrepreneur, be a better athlete, make more money…anything!

Creative visualization is a mindfulness exercise that can be used to promote success in many aspects of your life. Visualization is the process of putting together visual mental imagery of what you are wanting to manifest. you can start to gain emotions associated with the desired image. Essentially, creative visualization is where you visualize what you want and experience the emotions or feelings you would have if it were true.

Creative Visualization can be extremely powerful as you are using the mind’s eye to create detailed images of what you want to manifest. This can help you to feel more positive and motivated to achieve these goals. After visualizing, you should feel inspired and ready to take action towards your goals.

If you are constantly repeating certain thoughts to yourself, your subconscious mind accepts these thoughts and this causes a change in your long term mindset.

This change in mindset can then have a positive effect on your behaviors, feelings, and habits. And this is the reason why creative visualization can be so effective!

The mind is a very powerful thing and the visual images that are created through creative visualization can determine some of the strong feelings and emotions that you experience when you think of them. This is why it’s important to be clear about what you want to visualize and why.


  • Reduce stress
  • Increase focus
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Brings joy
  • Provides inspiration
  • Improves relationships

How to do creative visualization

1)            Set the mood-be in a relaxed and positive state of mind when you attempt creative visualization. Enter A Meditative State-take the time to do a straightforward meditative exercise before you begin. For most people, all that is needed is a few minutes spent focusing on slow, steady breathing.

2)            Visualize Your Goal-Once your mind feels still and receptive, start crafting an image of the thing you want, taking as long as you like to build up all of the details.

3)            Hold Onto The Feelings Associated With Your Visualization-Although the most important part of creative visualization is the process described in step three, you are more likely to see your goals manifest in your life if you allow your visualization experiences to influence the rest of your day.

Try to hold onto the feelings of pride, happiness, confidence, and peace that you experience when you picture your goal, and repeatedly affirm your belief that you will soon attract the things you yearn for.

4)            Make A Habit Of Using Creative Visualization- Schedule time on your calendar if you have to.

5)            Work Hard To Achieve Your Goal- Although creative visualization is incredibly powerful and can certainly play a huge role in allowing you to develop the life you’ve always wanted, you substantially increase your chances of success if you also take concrete steps towards your goals.

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Get ready for freelancing strategies, hacks and tactics to help you skyrocket your success brought to you by Freelancer masterclass calm. You’re listening to freelancing school with your instructor microphone.

Welcome to another episode of freelancers school. I am Mike volken. And today we’re going to be discussing my secret tool for success that is completely free. It is a tool that anyone can use. It is a tool that you can utilize anywhere. And it is a tool that is extremely effective. Now, for many of you who have listened to my videos and my podcast, you’ll know that I like to meditate even if it’s just a few hours a day, but that is not the tool of success I’m going to be discussing today although that is important. What I’m going to be discussing today is something that you can do right now after you stop listening to this podcast and start reap the benefits of this tool. This tool is called creative visualization. Now for many of you, you’ve already kind of discounted it saying, Oh, that’s hokey, pokey hippie stuff. But it has come a long way. In the last few years, there’s been a lot of research that has been done. And given all the tools and instruments and scientific approaches, we’re now able to prove that this works. It’s how it works, with the varying level of success is how you apply it. So not only am I going to tell you what creative visualization is, I’m going to give you a six step process for success. Now, in all full disclosure, I do this daily, I want to give you what my results are early, and why I’m so excited to teach it to you. But I am still a very, very much a beginner. In fact, I just ordered my second and third book, I read one book on this and I’ve you know, read some blog articles, did some podcasts, research and whatnot, but I’m still very much a beginner and I’ll admit that I’m not an expert. I’m not going to teach you advanced tactics, but you don’t need advanced tactics. In order to make this very effective for you, so let me tell you my story. About three or four months ago I read a book called Psycho Cybernetics. It’s by an author named Maxwell maltz. Now, before this book, I knew creative visualization as a theory, right? But the book actually explained it not only what it is, why it’s effective, but then how to go about doing it effectively. Now, my story is this. Once I finished reading the book, I started applying creative visualization for a couple weeks. What I was visualizing wasn’t better relationships. It wasn’t being a better entrepreneur is actually being a better tennis player. Those of you that know me know that I love tennis. It’s my passion. And it was in the middle of tennis season, and I had some important matches coming up. So I figured what the heck. Let’s go ahead and try some of these techniques. So I started visualizing myself playing better tennis. I started watching myself play tennis as if I was watching a movie. I started picture Myself winning, not just matches but points I started feeling those emotions of me winning, I started feeling the emotion of me picking spots in the court and hitting it. I started feeling perfect technique I started feeling fast feet and slow hands, which is a common technique and strategy to use in tennis. I also started picturing more than just matches it’s practice as well because I spend much more time practicing then to do playing matches. So when I practice my serves, I would practice visualizing before I went out and actually took my bucket of balls out to the court, I would visualize myself hitting perfect serves, aiming and hitting my spots and feeling the intensity of hitting the exact spot that I wanted to hit. So I did notice a change, a small change but not very noticeable at first. And as I started doing it, more and more, I started noticing my practices getting much more effective, and and intense. So when it came to be the first match, I played And this is a 100% True story. I was scheduled to play singles because I’m a singles player against a player who was pretty much my skill set, maybe a little bit below me, I probably would have won anyway without this creative visualization technique, but he was by and large, a good player. He was competitive, athletic, knew the game, etc, etc. I had actually never played him before I traveled about 45 minutes to get to a tennis club with my team to play singles with this person. And as soon as the match started, I felt this intensity I’ve never felt before I felt this connection with my brain and my body that was immediately evident and gave me extreme confidence. Now normally when I do in a match, it’s fairly close, you know, it might go three sets and might go to but you know, it’s competitive because we’re all in a league and the leagues are matched up with skill level. So it’s very rare in this league to have a better blowout type of match, but I won this match what’s called double bangle. Okay, it’s 6060 the person did not get one set for me one game for me, actually. So I walked off the court and I just started thinking, wow, is it in a coincidence that I’ve won my first match 6060 and over a decade, and I just started doing these creative visualization techniques. Now, please don’t mistake what I’ve been doing as a lot of work. I’m talking about 15 minutes a day, for maybe 10 to 14 days before I played this match. It wasn’t like it was an extreme amount of work. This was just me visualizing myself connecting with the ball, hitting my spots and being intense about and feeling the love of winning.

The other person was so upset. They ran off the court after the match complaining to the team captain that I was placed in the wrong League. He thought I was what’s called a ringer, which is someone who belongs in a higher league but just played down in order to get a win, but that’s not The case at all I was just playing out of my mind good. I was serving Well, I was approaching the net Well, I was hitting volleys. Well, I was doing everything well. And I made very few unforced errors and had a lot of winners, I was just beating him on every aspect of the court. And that’s why I won 6060. Now, I’ve been ramping up my creative visualization techniques. And, and yes, I’ve played matches since then, and not 16060. But it took me to that next level already. So I’m at the point now, where I’m going to be doing more than just 15 minutes a day and expanding it out to other aspects of my life. I’m going to creatively visualize what it’s like to be a great entrepreneur, creatively visualize what it’s going to be like to improve relationships, all sorts of relationships. When you say relationship, it doesn’t just have to be between a husband and wife or boyfriend or girlfriend, it could be with your son or daughter could be with a co worker, whatever. So let me tell you a little bit about how to approach creative visualization because this is very, very powerful. Please don’t underestimate Or, you know, shoot this away as just some kind of podcast you just listened to, but you’re not gonna practice. Please give me a commitment that you’re going to do this for just a week 10 to 15 minutes a day. And I promise you, you’re going to write me an email, and thank me. And then in addition to getting what you want, through creative visualization, you’re actually helping some other aspects of your life as well. There’s other benefits, there’s reduce stress, there’s increased focus, there’s a gain of self confidence. There’s the aspect of it bringing joy, and it provides inspiration. So let’s get down to it. How do you do creative visualization now we can get more advanced in each one of these steps. I want to give you the overall outer workings of it just so you can get started today. Step one, set the mood. Okay, be in a relaxed and positive state when you attempt to create a visualization, so don’t just sit down, close your eyes and start visualizing. All right. What I like to do and I like to focus on 10 deep breaths inward and outward. This should only take a minute but gets you in the right mindset. All right, and of course, it should be in a quiet room and no distractions. I like to turn on the light but it’s not necessary, it’s not required. And what I also like to do is don’t kick your feet up and don’t lay on the bed you should be in an active seating position, meaning your feet is on the floor, your hands on your, on your thighs, and just sitting straight up. Okay, if you’re to relax, it’s not going to work as well because you want your mind active. Alright, step number two, visualize your goal. Now depending on what your goal is, my goal was playing better tennis, your goal could be anything you can possibly dream up. But once your mind feels still and receptive from step one, I want you to start crafting an image of the things you want. I want you to visually picture it, taking as long as you like to build up all of the details. The more detailed it is, the better the surroundings, how you feel, when it’s happening, how you feel after it’s happening. Now, if your visit realization is money. Don’t just picture yourself holding, you know a handful of money and waving it in the air. Picture yourself, how you feel and how you got that money. All right, I want you to take it as detailed as possible. Step three, hold on to the feeling associated with your visualization. Although the most important part of creative visualization is the process described here, you are more likely to see your goals manifest in your life. If you allow your visualization experience to influence the rest of your day. I want you to try to hold on to that feeling of, of happiness, the feeling of pride, the feeling of peace, the feeling of confidence that you experience when you picture your goal. You’re repeatedly affirming that your belief will soon attract the things that you desire. And it works. I know it sounds hokey, but it absolutely will Step four, what I want you to do is make a habit of using creative visualization. I had this problem the first few days I was doing it, I was trying to squeeze it into my already busy day, which didn’t work. So what I did was I scheduled some time on my calendar for myself, I scheduled a half an hour even though I only needed 15 minutes that gave me some time to go a little bit late for meeting prior or schedule some time for a meeting coming up a little bit in advance, but they gave me a good 15 minute window to go ahead and do it on a daily basis.

Step five, work hard to achieve your goal. Now, although creative visualization is incredibly powerful, and can certainly play a huge role in allowing you to develop the life that you’ve wanted, you substantially increase your chances of success if you also make concrete steps towards that goal. So think of it like going to the gym, some of you go to the gym to get big muscles. Some of you go to the gym to lose weight, whatever the case, you don’t just achieve your weight loss goal or mass goal by going occasionally or going when you feel like it. Alright, there’s a regimen there, you have to schedule and make time to do it. And I like to do at a consistent time each day, you might find that your time is in the early morning, which is mine later, right before I start work, you might find that it’s right before you go to bed. I like to do mine in the morning because it gives me the rest of the day to kind of reflect on my creative visualization exercise, find your own time, you’ll find that there’s a time that fits best for you and it’s usually at a certain time of day. I hope this was eye opening for you and for you non believers. Please go ahead and just give it a try. Three days to a week. Do it every day for 10 to 15 minutes and then report back to me and let me know what you think. Good.

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