Get Your First Upwork Client in 3 Days

Upwork is one of the biggest online job platforms today. There are many success stories of freelancers getting high-paying clients on this site. On the other sidemany clients find an extremely talented pool of freelancers here who help them manage or start their business. If you want to launch your freelancing career, here are some steps on how you can get your first Upwork client in three days.

Day 1 (Estimated Time: 6 Hours)

Step 1: 

  • Create and optimize a draft of your profile.
  • Proofread your profile.

Write and proofread your Upwork profile. Your profile says a lot about youIf you have no idea how to do it, it’s better to hire a professional writer who can review it. Make your profile errorfree because if it contains many errors, it could take you longer to get your first Upwork client.

Step 2 

  • Do a reverse search and get inspiration. Search for other freelancers in the same niche as you. Look at what they put for their title, description, and portfolios. See how they present their profile and copy in their titles and description, then modify your profile to your liking.
  • Update your profile with another draft using the changes noted in your reverse search.


Step 3

  • Once you write the first part of your profile, ask your friends and family for feedback. Ask them what their thoughts are upon reading your profile. Is it clear and short (or long) enough? Is it convincing to them? What can you do to add “meat” to your profile? 
  • Finalize your profile by making any last edits based on your friends’ feedback.


Day 2 (Estimated Time: 4 Hours)


  • Make a list of all keywords relating to the jobs you would take on (i.e., SEO, marketing strategy, inbound marketing, lead generation, influencer marketing, paid ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc.)
  • Search Upwork for these keywords (under Jobs, use Advanced search to get very specific).


Step 2 

  • Make it a goal to apply to 20 jobs every day. We created a YouTube video about some proposal writing tips.
  • Send proposal letters. Your proposals should be short and sweet. In Freelancer Masterclass, we go in detail about how to write great proposals that get you more clients.
  • Customize sentences that specifically reference their project.
  • Tell them who you are and who you have helped.
  • Appeal to their needs and pain points, tell them the work you do. This provides commonality into what they are asking.
  • make sure you tell them they need to meet specific criterion to work with you.
  • Keep it short and polite, ask for a discovery call.


Day 3 (Estimated Time: 5 Hours)

Step 1 

  • Respond to emails. By this time, you should have five people asking for a call. If you don’t get any response from 20 proposals, there is likely something wrong with your bid letters.
  • Get on the phone with prospects ASAP and schedule a meeting right away.
  • In the interest of getting your first Upwork client quickly, offer to do the first hour (or part of the project) for a cheaper rate. You want to get clients in the door now, no matter the cost. Just get that agreement signed right through Upwork and start that job.

Step 2 

  • At least one of those five you talked to should be ready to start NOW.
  • Get on Upwork and send a thank you message. Give a good first impression by writing a thank you note for your prospects. Thank them for spending time discussing the project with you.
  • Encourage them to open a job today to be able to secure your time. End your “thank you” message by telling your prospect that you can get started right away. Say something like, “Let’s get this going now, so I can start thinking about your project tonight.” 

This concludes the tips about how to get your first Upwork client in 3 days. Overall, you need to spend 15 hours from day one up to day three before someone will hire you. Ideally, if you apply for 20 positions, you should get at least three or four jobs out of it. If not, go back to your profile or your proposals, and see what might have gone wrong.

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