Freelancer Quick Tip- Find Job Opportunities with Deep Watch   

At Freelancer Masterclass, we talk about never missing an opportunity. If you learn to find job opportunities with Deep Watch you can rest assured that you won’t miss another project online again.

If you go to, you will see a lot of opportunities online that you may not have seen otherwise. There are a lot more opportunities you could discover that your competitors may never get to see. Deep Watch helps you keep track of all the unseen online data. This tool lets you see information out there that is hidden on purpose, or you failed to discover because you didn’t have enough time searching.

To get started, first create a free account at If you need more job alerts, you choose their premium account. If you want to see first how it works, a free account is enough until you learn how to use it effectively. 

After you log in, the next thing you do is create a task and assign a name for that particular task. For instance, you put a task name as “monitor keywords from Quora.” Whenever another freelancer posts a question on Quora, you want to see if you can answer it. Deep Watch will alert you based on that keyword.

Enter the e-mail address for where you want to send the alerts to.Enable “Do Not Disturb” if you don’t want to be sent alerts during a particular time. Enter the information that you want to monitor from Quora. If you’re going to follow the word “freelance”, consider using other word variations such as “freelancer” or “freelancing.” Choose what type of format you want to monitor – questions, blog posts, answers, or combinations of those. After choosing your format, click “send”. you will start receiving emails right away.

When you receive an email, it will say “alert on multiple tasks.” You can then filter the result and create a label through your email so that all alerts will go to the “alert” folder. Labeling your emails will ensure your regular schedule isn’t interupted. Consider setting your calendar to remind you to check your alerts at least twice a day.

What can you do with these alerts? If you can answer the questions, then do so. Answer the questions intelligently or comment on other peoples’ comments. In other words, be interactive because this is what will build your online presence and help you.

A lot of people will do this for a week and then drop it because they don’t see any results. Remember, this step is like rolling snowball downhill. It will take a while to build that snowball at first, but when you start to get going with some of the tasks; you start to see a return. Organically overtime that snowball will become bigger as it eventually reaches the bottom of the hill.

Is it clear yet how you find job opportunities with Deep Watch? If your name keeps appearing in Quora or other forums, you might get noticed by plentof prospects. Stick with this strategy for at least two to three months, and you will start to see its return. It’s a great way to create your brand and make other people become aware of who you are and what you can do for them.

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