How Do I Structure My Day as a Freelancer?

Many people ask me how I structure my day. That’s a great question as it took a LONG TIME to perfect an efficient workday juggling many clients. Let me walk you through the structure of my day and hopefully, this structure will reduce stress and anxiety for you.


How Do I Structure My Day as a Freelancer?

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What to do with their day. In fact, being so stressed and so filled with anxiety, they actually are very unproductive. So I’m going to show you how I structure my day it’s a it’s definitely not set in stone, there’s a lot of gray areas here. But being able to chunk out the days of I, as I described here, will actually help you with your stress and your anxiety and actually make you much more productive. So actually, My day starts the night before the day starts, that’s when my day technically starts in terms of my preparation. So the night before that’s post five o’clock post after I, I’ve worked on my clients work the day actually structured the priorities for my following day’s tasks I find out if I if I do it earlier, like maybe the previous work day, priorities change. So the best time to do that is after you’ve done your work for the day, and you’re ready to kind of settle in the last 15 minutes or even post 15 minutes after your your quote unquote five o’clock whenever you change

Check out right? That’s when you want to take a look at your priorities for the next day what work needs to be done in your business, what work needs to be done on your business for your clients, okay? So, go to bed, wake up the next day. I like to start off with a good meditation at least 10 minutes, if not 1520 if I have time. And then most freelancers make this mistake over 90% what they do is they just they check their emails and they clear their inbox, they want to be at inbox zero. That is the single least productive thing you could possibly do for your day. What email is that is a request of other people.

requesting your time that’s other people requesting your time. What you want to do is you want to set the tone for a commanding your own time. So what you want to do to start your day is to set a goal. When you first walk in your office, my routine is to take off my shoes, because I have a home office. I take off my shoes, I set them in a specific

spot. And then I set my goal. Doing this routine every day is almost like ever see a tennis player or a quarterback on a football field, they always, they always do the same thing before that the ball is hiked to them. tennis players, when they’re serving the professional ones at least they bounced the balls the same amount of time they do the same things with their hands and their feet. They get themselves ready mentally prepared. That’s what you’re doing with your day. Okay, so

you’re setting your goal 123 goals no more than that. And the goal is something that you’re an accomplished today. Yes, you need to do some kind of punishment. If you don’t accomplish your goal. I mean, putting money away and in a jar or something like that. That’s something I do. Or you might say, Okay, well, I run regularly, I want to I’m going to run an extra half a mile or something. So you want to have consequences for not reaching your goal, okay. So you want to have 123 goals that are achievable, but not so easy, not like eat lunch, like of course, you’re going to do that right? But you want to challenge

But not make it so unachievable or too easy. So those are your goals. Then the next thing I do this is like when I’m just turning on my computer after the goals are made, is I work on my highest priority goal first something that barring a major catastrophe, major emergency, nothing’s going to get in my way from accomplishing this goal because that is great when you can accomplish a major goal right first thing in the morning, okay? By this time, I haven’t even checked my email yet. Okay, because then I’ll just get distracted and I won’t get back to it. Okay. Then, once my first goal, at least my first goal is completed, I start answering emails, I knock them out as much as I can, but there’s some I just flag I say, you know what, I don’t need to do this. Now. I don’t even need to do this today. Okay, I’ll flag it. Then I run to the gym. I go to the gym, I take a break. And then I come back after the gym after I shower and whatnot. And then I organize my tasks. I take the rest of the day’s tasks. They Okay, what can I knock out in the next hour or two at work? Maybe it’s my second goal. Maybe it’s some

A client that has a fire that needs to be put out, something like that. And then I do another round of email knockouts. Okay, so this puts me at about two o’clock to three o’clock in the afternoon. And then I just certainly more emails have come in the last four hours since I’ve been

doing my last bit of tasks. So I’ll knock out another round of emails, okay. And then yes, I do another break. I go and play tennis, a tennis player. If you have a passion in life, one of your big benefits of being a freelancer is you’re able to work at home work for yourself. So I highly recommend you do your passion every day, whether it’s knitting or tennis or running or sewing or I don’t know why put knitting and sewing in there. I don’t do either. But whatever your passion is, you should make a point to do it every day. It’s a treat for yourself because you are self employed. So take advantage of that. Okay.

So I go ahead and I play tennis. This puts me at about three o’clock in the afternoon or so sometimes 330 and then I just finish off my priority items and my goals for the day and that’s pretty

Pretty much as clean as I can get for a day, that’s a very clean day.

10% of the time I say it doesn’t work out like that maybe a client’s site went down or something happened, somebody got fired at one of my clients companies and I need to pitch in and help out something unexpected will always happen. What you do is you add on time you make time to that you want to make sure that your goals are accomplished, okay, so you have daily mini goals that you will create on the fly based on the previous day or the week work. And then you’ll have your monthly and even yearly goals which are usually salary related. Okay, so I hope these helped. This will definitely reduce your strength. I’m sorry, your stress and your anxiety. Good luck.

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