How to get press as a freelancer

Getting press as a freelancer is a great way to build your reputation and get clients. Let me show you how to get press.


Alright guys welcome back to Freelancer masterclass I am Mike Volkin, the lead instructor. Today we’re gonna be talking about how to get press as a freelancer. Now, one of the things that I want to just talk to you today about is not just how to get the press, but also what to do once you get the press or are trying to get the press because a lot of people approach it wrong. So let’s go ahead and take the approach of First of all, how do you get press? Alright.

The best thing that I’ve been doing lately is guest podcasts. All right, that is very hot. So what you do is you you go to Google or any search engine, right you type in podcasts and whatever industry and let’s say you’re a copywriter, you just type in copywriting podcast. And you look for podcasts that often have guests on a lot of them don’t some of them do. All right. This works very well. There’s also a lot of agencies that will do this if you want to pay for it. But this is a service that you can do yourself for free. You don’t have to pay for it. Simple

Google search. There’s also podcasting search engines, right. And so all you have to do is maybe go to iTunes and then search for any keyword like copywriting, for example, or marketing strategy or digital marketing. Whatever the case, find a podcast that you like, listen to a couple of them. That’s important. Don’t just reach out to, to podcast hosts reach out to them after you listen to them. Oftentimes, their contact information will not be readily available. So you have to go to the website, almost every podcast has a website or some kind of web page where you can contact the host. All right, so what you want to do in that case, when you reach out to them is have some questions. Ready? So you have we want the host to do as little work as possible. Okay. So what you do is you say, Hey, I’m interested in being a guest on your podcast, you know, compliment the podcast a little bit. You know, I love it. I listened to your last couple shows where I listened to it regularly. Don’t lie. Don’t say you listen to it regularly when you don’t. But then you say, listen, I’d love to be a guest. I think I can add this value to your audience. Here’s six questions that you can ask them.

If you’re interested in having me on as a guest, Now, the reason why podcasters love that is because they don’t have to do any work to have you on as a guest. When I get approached, which is almost weekly to be a guest on my show,

they are many times just like, Hey, can I be a guest on your show? They make me do the research about them, they make me come up with questions about them. And it’s a lot of work. It’s like you’re asking time of me to do that. And so, almost 99 out of 100 times, I would think that I wouldn’t do that. I’ve only done that once when I was a pretty decent name, brand person who came out and wanted and emailed me and want to be on the show. But other than that, I don’t, unless you spoon feed me what exactly you want, I won’t have you on. And it doesn’t have to be self. It shouldn’t be self serving. It shouldn’t be like here’s why I’m so great. It should be like here’s how I can help your audience. Those are how the question should be worded. So do guest podcasting. I could do a whole hour on that. But let’s leave it at that. There are also services that will help you

Understand what journalists are looking for specialists, for example, if you go to MK rack comm, that’s m u c. k, Ra ck comm, you will find a keyword search. And there’s a free service, I believe, but there’s also a paid service. Now in full disclosure, I have only gotten one or two pieces of press from MK RAC and I monitor them daily. It doesn’t work out for me that well because I’m so so picky on what type of press I want. And those that I do follow up with. Usually there’s a there’s a lot of people reaching out to them. But I’m on the free plan. So if you’re on the paid plan, I think you get some kind of extra deliverability to your pitch. But what this service does, and there’s other services like them, you could just go to Google and type in muck rack competitors. But what you do is you create a profile on what your specialty is, right? So say copywriting, for example. And then you’re going to get alerts for journalists. They have thousands of journalists and the journalists go democratic and they say hey, I’m looking for

First specialist interview for the radio or for magazine or TV or whatever. And I need them to be experts in the copywriting industry and in the ice cream industry or something random like that, right? So there’ll be a perfect fit for you. Oh, wow, I just, I just had a client who I did. They were an ice cream company. I did a lot of work for them or something like that, right? So you reach out, you just write them back. You don’t get a direct connection to them. But you write through MCC RAC and then MCC RAC before that on to you. So they protect their journalists contact information that way. So you can sign up for a service like that. There’s also local services that you can do like Chamber of Commerce or Kiwanis Club or something. There’s thousands of those clubs. Just go to Google type in your city name or your county name, and we’re Chamber of Commerce. Now what they do at the Chamber of Commerce is they meet there’s usually business influencers that all meet and then usually if they’re not influencers themselves, they’ll know somebody who can get your press. Now. You don’t

Go to these meetings just for that purpose and say, Hey, nice to meet you. Can you get me some press? Hey, nice to meet you. Can you get me on TV? It’s about developing relationships, right? It’s about really enjoying going to these meetings and providing value and through that you’ll be a local leader. That is of course a lot of there’s a lot of people that don’t want to go that route because very slow and a lot of people don’t like in person networking, but that is probably the best long lasting way to get press, especially local press. Okay. There’s also newsletter outreach, how many of you raise your hands I can see you How many of you subscribe to newsletters. Okay. Hopefully you subscribe to my newsletter at Freelancer masterclass calm. But at any rate, newsletters are a great way to get press how well, newsletters are always looking for content. OK, newsletter writers. So if you’re a subscriber to newsletter, chances are thousands of other people are as well. And you didn’t reply to their newsletter email unless it’s like one of those do not reply or you find the website that sends that new

letter out you said he listened to you so I can provide value to newsletter cannot be featured. A lot of times there are influencers that are in that newsletter looking for content themselves. So if you’re featured in a newsletter, sometimes you’ll get a response from some of those newsletter subscribers saying, hey, I’d like to, for you to be featured in my newsletter, or I’d like to be in my podcast or something like that. Okay?

a really easy way to get press for all of you is do social posts with tagging. If you do a social post that’s informative and not self serving, I mean, don’t say hey, here’s some great social posts and then tagging someone that you want the attention from. So you can tag Kim Kardashian or dump that’s who you want to get attention from. But whoever it is you tagged that company or that person in your post. Depending on how big the company is, and who’s monitoring it, they may or may not look at the post and then see it but at least it’s a way for you to get attention from that company. Okay.

So we’ve got podcasts

We’ve got mograph comm we’ve got Chamber of Commerce, we got newsletter outreach, we got social posts with tagging. It’s five different ways to get press that you can start doing right now. But then there’s a way of like, how do you go about getting the press? Well number one you have to have a story. And if you haven’t joined Freelancer masterclass, I highly suggest you do because it’s on Super ridiculous low cost low cost sale right now it’s never been offered for this low of a price so check it out at Freelancer masterclass calm. The reason why I say that is because we have a whole section A whole class detailing on how you can create your own story. I give examples of stories and walk you through how you can create your own. But people respond to stories press respond to stories, they want stories, when there’s a tornado that hits in your area. They’re going to go out there they’re going to go talk to someone who lost her husband and be like yeah, my my papa got lifted by a tornado. And now he’s with the Jesus or something. You know, there’s a story about you as the greatest Paul ever, you know,

So, that’s, that is how stories are are made you basically go to the source if you’re a journalist and you listen to the person who has a heartfelt story that you can relate with, okay? And then you have to develop a pitch an angle from a business perspective having a story like i’m a i’m i’m a republican right and this is what how my brand represents republicans right? That’s that’s not a pitch that’s an angle the pitch is how you can specifically help republicans or how your your brand does that you know, as an example. So every angle, every side that you take has to have a pitch to it and every pitch that you take has to have an angle to it. Okay?

Lastly, have a brand that’s memorable again, Freelancer masterclass, we show you how to develop a brand. In fact, we have nine modules one of the brands a second one or one of the modules. Second one is all about developing your own brand. So if you have a brand that people can resonate with your

More likely to get attention from a journalist. So three tips, have a story, develop a brand within that story and then within that brand and that story becomes a pitch in an angle. So those are three big tips for you. So I’ve given you five ways to get press and then three ways to to get press from those methods of getting press. Alright, so I hope this helps. Good luck.

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