How to find clients online and offline

Often, freelancers find that finding clients online and offline are the hardest part of the job. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this episode, Mike Volkin shows you some tips on how to find clients online and offline.

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Hey guys, Mike Volkin here with Freelancer masterclass, and freelancers school, the podcast. But if you haven’t already subscribed to our YouTube channel, please go ahead and do that since we produce a lot of good visual content that the ideas for this content comes from you much like this piece of content. So be sure to go ahead and subscribe to our YouTube channel. This piece of content is titled How to find clients online. And offline. Many of you have come to me and said, Mike, you talked a lot about how to find clients online, but there’s a whole world out there offline. So how do you find clients? So let me go ahead and explain to you first the online portion and then I’ll go through the offline portion and We’re talking in general terms here for this piece of content. So if you find, you want to deep dive into one of these aspects, and I’m talking about Freelancer masterclass, discusses all of these. So the first thing the most obvious is freelancing platforms to find clients online, right? So you have no less than a dozen, if not five dozen different freelancing platforms, depending on what industry you’re in the big 800 pound gorilla in the room is Upwork. Right? So go ahead and set yourself up with a profile. And I’ll look for jobs on Upwork. And maybe even sometimes they’ll come to you. Another one is social networking sites. Now many of you think Well, I know how to use social networking sites for myself, but doesn’t really work for my business. Well think again, I get a lot of jobs off LinkedIn, you have to build your network. It’s kind of like I described it as like a rolling snowball downhill you might, you know, do a lot of work to get that snowball formed at first and it won’t really seem like anything. But as you roll the snowball downhill, picks up steam on its own. So you need to build yourself up and network I have over 5000 People on my LinkedIn network. So whenever I post something, a lot of people see it. At first, it’s going to seem like you’re shouting in an empty room or posting something in an empty room. And that is true, you will, nobody will see it. But as you start gaining followers, and they will come organically, but you can also proactively reach out to get people to follow you back. But that will work for you in your favor. And you’ll have a large audience, just imagine if you, you build up your social networks to 50,000 relevant people, every time you post something 10s of thousands of people will still see your post. So it does work. It just it’s not immediate. job listing sites is another one, right? So we work remotely Angel list remote co there’s a lot of sites out there that post only Remote Jobs. Now you might be thinking, Mike, these are full time jobs. Maybe Maybe not. You know, I found a lot of jobs actually at least a dozen over many years of freelancing that you know, somebody would post something on we work remotely saying we need a marketing leader right? And I could tell them you know what, I’m a freelancer and then I go into all the benefits of hiring a freelancer you know, you have no none of the employee costs and all that good stuff that goes with freelancing and then you you start a dialogue with them and then they realize Wait a second, we can hire somebody remotely and get all these benefits and we can widen our our talent pool we don’t have to look for somebody just in this small little area that we’re in we can we have a whole world at our at our fingertips and then you start a dialogue with them and they wind up wind up hiring you and Craigslist is one to you might say why do you leave Craigslist off of this it Craigslist is okay as you know it’s it has a record of not being it as a traffic but it there’s no technology there. So it’s very hard to keep up with what’s available on Craigslist have to constantly check it right. direct response funnels. Now you might not know what a direct response funnel is, but let me explain it to you. In its most simplest terms, it’s a paid ad to a landing page to lead so just really quick you You have a landing page. That is basically just a one page website that could be tied to your main site or it’s not. But the purpose of landing page is to solve one specific problem. So you have a solution out there to a problem that a prospect or a client has right. That landing page talks about that one particular solution. Now, the paid ads that you run on Google or Facebook, talks about the problem and shows a solution. So the solution will be the landing page like for example, if a client needs more organic reach on on Google, your solution might be that you can provide this special SEO package for them right search engine optimization package, the paid ads will say I have this new or unique way to drive organic traffic so you’re speaking their language. It’s going to a landing page that shows you have the solution. And then you have the lead so paid ads and landing page lead. I’ve gotten a lot of very high ticket clients off creating these landing pages. So I have these various solutions I offer I stick up these paid ads Yeah, you’re paying for the ad, but over time and might even be very quick even the first month you will learn that putting in one marketing dollar into paid ads equals 10 or more revenue, x 10 x and revenue and return so I gave this example of how I spent a couple thousand on on some paid ads recently for some insurance solution I was providing to insurance reps and I was driving a high ticket

landing page the people were registering for $10,000 solutions to my problem I was driving driving this particular solution and people were registering I had multiple registrants for 10,070 $500 coming in during my that 120 20 $500 paid ads campaign so I had a huge return on my investment and you can do the same to the more targeted your your solution is and the better your ads are, the better the whole funnel will work. Okay, so really look into direct response from And we talked about that at Freelancer masterclass. So, affiliate programs you might want to set up there’s a lot of different ways to do this, but commission junction is is common and shareasale whatnot but you might want to set up productization of your service and then get other affiliates out there to get a percentage of of their sales. So they will advertise for you for 10% or 50% of whatever business they bring in. So you have like a free workforce out there that only works under certain circumstances. So if you can productize your business, that’s when it works the best in the last major way that I can tell you in this quick video to get clients online is cold emails. You know, it’s it’s tough to say you’re spamming people or it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy a list but cold emailing people so you can connect with people on LinkedIn, and then send them a message introducing yourself. I wouldn’t recommend trying to sell them all in one email. But people do that to me every single day on LinkedIn and other social networks. Working sites. It doesn’t work but that much to people like me who is used to it. But if you were to reach out to someone in an effective way, with a solution to their problem, and it just it hits them right at the right time, it does work. I have gotten business off cold emails before. I don’t necessarily do it now anymore, but it does work and some people make their living off it. Now let’s go to offline work. All right. A lot of a lot of freelancers are introverts. I am an introvert, believe it or not, I don’t like to do offline networking. It’s preferred I do online. But if you are that type of person that likes to do offline networking. Some of these may resonate with you very well. Your personal network. I personally don’t do friends and family. I don’t work with them anymore. I used to, but a lot of people make a good living networking with their personal network. All right, and I talked about how to go about that and Freelancer masterclass. So, it goes beyond the scope of this video, but just know that you have a huge network you should be able to in your network. Even if you don’t know that many people you should be able to get at least Two clients a month often, okay, events, attendance, or a booth so you can attend events that are targeted towards either advancing your own career or the services you provide. So if you provide a writing service, you can go to a local writing event or local marketing communications event where people your prospects will be there, you can get a booth to showcase your services, I would only recommend doing that if it’s cost effective and you have a good solution you’re not just quote unquote a blog writer, you’ve you’ve actually found a niche that people can enjoy hiring you for. I’ve seen too many generalistic booths that like they’re so forgettable it’s it’s expensive to get a booth so if if you’re unique and you found a niche, then go ahead and and get a booth that might serve you well. Another one is speaking events. Okay, so I love to speak. I’m going to be starting a speaking push here. It’s the end of the year I like to make I like to get my tour in advance for so I’m making it now. Being in the fourth quarter and making it now for next year. So if you like to be in onstage and give talks about what you know, if you have a teaching fetish you like to go out there and teach people, maybe starting a speaking tour is right for you. Sometimes the speeches you give are free, but they provide good leads, and sometimes they pay you thousands of dollars to speak. So it could be a good, I know people that speak full time. And that’s all they do is speak. So if that’s you, then go ahead and get good at speaking and start a tour. strategic partnerships. So there are companies out there and there are other freelancers out there that have the same client tells you but offer different services. So for example, those that need SEO, Search Engine Optimization services also usually need website websites built or websites redone. So that would be a strategic partnership if you are someone who builds websites to go reach out to SEO companies and vice versa. So think about some kind of strategic partnerships, those that hold the same clientele as you but don’t necessarily offer the same services.

Getting partnerships in niche magazines and newspapers. You know, we’re talking about earned media. And let me just combine that also with haro. Help a reporter out is actually a website, but you can get offline work from it. So this the the getting published in the niche magazines and haro all comes into kind of like the same realm here is earned media, right? So you want to put yourself out there as a expert. And whenever a reporter who’s always looking for experts needs to quote you or need to do a magazine article or a newspaper article on that industry that you’re an expert of, they’re going to come to you. And so there’s competitors out there for haro but you can find them online, just type in earned media and then your industry in each building to find something similar. And then host a workshop, you know, I do this sometimes. And I’m actually going to be starting to do this. It next year is going to be a large part of my marketing push is I’m going to be working with small, small and medium sized businesses, helping their marketing leaders become more efficient and more effective. So I’m hoping a workshop on that it’s gonna be a three day workshop, you can do the same too. So go to small businesses in your in your area or any area, make an appearance. Make it like a three day or even a one day or seven day workshop, bring in employees of that business and charge for it. And you can even make it free. I mean, I’m sure you’ve all heard those radio ads and people that teach you how to flip houses, right? They’re all over the place. It’s a free workshop, maybe even provide a lunch for you. Or they might charge a nominal fee like 20 bucks you go and attend. Now they’re hoping to get more money from you. Of course that’s the reason why they’re flying a whole staff of people to your area. They fill up a room of 200 people hoping that 10 of those people or 20 of those people will buy a $20,000 more detailed course on it right but they’ll give you just a little taste right you can do something similar. Or you can do cold calling something that a lot of people just hate nowadays but it is effective if you call people and know who you’re calling right if you if the decision maker for your particular services, the HR manager or You’re the CEO you got to call those people set up an appointment, ask them to go out to lunch or or give them a you know a link to a webinar or something like that. And then cold calling can work if you’re effective at it and you like doing it. So, hope this helps you bring in some new clients.

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