How do I start freelancing with Upwork

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How do I start freelancing with Upwork?

-Start by doing a reverse search of freelancers as if you were looking for yourself
-Get a great picture and test to make sure it’s great with Photofeeler.
-Fill out every portion of your Upwork profile
-Get a copywriter to go through it and make the verbiage great
-Set up your RSS feeds and use the aggregated listening technique we discuss in Freelancer Masterclass.

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Get ready for freelancing strategies, hacks and tactics to help you skyrocket your success brought to you by Freelancer masterclass calm. You’re listening to freelancing school with your instructor Mike Volkin.

It’s freelancers school time, and I am your host, Mike Volkin. Thank you for joining us on today’s podcast. We will be discussing how do I start freelancing with Upwork? to question I got in through one of our YouTube comments, and it’s a common question, so I thought I’d make an episode about it. And that’s the way we get a lot of our content ideas. So if you haven’t yet subscribed, go to our YouTube channel, subscribe to our channel and comment on some of the videos and especially let us know what type of content you would like to see us produce and this is as a result of us. Seeing one of those comments, this person wants to know, how do I start freelancing with up work? Well, that answer depends on how much experience you have as a freelancer. If you are just starting as a freelancer and just starting on up work, there’s also the option of if you’ve been freelancing for a long time and just haven’t utilized up work. But nonetheless, I will go in through through some basic tips that both of those options will encumber. First of all, I want you to start by doing a reverse search of freelancers as if you are looking for yourself as look as if you are looking to hire yourself. What I want you to do is go into your company accountant and you should create a company account because hopefully as you scale, you’re going to need to hire freelancers yourself. So with a company account, you can look for other freelancers. So if you are in design, for example, and you do specifically local Go design, I want you to go to the company account, go to find freelancers at the top, and then do a reverse search in the filters. For someone as if you’re looking for a logo designer and put in all the right filters like active within the last two weeks, greater than 90%

jobs, job success score and all that stuff that you hope to achieve by being a freelancer and Upwork you want a greater than a 90% job six six success score, you want to be logging in more than once every two weeks. So put in all that stuff as if you were trying to find yourself, then from there, you should be able to get inspiration as to what should be on your profile on talking about looking at their titles, looking at the other freelancers opening paragraph looking at their portfolio and what kind of stuff they put on there. So write down some of the the best components you see on some of those search results. That’s tip number one doing a reverse search that Next thing I want you to do is get a great picture of yourself. And don’t underestimate this. This is what makes your Upwork profile clickable on their search engines. Imagine somebody searching for a logo designer keeping with that same example. And then seeing 20 results and you have a huge amount of headspace over your head. You’re not smiling, you’re underdressed, you’re not looking at the camera that does not Garner very much clicks. So I want you to get a great picture of yourself and then go to a website called photo feeler pH Oto, f e le AR photo and then upload that picture. People will vote on to what category they think your your picture will rank in comparison to your other pictures. So you should take a few pictures of yourself in different poses. And then in the end, you should use the one that comes out with the best results and no rank you on trustworthiness and confidence and all that stuff. That is impressive. And for your picture to be clickable. Okay, so number one, do reverse search number two, get a great picture. And number three, I want you to fill out every portion of your Upwork profile, from the job experience to the portfolios to the skills to the title, everything. I want it all filled out because a full upward profile gives you good not only good ranking on their upward job descriptions, on sorry, job Upwork search engines, but also it makes you gives you a lot of credibility that you have a lot of experience and that you care about your Upwork profile. So fill out every portion of your book profile actually spend time on it. As someone who hires a lot of freelancers on Upwork. I’ll tell you that I skipped right over those ones that don’t have a full Upwork profile. Okay, I want people I want to hire people that respect the upward platform and have taken time to go through it. Another tip is to get a copywriter. I can’t even begin to express even even writers themselves. Need copywriters to look through their profile and make sure that everything is written because no matter how many times you look at something, there’s something that is always offer could be stated differently. Sometimes you’re just too in the weeds with your own writing and you don’t realize that it doesn’t make sense from someone looking from the outside in. So get a copywriter once you’ve shorted up the best way you could, and these copywriters going to go in and make the sentences more efficient. All right. So we’re going into our last tip, but I want to quickly review, do a reverse search for freelancers, get a great picture and test it with a site like photo feeler. Fill out every portion of your Upwork profile and then get a copywriter to go through all your language. Now you’re the last tip for today is to set up your RSS feeds. And there’s this you’ll see it in there under the job search section. There’ll be a little RSS button and you can just set up your feed that way through various sites I personally like blog Trotter and but you can set up your RSS feeds, and then use the aggregated listening techniques. So basically this uses keywords of jobs that you’re interested in sticking with the same example. Its logo designers, for example, you can do what I do marketing strategy or anything related to cmo work, you know, that’s my niche. Take whatever keywords that you’re looking for that job description might have in it and set up RSS feeds of those keywords. And then the aggregated listening technique will then email your keyword search results right to your inbox. And if you don’t know what the aggregated listening technique is, you need to sign up for Freelancer masterclass, we go through it step by step, but that now you have all these opportunities being emailed to you instead of having to go check up work and search manually every time and possibly missing one or two opportunities. Alright, so I hope this helps go out and get them.

Thank you for joining us for freelancing school. Be sure to subscribe to get the link updates on the show. Go to freelancing to become a master freelancer.

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