How to make a great freelancing website

Show Notes:

How to make a great freelancing website

  • Why have one?
  • On brand- what are you communicating to the world?
  • Show your authority
  • It brings in clients but also displays your reputation
  • Important components:
    • simplicity -Be brief with effective sentences
    • clarity- Who are you, what do you do, how can you help me?
    • value-is this person worth the money
  • Platforms:
    • com
    • WordPress
    • Squarespace

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Get ready for freelancing strategies, hacks and tactics to help you skyrocket your success brought to you by Freelancer masterclass calm. You’re listening to freelancing school with your instructor Mike Volkin

Welcome to freelancers school. I am your instructor and host, Mike Volkin, lead instructor of Freelancer masterclass. Today, we’re going to be talking about the best freelancing websites. We’re going to talk about how to create a great freelancing website, and then what platforms you should publish the websites on. So let’s go ahead and get started. First of all, why have a website many freelancers don’t have websites? Why should you have one? Well, in today’s world, people Google you are being you. So if you don’t have a website, you are invisible to them and you’re leaving their doubts up to their imagination. So people always think negatively, err on the side of caution. Let’s just say that if you don’t have a website, they will more likely go to someone who does have one. Okay, so what goes on your website? Well, the first thing you want to consider is your brand. What kind of brand Do you want to exude? What are you communicating to the world? And you have to define that and the best way to do that is through your personality. Are you person who is more silly or more scientific or more serious, that should exude through your website. And when I talk about brand, I don’t just mean the text, I mean, images and layout and everything that comes together all the images and graphics to create a brand. That’s what you’re communicating to the world. When someone lands in your website. They want to be able to essentially see your personality and who you are. So think about your brand and what kind of brand Do you want to exude? And then I also want you to show your authority, you know, why should someone hire you and we’re going to be talking Talking about individual components in just a minute on what shows your authority. But in terms of what goes on your website, I want you to think about how to display your reputation. I mean, a website is important not only because it shows your expertise, but it also shows your reputation out there. It shows you It shows the client rather, testimonials and industries you’ve worked in. In clients, you’ve worked with all that good stuff that someone who’s looking at your website will want to see to validate your experience and your reputation. So let’s talk about some of the important components of what should be on your website. three main things to keep in mind number one, simplicity, number two, clarity and number three values. So let’s go through those. The first simplicity, Be brief with effective sentences. I can’t stress this enough and I even as I’m considering myself as a marketing communication specialist, and even I someone who can centers themselves, a Marketing Communications Specialist will hire someone, a copywriter, for example, to look for errors, grammar, or spelling or otherwise, and then also look to see if something can be stated more effectively. And always they find something no matter how many times, no matter how many times I look at a particular paragraph of text, somebody can always come in and make it better. So think about simplicity, because most of the time, people are going to spend less than a minute on your site, if you’re lucky, they’ll spend more than a minute but you want to get them with brief, effective sentences. And the second thing I mentioned was clarity. You know, you want to stay exactly who you are and what you’re doing, what you do, and how you can help a prospect. On many occasions, I’ll look at a freelancers website and not know exactly who they are and what their experiences are even what industry they serve in. So you really have to be clear on who you are, what you do, and how can you Help me your homepage should have all that information. And then lastly, think about value. Because this person’s going to be reading, subconsciously your website thinking, is this person worth the money? And your graphics or images? Are they fuzzy? Are they small? Is it unprofessional? I’ve seen graphic designer websites from freelancers that look terrible. Now, if I’m considering hiring you for graphic design job, and your website looks bad, then I don’t think you’re going to do a good job for me because you can’t create graphics for yourself. Why would you create graphics for me? Good. Alright, so really think about simplicity, clarity and value. So now once you have all your texts written down in a Word document time to to design this and put this online but you might think, Mike, I’m not a web developer. Where do I publish this information? Well, there’s lots of different options and taken away the fact that you Got a web developer, you can hand code something. There’s lots of cool options out there, drag and drop. You probably seen commercials for GoDaddy there there one option. Everybody knows about WordPress, it does require a number of plugins if you want to really bring in all your features together. One of my favorites is a site called newbie, a company called newbie and UBI calm really easy, you just you login, you create your account, the user face user interface is really simple. You just drag and drop a few things and you got yourself a website. You know, a lot of people come to me with you know, web com or GoDaddy those are okay, SEO value is a little rough their search engine optimization being found online. Some people may disagree with me on that but I know for a fact it’s not really that powerful SEO wise. So I like newbie for that reason. It’s pretty powerful to be found online and also it’s easy to create a website WordPress every knows about them. They do require a little bit more work a little bit more specialty But if you get a good theme and you get a couple good plugins together, you can scrape together a really nice looking website. My agency website and my freelancing website are both built, built on WordPress platforms. That’s Mike Volkin calm and 800 Lb marketing. com. Squarespace is also a popular one some of my freelancers. In the master class, use Squarespace. I personally only use it once or twice, so I can’t attest to the results and how powerful it is. But I do know that they’re pretty happy with it. I do know though, if you’re selling something on Squarespace, it’s to get a little bit more complicated as compared to some of the other sites out there. But so I would recommend newbie, calm and UBI calm. I’d recommend WordPress and I’d recommend Squarespace. There are others though. So this that is not a complete list. So if you’re talking about building a freelancing website and what components go in it and why you need it, I hope these tips helped. Good luck.

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