How Can Someone with No Experience Create an Attractive Freelancing Profile?

How Can Someone with No Experience Create an Attractive Freelancing Profile?

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Are you new to freelancing? So how can you with little to no experience create an attractive freelancing profile that is the subject to today’s podcast. If you are new to freelancing and need something to build your portfolio, there are steps you can take to make yourself look as good as possible to a prospect without having a long history of successful completed projects. The first thing that you should do is have a very well written profile, many times a well written profile and by profile I mean on Upwork Guru com or freelancer, a well written profile exudes the work you’ll be delivering. So if you have a profile filled with spelling errors and spacing issues and grammar issues, then the client subconsciously expects that to be your work output. So write something well written it with effective sentences. And if you’re not a good writer, hey, go to Upwork hire a writer, make sure that it’s well written. And another tip if you have no experiences to get a niche, you know if you have no experience and you just label yourself as a designer, that doesn’t tell the prospect too much. Are you a designer for print marketing? Are you designer for digital? Are you specific to a certain industry? Do you do only social media? designs like what exactly do you design? So the more you niche down, the more you’re going to be talking to prospects language, if they’re looking for designer for social media posts, and you say that you are a designer for social media posts that automatically puts you at A positive without them even knowing what experience you have yet. And another tip would be talk directly to them, not so much about yourself. So when you’re writing your profile, it’s not about I did this I did that that look at me Look at, look at what I did. It’s about addressing their issues. So you’re referring to problems, pain points that they specifically have, and you’re addressing them. So you’re talking directly to them. That’s really important because that’s probably I would say the number one or number two issue I see with a lot of Freelancer profiles. I read on Upwork. And they all talked about I this I that, go through your profile and find out how many times you have the word I in your profile. If it’s more than two or three, it’s just too much. Okay. You want to think about who am I trying to attract here what specific client and what are their pain points. When you write down the top three or five pain points? You want to answer those pain points. sure that your solution in those profile again, this is all stuff you could do with zero experience in the industry because if you understand what their pain points are, you’re speaking their language and they’re more likely going to hire you, regardless of your experience. Another tip, get experience. You know, there’s lots of ways to get experience. I’ve had freelancers work for free or nearly free for me just to gain experience. I don’t mind doing that.

Ask other freelancers, if they need work done, work for free or nearly free just so you can get something on your profile and be upfront and honest with them say, Listen, I’m only offering this because I’m looking to build up my profile. So if you’re a designer, sticking with our design example, if you’re a designer, and you can go hit up a few marketers on up work and say, Hey, listen, I can do work for free or nearly free for you. This isn’t my typical rate. But I’m just trying to get experience doing this type of design work and I see your work in the social media. IZ, you’re a social media marketer, and I’m a social media designer. And you know, what that actually does is that builds relationships as well, I had someone a couple years ago approached me with the same approach. And now I still use them on occasion when I have a specific client that has that need for that particular designer. So as long as you’re upfront with them and say, This isn’t my normal rate, I’m just looking to add something to my portfolio. That would be something that you can definitely do to build strategic partnerships as well. And you can do this as an experienced marketer just to build strategic partnerships. I said marketer, bottom and freelancer, if you’re a freelancer looking to get more partnerships with marketers go to them and say, Listen, this isn’t typical. This isn’t my normal hourly rate. But I would like to donate 10 hours to help you with a client in this industry, because I’m looking to get more experience in this industry to build my own. My own profile, I’ll take you up on that offer, hack email me, you know, and I don’t know of any reasonable Freelancer that would deny that except for the fact that They’re so busy and have no desire to bring on someone new if they have, you know, a well oiled machine and they already have somebody that does all that work, then they pay somebody a salary like that would be a reason not to do that. Go out there and create those strategic partnerships, you know might be worth it in the short and the long term run. So those are some great tips on how you with little or no experience can create an attractive freelance profile and not have prospects dwell on the fact that you have little to no experience.

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