How to Learn Skills to Freelance from Home

Nowadays when it comes to learning any new skill, one can easily do so with just their computer and an internet connection. There are a lot of free and paid resources available that can help you learn skills to freelance from home, but the challenge is knowing which you can rely on.

This article is going to go over the best paid and free resources to learn new skills, especially how to freelance from home. 

Start with YouTube Videos and Blogs

Being the second largest search engine (Google being first of course), YouTube can be a great place to start learning about freelancing if you are new or have small questions to answer. There can be a lot of great information out there that fortunately, anyone has access to.

To start, you can type in phrases like “how to learn to freelance from home” or “learn freelancing step by step”. Our lead instructor at Freelancer Masterclass, Mike Volkin is an authority on coaching Freelancers to success. His YouTube channel is loaded with valuable information useful to freelancers at all levels.

Blog articles are also a great source for learning how to start freelancing. An important note for both YouTube and blog articles is to know the source. Determine whether the source is reliable and you can trust the information is true. Since technically anyone can post on YouTube or a blog, you want to take in content from multiple sources and take the same key points away from each source to know it’s true.


Take Freelancing More Seriously

Do you really want to freelance from home? Or are you just curious about what it would be like doing instead of your full-time job in an office? Taking advantage of free resources can be a great start if you find the correct information.

If you are on the fence, get off the fence. Try doing some freelance gigs in your time outside of your main job to see what it’s like. Learn to skills you need by taking from free resources and then immediately applying them to your work to learn on the job.

If you have decided to pursue freelancing from home more seriously, then read on.


Professional Courses on Freelancing

Investing in your self-education can be the single most valuable investment you ever make. Courses such as those on the popular learning platforms Udemy or are reputable paid resources to help freelancers gain a working knowledge of certain skills they are interested in.

Our lead instructor Mike Volkin even taught a course on Udemy about how to dominate as a 6-figure freelancer on the world’s most popular freelancing site, Upwork.


For committed freelancers who are either just starting out or would like to up their freelancer game to become one of the top-performers in their niche, we offer an all-encompassing course that gives you everything you need to know about becoming a successful freelancer.


Not only will you learn how to develop the necessary skills, you will also learn how to get clients consistently, handle your taxes and contracts, and promote yourself effectively online. You can check out our course, Freelancer Masterclass here.

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