Freelance Group Coaching – Why it’s Important for Ultimate Success

I recently started a freelance group coaching program for a reason. I found a need with my students that wasn’t being fulfilled. Let me show you what freelance group coaching is about, and why you might need it.



Hey guys, Mike Volkin here with another Freelancer school podcast. Today we’re going to be talking about group coaching why I started a group coaching program and why it may be right for you. Okay, so as you know, with Freelancer masterclass, I put out a lot of social posts. I do a lot of YouTube content, that’s all fine and good, but really the people who join the masterclass and Upwork mastery bundle and the negotiation tactics, mastery course that I have. They all have one thing in common that the people who just kind of follow me for free and get my YouTube video, my newsletter and social posts. They have one thing in common is that they now have a succinct process for making money.

Good money as a freelancer, you know, you can get only so much, you know, tips here and there from my free stuff. But the course really walks you through how to make good money, make a good living, doing freelancing and consulting. So my next natural step here was to create a coaching program I call no limits. And if you want to, you know, check out my YouTube channel, it’s my latest video I just posted. But the No Limits coaching, you know, it’s priced in three-month chunks. So right now it’s $599 for three months, okay. And I’ll talk about what it contains in a minute. But what I wanted to talk about is, why I created it and why it might be beneficial to you. So people that follow me online on social, they follow, they get my courses and they follow the instructions to the letter of everything I teach, they’re still missing something. They’re missing that personalized interaction. Now you can watch all the pre-recorded step by step instructions you like but there’s also a personal element to you that last 20% that I can’t

Get to you in a pre-recorded step by step class. Okay? So I created this group coaching program to do just that to get that final 20%. Alright, it’s going to get you that personal attention you need through group small group coaching. Okay, so four to six students. I’m going to try to group you guys together by the type of industry you’re in or the type of clients you’d like to go after. And then with that, we meet twice a month we have unlimited email threads. We have an online social support group, where we all are able to collaborate with each other but that gets you that final edge that will really set you apart from all the other freelancers that top one-percenter and the reason why I called it No Limits is because literally there is no limits. I’m not holding anything back. It’s everything that I do in my day, all the tips, tricks, secrets that get me in that top 1% that could get you in that top 1% That’s why I created that and it allows also for me to give out referrals to people. These are going to be the first people that I go to. When I have a referral from a client that wants to have maybe an SEO expert on their team. I would go to my SEO group coach, a group coaching students and then see if anybody wants that client, that kind of thing. But I wouldn’t rely on it for that I would do the group coaching simply because you want that personal attention. You want that relationship not only with your instructor instructors, which mostly would be me It might be some other lead instructors or freelancer, math class, but also your students as well. Your fellow students, you’re going to be going in to the group coaching, building camaraderie with them learning from their pitfalls and their successes. And so that’s the reason why I created the group coaching because you know, pre-recorded videos can only get you so far so go ahead and check it out. It’s actually on the site as well and I hope to see you there

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