How to Find Anchor Clients

In this episode, Mike explains how to find anchor clients. Anchor clients are those clients that you can rely on for consistent income. Those are the clients that pay well, pay on time and have a long term vision.

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Guys Mike Volkin here with another Freelancer masterclass quick tip for you. Today we’re going to be talking about getting anchor clients to rocket you past the six figure income. All right, what is an anchor client? Let’s go ahead and define it first. Anchor clients are businesses with whom you as an independent consultant or Freelancer have an ongoing relationship with and a steady flow of projects and income. an anchor client could be responsible for 50 to 80% of your overall income. So why do we need them? Why should you have them as a consultant? Well, number one, they may As they are very good with dry spells, okay? If you as a freelancer with experience, especially the full time freelancers should know that there’s an ebb and flow to freelancing, right you have good months you’ll bad months in terms of income, you’ll have good months in terms of the amount of workload and back bad months in terms of the amount of workload. Some of our seasonal, some are beyond your control and economic but with anchor clients, all that kind of studies out. And also with anchor clients, they help you work smarter and not harder. Okay? You’re not on Discovery calls, you’re not prospecting, you’re not doing this. You should always be prospecting but not as much. Okay? And they are an excellent source of referrals. All right, if you have anchor clients with long term relationships, if you do good work for there should be no problem finding additional anchor clients. So where do we find these anchor clients, number one job posting boards, and there’s a way to do that you’re not looking for any job. You’re looking for jobs that are remote. Or telecommute jobs. You want to read through the job description and really understand if it truly is a remote job. or in any case, it might be remote, part time remote, you know. So it might be you have to be in the office three days a week. But if you’re truly looking to serve anybody in your country, for example, I’m in United States, and I’m in California want to serve somebody in New York? I’d be looking for a fully remote position of course, right. So indeed, com allows you to do that if you put in the where box you put in the word remote, but you can also do other keywords like telecommute. All right? Another one that works well but not as good as remote and telecommute is flexible. Usually you see flexible time flex or bull reporting. All right, that usually has to do with the remote job. Another place is a company called we work remotely calm, but bigger companies will come to them with steady work. It may be full time work, it may not be but your sweet spot here is to be able to freelance consultant your own, but at the same time be able to have a couple anchor clients at once. So This case, you’re looking for somebody who will fill up 50 to 80% of your time. And another good source is LinkedIn. LinkedIn always seems to be a good source there and a lot of my videos, LinkedIn, especially with a pro account, you’ll be able to find some great anchor clients, you just really have to understand who would you be able to serve as an anchor client. Now, why didn’t I put up work or Freelancer? Com? I’m not saying you can’t find anchor clients on those platforms. But you’re less likely to if you do a manual search for yourself on indeed or we work remotely. Why is that Upwork people go especially to Freelancer in fiber, they go for specific projects, they have a specific need, they need they need filled, they don’t have a specific position they need filled. Now, I’m not saying that’s not the case. I mean, I’ve found anchor clients and Upwork before on several occasions is not the issue. But if you go out and proactively look for anchor clients, meaning you have someone who is posting on indeed that they have a position to fill, but it’s not quite a full time position, and that it can be done remotely, you’re much more likely To find someone like that on indeed because those are people are looking for positions and not projects. Okay? And here’s a fact most employers are actually delighted to hire a contractor instead of a full time employee, and let those lawmakers keep doing what they’re doing because they’re making hiring employees very, very difficult, especially out here in California, and to a lesser, almost equal extent New York, but it’s cheaper because they don’t have to pay benefits or payroll taxes, your what’s called at will so they can get rid of you and anytime and you get rid of them and anytime there’s no like laws that said, you have to fire somebody in a certain way or a certain time. They won’t have to deal with layoffs or termination, should they no longer require your service that might seem scary to you. But really, as a freelancer, you might think, well, I don’t have enough job security you do as a freelancer, you have more job security than you would as an employee, because as an employee working full time for somebody, you have one employer, and if you get fired, you’re done. And it could be something that you have no control or maybe economic conditions, okay, but as a freelancer you get quote unquote, fired from a particular client. You Still got other clients you’re working with, right? So it’s not all you don’t have all your eggs in one basket. Right? Now your goal is to have two to three anchor clients at once. Okay, so ideally if you have to anchor clients making 80% of your income goal, then you’ll have a ton of job security and you don’t have any dry spells as long as you have those anchor clients because you’re guaranteed that that income from those those anchor clients Okay, so I hope that provides some clarity and good luck finding some anchor clients.

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