How do I get started freelancing?

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How do I get started freelancing?

  • Find a niche
  • Get your marketing communications and brand down
  • Get a couple prospecting channels you feel comfortable with
  • Get some processes down
  • Be laser focused on your goals

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Get ready for freelancing strategies, hacks and tactics to help you skyrocket your success brought to you by Freelancer masterclass calm. You’re listening to freelancing school with your instructor Mike Volkin.

Welcome everyone to Freelancer school. I am Mike Volkin. And today’s discussion we’re going to be talking about how do I get started freelancing? Well, I might be biased, but I think education is a good way to get started freelancing. But other than that, other than educating yourself and signing up for Freelancer masterclass, which is free and getting started with knowing the realm of freelancing, the first thing you really should do is find a niche and find a skill set. You know, what exactly do you want to do? And in terms of niche I mean, like what kind of clients you want to serve. It doesn’t have to be a particular industry, but it can be a particular subset of an industry. It could be a particular type of clients. It can be the b2c industry or the b2b industry, which is business to consumer and business to business respectively. Although I think you should really get more niche than that, but don’t just think of a niche having to be just an industry okay? In fact that Freelancer masterclass one of our resources we give you as a list of over 400 different niches you can pick, and there are thousands of them. But those are just some some springboards for inspiration. Another thing is get your marketing communications and your brand down. What does that mean? That means you should understand what your USP is your unique selling proposition, that means you should understand what your value proposition is, so many freelancers skip over that and then they become just another Freelancer in the ocean of thousands 10s of thousands, hundreds of thousands of freelancers. So if you develop all those marketing communications early, you will stand out as someone who provides a little bit of a unique value to a particular subset of clients. That you’re pitching to. So don’t skip over that. And if you don’t want to take freelance or masterclass whatever reason where we help you develop your USP and your value prop, just Google and try to do it on your own, you know how to develop a USP how to develop a value prop, it will go so far and making your career successful. Another tip and how to get started freelancing is get a couple prospecting channels you feel comfortable with. There are a lot of ways to bring in clients a lot of ways, but there are some ways that you’ll feel more comfortable than others. You know, some freelancers like to cold call, or like to cold email. That’s not me, but I’ve certainly drum up a lot of business doing that. But you can find prospecting channels that are comfortable to you. Maybe you’re just the type of guy who likes to stay on LinkedIn and network. Maybe you’re the type of person who likes to go to networking events, you know, whatever the case. Another tip to how to get started in freelancing is get your processes down too many freelancers Start just saying, Okay, I’m going to be a freelancer and they get their first client, they don’t know what to do they have no way to

service the client in terms of software or, or tools. And what happens if you scale? What happens if you take on 10 clients, you have the ability to do that. Let me I’m asking you a question to think about, do you have the ability to take on 10 more clients this month? If your answer is No, you are not set up the scale, find software to allow you to do that. I mean, one of my favorites is teamwork, their competitors, Asana, Trello, any kind of project management platform that help you manage clients, it’s great even if you have one client, you can manage all that all that those random thoughts that go in your head or it can all be organized in processes like that. And then how will you accept payment? How will you log clients data and information? How do you care about client security, all that stuff is important. And you have to know about that before you start freelancing or you’re leaving yourself and your clients vulnerable. Okay, and then the last tip I have for you today is to be laser focused on your goals. So often in Freelancer masterclass, we talked about goals. Well, why is that? Well, if you get in your car would know where to drive How do you know you got you get there? How do you know you got there? Well, it’s kind of the same way with making goals you got to treat your business like a business. So is your goal, a revenue or an income goal is at $100,000 a year, for example? Or is it the goal that you want to get two clients a week for the next three weeks? What’s your goal there? Maybe your goal is marketing related. Maybe you want to convert 5% of all the cold emails you plan on sending this month, whatever it is, every month, you should have goals in my calendar. At the end of every month, I have a set aside of time for three hours. And all I do is I make my goals for the next month. It doesn’t have to be income goals. I actually have a couple goals I I try to make but I just I look at the flow of my business. You know what’s what am i what i got currently working on. What’s my capability of taking on new clients? What’s my capability of upselling or cross selling my existing clients? So I make those goals for the upcoming month. That way I know if I’m successful, and you know what the great thing about being successful goal is, is that you have the ability to celebrate, you know, it might be food related. You know, one of my favorite foods is Adams peanut butter fudge rippled from the Cheesecake Factory, okay? It might be the fact that I treat myself to something else. Maybe it’s athletic related, because I love doing athletic related stuff. Maybe it’s fitness related. Maybe it’s a half a day off, you know, whatever the case you feel like you can treat yourself when making goals. And those of you who have been on diets before kind of know what I’m referring to, but goal should be the very foundation for everything in your company. Because we don’t have goals, you’re not able to scale unless it’s by complete fluke or luck. And unless you have goals, you have no reason to get where you’re going and you’re just kind of Putting through day by day without really understanding the value that you deserve that you bring to yourself and to your clients goals help establish all of that. So if you’re looking to get started as a freelancer even if you’re an experienced Freelancer and don’t currently utilize the tips I just talked about, you should really incorporate not just some but all of them because they will change your career. Good luck.

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