How do you find freelance jobs?

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How do you find freelance jobs?

  • Freelance platforms
  • LinkedIn
  • F&F (don’t recommend)
  • Job boards (we work remotely, telecommute/remote keywords)
  • Research local businesses and create openings.

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Get ready for freelancing strategies, hacks and tactics to help you skyrocket your success brought to you by Freelancer masterclass calm. You’re listening to freelancing school with your instructor Mike Volkin.

It’s time for freelancers school. I am Mike Volkin. And today’s topic we’re going to be discussing how to find freelance jobs. Many people think freelancing is just about the platforms like Upwork or guru calm or fiber or freelancer. com It’s not the case. There’s lots of ways to find freelancing jobs. And you just have to understand what a freelancer is for as a freelancer, someone who can work for multiple clients at once. I mean, there’s it’s a very loose definition of a term. You can do it on a per project, you can do a long term work with clients But as long as you’re a freelancer and you want to find jobs, you’re going to get something out of this podcast episode. So the first thing, obviously I just mentioned, Freelancer platforms. I mean, if you Google, something like Freelancer platforms, you’ll get some blog posts where people have listed dozens and dozens of platforms. 90% of them are on the following websites. I’m about to say, which is the biggest Freelancer com which I don’t recommend very small projects. Usually. They go they’re awarded to people in Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, you know, typically on that platform, you’re lowball you’re getting for the lowball price. Same with fiber calm fibers, where you would find clients who are looking for only the lowest price for certain things. Guru calm is another one. So go ahead and start a profile on all of those and just see what opportunities shake out. Another place to find freelance jobs, probably one of my favorite definitely My top three would be LinkedIn. LinkedIn is huge, but a lot of people don’t understand how to get freelance work out of it. And I always say the very basic tip is just make it a goal of 10 connections a day. That’s it, put it in your calendar if you’re one of those people that live and die by your calendar, but 10 connections a day on LinkedIn will present you with a lot of opportunities after you have a full account full of thousands and thousands of people posting, you’ll be able to see all that all that stuff in their feed, and opportunities will be presented to you fnf what’s called friends and family I do not recommend working for friends and family but I can understand if you’re a beginner and you’re looking for some work or you’re in a dry spell you want to go to friends and family we talked about not doing friends and family work at Freelancer masterclass but, you know, be that as it may it doesn’t make my lesson on how you can find freelance jobs if you’re the type of person that doesn’t mind Mixing business with pleasure then tapping into your network. One of the great things that I’ve done in the past before I stopped working for friends and family is I downloaded, there’s various programs that can do this downloaded all of my emails within the last six months. There’s some export services for that, and I use Gmail. You can export all of your emails and then delete everything except for the email addresses. And then Dee doop, so now you have a list of a unique list of everybody who’s emailed you in the last six months. And then I made a column right next to that to the email addresses and I just labeled it a DNC, a are people that are the highest priority that I talked to often be is my secondary priority, and see are the tertiary priority, the ones that I the one offs, the ones that I barely talked to, or, or didn’t respond to, you know, just got one or two emails from now from that your age will be where you’re going to get your freelance work from, okay, so you want to just make sure you hit all of your A’s tell them that you’re available for Some work and something will probably shake out. I was in real estate for many years. And one of the things that real estate agents do is they tap into their existing network because that’s where 80% of their businesses going to come from every single year is friends and family because if you have a large network, you’re going to get some get some referrals, people who will recommend their friends and family or their neighbors to you. Okay.

job boards. That’s another place people think that job boards are just for finding salary jobs, that is not the case at all. You can go to we work that’s one of my faves to find people who are specifically looking for remote work. But here’s another one of my favorites go to indeed calm, which is really a great, it’s almost like a job board aggregator. And then you could type in certain keywords you’re looking for. So what you want to do under the location, instead of typing in a city, you want to type in the word remote. And then you’re going to get anybody who lists the word remote and set up an alert for that. Another thing you can do on indeed calm is put in the word telecommute. That’s a far less common but that is also something you can put in. It doesn’t just have to be in a location. You can put it in any one of the fields like there’s a there’s a keywords to search for field. There’s one that’s excluded, you don’t want to put it in that field with keywords that are excluded. But if you put the word remote, sometimes you’re going to get incorrect results you’ll get a job description says we do not consider remote candidates or you will be working with remote teams. That doesn’t necessarily mean the position itself is remote. Okay? So keep that in mind and D calm. And the last tip I have for you is to research local businesses and just create openings. I’ve done this before on several occasions. It’s actually quite fun. When you have a niche. You know what service you can provide. You go to the businesses that you can provide those services for And just email the owner or talk to the manager. I know somebody specifically who does is exclusively for their freelance work. They do marketing for restaurants. So they go around to all the restaurants in the area, and he has his services packages. So the services package runner, so what he does is he goes to restaurants he needs to the owner, and he presents them with three options. And each option has a different level of service of marketing that he does. You know, there’s like an SEO package and there’s a Paper Paper click package and there’s a marketing collateral package and a website package and whatnot. And you know, as they the packages, increasing complexity, they do so in price, but you can do that create openings for yourself, just in your local community. You can be a local expert, just by creating openings for for local businesses. So I hope these tips help jog some ideas and hey, if you already use it, utilizing one or two of these ideas, use a couple that might have resonated with you that take you a little bit outside of your comfort zone you might be surprised what you find. Okay.

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