How can a freelancer train him or herself at sales?

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How can a freelancer train him or herself at sales?

  • Have all your objections ready in advance
  • Get your elevator pitch, USP and value proposition DOWN
  • Have a story
  • Learn to listen- Sales is NOT about fast-talking, “baffle ’em with BS”, bamboozling prospects by continuously bowling them over. Introverts listen more than they talk, so don’t worry if you’re an introvert
  • Truly understand how you can help a client
  • Take a sales course (or watch YouTube courses).
  • Read the book, “The Greatest Salesman in the World”

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Welcome to another episode of freelancers school. I am Mike Volkin, the lead instructor of Freelancer masterclass. And today we’re going to be discussing how a freelancer can train him or herself at sales. So many times there are freelancers that have nothing to do with sales, but they have to sell themselves in order to get the job. So we’re going to talk to you about some easy barriers of entry that you can reduce to help you get that job. So first of all, I want you to have all of your objections writing in advance, think about all the objections a client would have, not only to hire you but to hire a freelancer in general. Okay, so once you write all those common questions out, in fact, it’s best practice to ask a friend family relative about, hey, if you were going to hire me for freelance work, what are some of the things that you would ask me and I want you to be able to have those in writing down in front of you print it out. So when you’re on the phone with a prospect, you can go through them now. little tip I have used to do this where I would write it all out in paragraph form and just reframe it. But it sounds like you’re reading a script. So what I would recommend is just get some bullet points down that you want to mention. So it just flows more nicely when you’re actually talking about it to a prospect when you’re answering those questions to a prospect. And the objections can vary so much. I mean, one of the objections that I used to get all the time now I don’t, but is when I charged, you know, my bill rate is $190 an hour. So I would get that objection, sometimes from clients, or prospects, rather, they’re not a client until they sign an agreement. But one of the objections is, you know, why would I hire somebody for $190 an hour that equals $300,000 a year? You know, I can’t afford that. I’m a small business. So I would have that objection. Ready. The another objection would be, you know, can you get why can’t you get this work done in two weeks as opposed to a month or, you know, it could be any type of objection in your industry. or type of work that you can write down and have in advance so you can speak through it much better. Okay? And if you also want to train yourself at sales it get your elevator pitch down your unique selling proposition otherwise called the USP, and your value proposition. Those are three big marketing communication pieces pieces that you need. I won’t go through each of those. We talked about those in detail at Freelancer masterclass, but your elevator pitch, your USP and your value proposition are absolutely crucial, not only for you to brand yourself moving forward, but to talk to prospects smoothly about how you best represent yourself. Those are the three things that you can think of well in advance that would really put you far and away in a better position than other freelancers who 99% of freelancers Don’t, don’t do that at all. So that would be great for you to have. Also, to get really good at sales. You You should have a story. I have a story. I talked about it in detail, actually two stories, depending on the prospect I’m talking to their true stories don’t make one up. But I talked about the different types of stories at Freelancer masterclass and how you can develop one. But for the purpose of this podcast, I’ll just let you know you should have a story that when your prospects ask you, you know, maybe why you got into this or they don’t even need to ask you that you know why you got into freelance and you should have that as part of your opening line and you’re talking to somebody is, you know, why you are a freelancer, what’s your passion behind it, so they can best relate to either you or the work that you do?

Learn to listen, a lot of people come to me and say, Mike, I’m not a I’m not an extrovert. I can’t do sales. Actually, the best salespeople are introverts. I’m an introvert you might not think it because of how fast I talk or or the amount of attention I quote unquote need to get For my success at my job, but believe me, I’ll tell you I’m an introvert, I would much rather be, you know, in a room with one or two people or even by myself doing work that I want to do, or, or having conversations I want to have, rather than being in a party like my wife, she’d always want to be surrounded by lots of people and be able to turn her head in any direction and be able to talk to someone different. That is not me, okay? I much prefer a one on one conversation. But if I’m on stage talking, or I get asked to speak in front of a large group, I have to kind of force myself to come out of my comfort zone and do that. But the best type of people to settle are introverts. You want to know why? Because they listen more than they talk. So don’t worry about if you’re an introvert, a great part of sales is learning to listen sales is not about fast talking. It’s not about battling them with BS. It’s not about bamboozling prospects by continuously boiling them over with your credentials. It’s about listening. So I want you to actively Listen, and if you want to Google how to actively listen, there are techniques behind that. So the best thing I can do to tell you how to actively listen is just two words Shut up. Just shut up. Just listen to your prospects talk and let them pour their hearts out in their pain points out at you. Okay? Couple more tips for your real quick and how to become better at sales and train yourself and sales is a truly understand how you can help a client too many freelancers honestly don’t know, they know what they like, but they don’t really know how they can help a client so I want you to do some soul searching and think about some pain points that you can specifically solve for clients. Okay, also take a sales course there’s lots of them and if you want go ahead and go to YouTube, and and just google how to sell or I know I don’t recommend getting this person any money, but Jordan Belfort The Wolf of Wall Street has a popular sales course it’s called sell me this pen I actually have it. But it’s it will help you understand how to say things to people. And how to persuade people and most importantly, how to gear a conversation towards what you want to talk about. That’s very important because if you’re leading a conversation, a conversation will most likely go in your direction. Okay, and the last tip I have for you is read the book, the greatest salesman in the world. If you are if you’re a reader, this is a great one that will teach you how to get into sales and how to not fear sales and how to really speak naturally to people. Okay, I hope these tips helped in terms of getting yourself into sales and feel like you’re selling without selling. These are some good tips for you. Good luck.

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