Freelance Marketing Tips-How to Get Started

Relying on client referrals may get you some freelance work after you’ve completed jobs successfully. However, referrals alone won’t be enough to support a full-time freelancing career. It’s essential to market yourself to get new clients regularly and eventually scale your business. You can’t settle for one or two clients because if they stop sending you projects, you won’t have any other source of income. In this blog, I will share some freelance marketing tips with you that will help during your job search. 

Some of these tips will force you to get out of your comfort zone and try something different. To get you noticed more than your competitors, follow these Freelance Marketing tips.

Pick a Channel 

Don’t try to do too many things at once. Pick your most comfortable marketing channel, and go after it. A channel may include LinkedIn, social network, personal emails, attending job fairs or other social events. When marketing yourself, don’t just sell yourself by handing out business cards. Focus on building relationships and connections with others. The freelancing world is all about connections. The bigger your network, the more chances you have of getting clients. 

Commit Time on Your Calendar 

Put time on your calendar specifically for marketing, every workday. If you don’t mark your calendar, things may not get done. Think of it like going to the gym. You cannot lose weight or gain muscle if you don’t go to the gym regularly. To get yourself in the gym, the best thing to do is set aside time on your calendar for working out. This strategy will also work well with marketing. If you’re not interested in marketing, then you won’t do it unless it’s on your schedule. My solution: live and die by your calendar. Put the time in your calendar every single day to practice, deliver, or educate yourself about marketing services. 

Your Best Source for Work is Client Referrals 

The problem with client referrals is they don’t come consistently. Don’t expect to reach your monthly income goals solely on client referrals. You still need to market your own services to get clients on a consistent basis. Make it a goal to introduce yourself to 50 people daily, whether online or in person. Who knows, out of these 50, two prospects will get back to you and show interest in hiring you. 

How are you going to ask your client for referrals? Just ask them. Say something like, “I’m wondering if you know anyone that has a need for any search engine optimization services. I have an extra slot open this month.” Tell them you are currently looking for new clients, and you would appreciate it if they can help you find one. Initially, you will not like taking the first step asking your clients for referrals. However, if you’re 100% confident that your clients trust you, many of them will take time to help you. Check out this article about the 5 tips to promote your freelance career.

Make Sure to Automate 

You don’t need to spend long hours marketing your services anymore. Automate as much as you can, especially for follow-up work. A lot of freelancers don’t have newsletters at all. It’s important to have a newsletter because it’s one way you can keep clients updated with what you are doing and show value to your prospects. Use tools that can help you expand your network in as little time as possible. Use MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, or HubSpot. Set up a newsletter with an RSS feed and create content about your expertise. Once your material is published, the RSS feed will pull the material into your newsletter. All you have to do is press the “send” button. 

Make a Paid YouTube Video 

They work! Make a paid YouTube video showcasing a specific way you can help a client, then target that client on YouTube. It’s a cheap way to drive targeted traffic and easy to do.

Let’s say that you’re an SEO expert, and you make a video about the best SEO practices that helped your client’s search engine ranking. The business owners who watch your video are likely to get interested in hiring you. In short, if you want to attract specific clients, create a video that will appeal to their needs. Don’t forget to include in your video the best way for your viewers to reach you. 

Upsell your Past and Current Clients with More Offerings 

If you specialize in only one skill set, it may be time to learn a new skill. Consider offering related service to your client. Say you are a talented writer but you also know SEO; you can tell your client that you can help him audit his site and can offer ways for him to improve his search engine rankings. Tell him the benefits of hiring you both as his blogger and SEO specialist.  

Maybe your clients didn’t hire you for all your skill sets, or they didn’t know that you have other skills besides what they initially hired you for. Think about every single client you worked with and ask how else you can help them. 

These tips will only work if you start implementing them. If you feel uncomfortable implementing any of these tips, it’s understandable. Don’t let your shy personality get in the way of scoring bigger projects. You are better than you think, and you deserve much more than what you have now. 

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