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Are you planning a career change? Perhaps you’re an existing freelancer looking to explode your income or have more freedom. If so, then a personalized coaching program may be perfect for you. Making changes to your business that drastically improve your existing way of life is very difficult, that is why coaches are needed. If you are open to positive change and would like a freelance coach, look no further than having the King of Freelancing himself, Mike Volkin, be your coach. As the lead instructor of Freelancer Masterclass and a world-renown speaker and trainer, having him on your side, working one-on-one with you, will be a life changing experience.

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Are you still looking for your sweet spot- that convergence of passion, talent and money?

Do you feel that your message/service has enough value to create far more income than what you’re currently receiving?

Then coaching with Mike Volkin is for you. Mike’s coaching is the result of 20 years of professional consulting and coaching with successful individuals. His coaching will enhance your business and inspire you to reach new heights. Whether it’s money you’re after, more freedom or anything other goal that will help you fulfill your professional dreams, personal freelance coaching with Mike Volkin is the way to go.


Mikes coaching pages come in 8 session bundles. Each bundle is a 45-minute online video session. During each session you will get actionable tips and assignments that help you create and meet your goals. For each session (except the first) you will review your assignment from the previous session then discuss specific actionable steps to meet your goals. The sessions end with your takeaway assignment. The sessions are as intense as you want to make them and can be scheduled twice a week or as far as a month apart.

At this time, you cannot book less than 8 sessions. Order now – 8 sessions for just $1,800