How to Find Clients on LinkedIn

Every freelancer knows how to find jobs on freelance sites like Upwork, but few utilize the power of LinkedIn. In this episode, Mike walks us through how to find clients on Linkedin.


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Hello everyone, Mike Bolton here with Freelancer masterclass and the podcast Freelancer school available on iTunes. Today, we’re gonna be talking about how to find freelance clients on LinkedIn. So much talk is around, you know, Upwork or or guru calm about finding freelance work, but really, LinkedIn is an excellent source of finding work. So let’s go ahead and go through some of the top ways that I find work and other top freelancers find work on LinkedIn. First thing you want to do is state that you’re a freelancer. Don’t hide it. That’s the most obvious thing but so many people don’t put that they’re a freelancer. I have some freelancers In my network that I hire a lot for my freelance work to help me with freelancing and on their LinkedIn profile doesn’t even state that they’re a freelancer. So add that you’re a freelancer in your headline, your URL, the summary, we’ll talk about the summary. Next, your experience section, your endorsements, the project’s volunteering all of their sections that would make sense for you to add the word freelancer. Please do that because remember, the way people are going to find you proactively is they’re going to go to the LinkedIn search bar, and they’re going to type in some kind of keyword relating to freelance work in your area. So a freelancer is in your profile. It makes you easier to be found. Now going back to the summary section, tip number two is update your summary. your elevator pitch should sum up what you offer in the summary section. If you don’t know what an elevator pitch Google it, I have an elevator pitch class specific to freelancers at Freelancer masterclass. So go ahead and check that out at Freelancer masterclass, calm, shameless plug but you want to bullet eyes your offering because from as a neuro marketer I’ll tell you from a marketing perspective people read and absorb information on bullet points better than they do in paragraph form. So go ahead and bulletins you’re offering and give specific examples of results you’re you achieve Don’t be vague about your I helped company XYZ bringing traffic is not a specific example I helped company XYZ increase their traffic 27% By doing this, this  in six months whatever the case that’s specific and it’s relatable to someone who might be reading your profile who wants to increase their traffic. Tip number three, your skills and endorsements matter. Don’t skip this part. Fill in your skills and endorsements so many people skip this part of the profile it’s most often skipped a part of the profile people look Look at them, okay, especially the interested prospects. If you have someone that is interested in hiring you and your skills and endorsements aren’t filled in, you’re, you’re leaving it up to them to guess at what you’re good at. Okay, tip number four, join LinkedIn groups. A lot of times, I would join a LinkedIn group and I’ll see it, there hasn’t been a single post for months. It’s like, what does this group even exist for? Because people join it expecting to get something out of it without giving in return. So I want you to make it make it a point to be active weekly in these groups, put it in your calendar, if you have to. That’s what I do.

I have a half an hour once a week in my calendar to look at all my LinkedIn groups, do a posting, respond to a few posts in each of the groups that I’m a member of, okay, and join Freelancer groups. There’s lots of them. And also you want to join groups that are within your industry. So if you’re a freelance writer, for example, that writes in the I don’t know, automobile industry, then join automobile groups. If you’re a freelance marketer that works in the pet industry, then join pet related groups, okay? That’s where the people who are going to hire you are located. Now, that doesn’t mean go out and spam them. Say I’m a freelance marketer who wants to hire me. But if you are active in the group and do good contributions to post and reply, build that relationship, build that rapport, believe me when I tell you that work will come to you. Tip number five, Ask and you shall receive, ask your connections for referrals. Don’t be shy, I have over 5000 connections on LinkedIn. I can go to any one of them and just say without selling myself, just say hey, listen, I just want to hope you’re doing well just wanted to let you know I’m available for work. So if you have any marketing work or know of anybody who needs to build their traffic or needs marketing leadership at their company, please send them my way I’d be greatly appreciative. Something as simple as that. Now if you are afraid to ask for work, then you are in the wrong business because as a freelancer, most of your work, if you’re good should come from referrals. Okay, so there should not be shy about asking for referrals. I remember the first time I did this many years ago I was I felt a little bit embarrassed asking for referrals. It wasn’t in me. But now I do it all the time, because I know that that one simple email asking for referrals, and this just happened last month could lead to a multi thousand dollar contract. All right. So definitely get in the habit of asking for referrals in your LinkedIn connections. If you’re active on LinkedIn, I’m not talking about if you just ask for referrals all the time, like if the last 10 or even five messages that somebody receives from you is asking for referrals, then don’t do it. Okay. You should be responding to people’s posts, networking with their connections regularly, you should have a point to log into LinkedIn daily and work your network by posting and responding to their their posts. And that leads into my next tip. Tip number six, actually read other people’s posts. So you make a connection on LinkedIn, their posts, Come on to your wall. By reading the posts of the followers on your wall, you can find opportunities to reach out and find work. So an example would be I just saw this post the other day, I haven’t gotten a response. But this is the first example that came to my mind is that somebody announced that they’re going to be doing a product launch for their company. Okay. I have not worked at this company before, but it is right in my wheelhouse of who I can help. So I reached out to them and said, Hey, I noticed you you’re doing a product launch on LinkedIn. Congratulations, I saw that announcement. there’s anything I could do to help. I’ve helped over 100 companies do product launches, please let me know maybe I can give you some feedback right away on, on, on your strategy, your rollout strategy, your go to market strategy. And so I’m waiting on our sponsor that but that kind of stuff happens multiple times a week. So read the post on your wall and think about opportunities that you could work yourself into that. For example, product launch. Number seven, reach out consistently to 10 People day. This is very important to constantly grow your network. You want to, you want to be proactive, not just reactive. Everything I’ve talked about so far, updating your profile and reading posts in your wall. That’s all reactive stuff, but proactively you should be reaching out to 10 people a day. Well, who should you be reaching out to? You should be reaching out to who your ideal client is. Do you know who your ideal client is? No. Well then get the get a freelancer masterclass and go through the ideal client class because it is very important that you market to your ideal client. Those are the clients that you could do the highest value of work for. That make you the happiest and if your work is filled with that it I swear it feels like you’re retired and people are paying you for stuff that you would do. unpaid anyway, it’s a great feeling. So really understand who your ideal client is. Tip number eight, complete your profile. Did you know that completed profiles get 40% more opportunities. This is according to LinkedIn. This is an infographic they put out a couple years ago. 40% more opportunities just by completing your profile. Why is that because most people don’t complete their profile, and they want to showcase people who have completed profiles. And when I showcase I mean, if somebody types in a word in the search bar, and your profile will come up. Now adding a profile photo alone gets you 21 times more profile views. Why would you not do that it takes 10 seconds to add a profile picture. It also adding a profile picture makes it 36 times more likely, you’ll get a message I’m not talking about two times or three times more likely, these are stats directly from LinkedIn 36 more times more likely just by adding a photo, folks, by the time you watched this video, this few minute video, you could have added a profile view and taken I’m sorry, a profile picture and taken it down and uploaded it and taking it down 10 times over by now. There’s no excuse if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile photo that you should have one right now. So here’s my top eight tips to get more freelance clients on LinkedIn if you’re not doing them apps Do them they’re easy enough to do.

Take care.

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