How can I promote myself as a freelancer (for cheap)?

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How can I promote myself as a freelancer (for cheap)?

  • Get your value prop and USP down
  • Ask your f&f for referrals
  • Send cold emails
  • Build your linkedin network, use linked helper
  • Hit social media
  • Write for yourself and post on Medium, share across social media
  • Get some collateral, hit the pavement
  • Guest blogging

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Get ready for freelancing strategies, hacks and tactics to help you skyrocket your success brought to you by Freelancer masterclass calm. You’re listening to freelancing school with your instructor Mike Volkin

Welcome to Freelancer school. I am Mike Volkin. And today’s topic is how can I promote myself as a freelancer for cheap. You could spend endless amount of money on Google ads, Facebook, all that stuff to bring in paid traffic. But what we are looking for here is free traffic free prospects free clients ordinarily free. So the first tip I have for you is before you do anything, you got to get your value proposition and your USP down. I’ve talked about USPS on multiple occasions and it’s very important, USP unique selling proposition if you don’t know what it is join Freelancer masterclass, or just google unique selling proposition and try to figure it out on your own. There’s lots of blogs that walk you through it step by step that will allow you to get and keep a prospect interested. The other thing I want you to do probably right off the bat, something I recommend you don’t do in Freelancer masterclass. But I would recommend if you’re just looking for a way to get started, you need something free is just the fnf the friends and family. Okay, reach out to your network, one of the things that I recommend is downloading all your emails that you’ve gotten in the last six months. And you can there’s various programs, you can download emails, depending on what your email client is, but download all your emails and then sort them with a BNC as highest priority sees lowest priority about how frequently you contact them, and then send each of them an email and the reason why I want to sort them by priorities because you can send these emails in bulk and the ones you would send the a group would be a different email than you would send the secret the people you hardly talk to okay. So you want to Three different emails and just copy and paste, and send them to all your friends and family saying that you’re available to work. The other thing is sending cold emails. You know, nobody likes spam, but there’s lots of list brokers out there. And if you have a targeted niche you want to go after cold emails, unfortunately, work. So there’s a lot of people out there that don’t sell an email list for just about anything. In fact, if you type in email list, and then whatever email is trying to get ahold of like email list, insurance adjusters, you’ll get people who will sell you an email list or be able to get you an email list. So just make sure you’re buying one that’s reputable, and that has a return policy and guarantees a certain bounce rate and all that good stuff. The other thing you could do is build your LinkedIn network, you might think well, that’s not going to do much, but there’s a lot of cool tools you can do to help build a very targeted LinkedIn network. One of my favorites is an extension called linked helper. And what you can do is put in very advanced criteria of what you’re looking for and it will automatically friend and message all these Very specific people, you can do job titles, people that work for certain companies in the past or present keyword searches all sorts of stuff. And you can build a very targeted list and then all you do is start prospecting on on LinkedIn and start posting and then opportunities will come your way. Another thing you can do is just hit social media tell people that you’re available start hash tagging, start friending. You know all those typical social media activities. There’s so many social media, quote unquote experts out there, it seems that anybody has a social media account, who wants to call themselves a social media professional, there’s really no criteria to say, Hey, I’m a social media expert. Why? Because you have an Instagram account, I don’t know. But there’s really not much to social media to be honest with you. There are some strategies here and there. But ultimately, there’s an overabundance of social media quote unquote experts who will sell you ebooks and courses on how to do something really. If you want to just get started, get some freelance clients in the door. Just do the basics post a couple times. Hashtag a couple times friend is a few people a day just make it a goal to do a certain amount of things every day and your network will grow. I like to use the analogy. It’s like a rolling snowball downhill, right? You’ll put in a lot of effort to get that snowball formed at first, and you won’t see anything in return. But as you roll that snowball down the hill, it starts to pick up steam are you doing very little in the snow is starting to accumulate on its own all of a sudden you have this big snowball and you don’t you’re not even doing anything. You know, gravity is taking effect. So in this case, social media is like that, where you’re going to do a lot of work up front you’re going to feel like you’re shouting in an empty room. But after a while every single post you know, once you have 2000 followers you’re going to see seem like it’s getting hit by a lot of people, which is true. Something else you can do to promote yourself as a freelancer is right for yourself and then post on any number of sites that allow you to post blogs like medium calm is a very popular one. You can post

answers to questions. I’m Cora qu o ra com the largest question answer site on the planet. So if you just write for yourself, and then share it across these platforms, you’ll eventually start gaining an audience, you’ll start getting traffic to your website, or wherever you’re trying to drive it to, you probably, if you’re a new freelancer, if you don’t have a website, you can just drop it right to a social media page. Okay? And then another thing you could do is just get some collateral and hit the pavement. So if you’re someone that maybe markets to local restaurants, get yourself a trifle brochure, or even just as something as simple as an eight and a half by 11. talks about what you do a little bit about how you’re different and how are you going to add value to their establishment and then just walk in the door and ask for the manager asked for the owner, in fact, to be good if you had the owner, before you walked in, and there’s multiple ways to get the owners information, local business records and whatnot. So you can just if you’re the extrovert type, you can just go into these local places old school style, shake some hands, bleep some collateral and And let it go. That’s the way it’s done. That was the way it’s done in the 60s. And that’s the way it’s still done today. And, you know, that’s still work. So be sure to add that to your prospecting plan if you’re that type of person who would like to do that. And the last tip I have for you is guest blogging. So what I want you to do is go to a site like buzzsumo, calm Bzz Su, Mo calm, search for keywords, pull up some blogs that are of interest to you that you can write about, and then contact the site owner. What’s good about buzz Sumo will tell you who’s writing on those topics and who has these popular blogs. And you could set timeline like popular popular blogs that were shared a lot in the last six months and with this keyword and then us reach out to them and say, Hey, you need some content. I’d love to be a guest blogger for your site. I write on, you know, auto parts or whatever you whatever you want to write on. And those are some great ways to get some cheap or nearly free exposure to promote yourself as a freelance

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