How to Start a Freelance Business With No Money

Money always makes things easier right? Well maybe, but in the case of freelancing, you can start with little, to even no money and bring in some great clients. Let me show you how


How to Start a Freelance Business With No Money

Hi everyone, Mike Volkin here with Freelancer masterclass. Today we’re going to be talking about how to start a freelance business with no money. Now granted just about everybody has something to put into their business, even if it’s just a few dollars. But for the sake of this presentation, I’m going to talk about absolutely zero money stuff you can do for free to get clients today, I’m outlined four or five methods. So let’s go ahead and go through them. First of all, do the old fnf what is fnf? The old family and friends networking Now a lot of you guys might say, Oh, I don’t this isn’t me. I don’t know if I’m gonna like this. Just stick with me here. I even have a sample email that you can send off to your friends and family.

And what you can do is just go through your inbox and whoever’s emailed you the last 90 days that you feel comfortable sending this email to go ahead and do it. Friends and family is an old way of networking that’s never really going to go out of style and lots of people have success doing it. So what do you can do is write your personal inner

Circle network, also called your friends and family with the following email. Hi, first name. Just a quick note to let you know I decided to take on some freelance work. If anyone you know, needs a copywriter, insert whatever you do, please let me know I’m passionate about copywriting I would love to do more of it. Any referrals you can provide are much appreciate it. Now, why did I phrase it like this? If anyone you knows rather than saying do you need this work? Well, a lot of people including me, don’t feel comfortable asking for a friend or family for work. We actually talked about this in Freelancer masterclass, and there’s a whole class on friends and family and if you should do it, and if you shouldn’t, I personally am against it. Because I have experience working with friends or family and it does not work out for me. But I know some freelancers that do it full time they just have a large fan friends and family network and make a full time living doing it. So it can be done but I phrase it meaning if anyone you know

Know, needs a particular type of work like copywriting and let me know because if they need it with that sentence, they’ll be able to Hey, I just happened to need copywriting right now for a project I’m doing for work, can you help me, you know, something like that. So even if you’re not directly asked them, they will know when they read that, hey, you’re doing copywriting I need copywriting. But it also gets them thinking, Hey, I was just talking to my friend, Sally and the other day and she needs a copywriter. Let me connect you to Okay, so work your friends and family might be surprised there’s money out there right now. No matter how small your network is, there’s more than likely some money out there you can grab right now. And the second tip is to get found on freelancing platforms. Really easy, right? You have to create a profile but other than that the profile is largely copy and paste from one platform to another. So start with these I don’t need to go through all of these that are listed here but I’m sure you’ve heard of Upwork, freelancer. com. I freelance guru. There’s a lot of them depending on

What you do i mean 99 designs obviously is for designer.

And there’s also you’ve probably also heard of fiber I put a little boo by that because I’m not a fan of fiber at all. I think their customer services wretched, and they drive the wrong type of clients unless you want to work for five bucks every time you get a client. I’ve had terrible experiences with fiber both on the purchasing side with freelancers and being a freelancer myself. I’ve driven a lot of business from fiber, and I can’t think of anything that was worth my time to be honest with you. That’s just my experience. But there’s lots of freelancers on fiber, especially overseas, not in America, that will do stuff for a few dollars. Me personally, I think they drive the wrong type of clients. If you’re trying to be a successful full time freelancer, they might be a good lead gen source for you but still, you’re taking in clients that are wanting something for $5 not wanting to hire a multi thousand dollar a month freelancer. Okay.

Be your own clients. So this is a I have freelancers students that have been

entre Freelancer masterclass and have done this very tactic and it works very well. So what you want to do is you want to proactively write something. So let’s say for example, you want to write an article on something specific, maybe in the pet industry. There’s these new types of technological based colors that can track all sorts of stuff about your dog. So the high tech colors, you want to write a really thorough, well researched article that’s SEO, about articles about colors that is unique article. And you go to these, these websites that produce a lot of content, maybe you just go to Google and type in pet blogs. And you email them and say, Listen, I just wrote a unique article 4000 words on something that’s very trendy. You can have it I haven’t sold it to anybody yet. You can have it for $400 or whatever. $300 name, your price. And they are always looking for content because they’re always looking to be on the top of Google so they will often pay writers, so why not just go to them.

proactively and say, I’ve gotten this article, it’s all done. It’s all SEO, it’s laid out. It’s perfect. I’m a copywriter. And it’s a trending topic, have it, you know, just send me the money. And I’ll give it to you. Here’s a little snippet, the person I am referring to used to send like a little opening paragraph or an abstract, okay, you can do that too. And this person does that full time just goes and just find topics on Google Trends. And just write some and then just sells them and then she’ll change them up a little bit, make them unique and sell them to another client in the pet industry, for example. So you know, 80% of the, the article can be the same if you just mix up 10 20% of it, you’ve got yourself unique article. Another tip and this the last tip I’m going to give you is call your past employers. So if you have a history of being a corporate person, and now want to do full time freelancing, you can call past employers and say, Listen, if you have a good relationship with them, Hey, I’m doing freelancing. Now it’s often easier for a freelancer or for employer to hire a freelancer than an employee. You know, the work hours reflects

Well, they don’t have to commit to a certain salary amount, no benefits, right? You’re, it’s all on you. And you have your own benefits. as a freelancer, you can work whatever hours you want. You can work as many clients as you want, you can charge whatever you want. So just say listen, Hey, I know I used to work for you full time, I really enjoyed working with you. I’m doing this, you know, this type of work, copywriting, SEO, marketing, whatever, on a freelance basis. So if you ever if you have any projects, I’m already familiar with your company. I’m familiar with your customers. I’m familiar with the employees. Throw me some work on either an irregular regular basis, and it’ll be very informal. And then a lot of times employers do that. I’ve done that. And it works great. In fact, the last time I did that, and my former employer was paying me almost three times as much per hour as they did when I was a salaried employee. So they’re willing to pay that because they don’t have all those carrying costs of employee, right? So if you have some good relationships, get the conversation started. Call your past employer. So I hope these helped all these requires zero money. All right, so go out and get

Some new business Good luck.


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