Is a Freelance Job from Home better than a Regular Job?

It is more popular now than ever before for people to earn an income working a freelance job from home instead of in an office. In a recent study, said this:

Of the 1,202 people we surveyed, 745 (62%) work remotely at any frequency, and 457 (38%) work on-site.

We have listed out some pros and cons of working from home to help you decide if freelancing from home is right for you.

Save Time and Money Working at Home

According to an article from, working at home tends to lead to a dramatic increase in productivity. Not only will you not have to drive to work, which tends to leave you in a better mood since you didn’t have to deal with traffic, you won’t need to spend money on gas and can get to work much faster.

Imagine you are making some great progress on an important project for one of your company’s biggest clients. Now, suddenly your coworker stops by for their daily chat, which causes you to stop what you are doing and listen to them. Had you been working at home you would have the option to eliminate all distractions.

By having more of a choice about your work environment you can operate more productively. 


Flexible Hours and Location

Having flexible hours and being location-independent is a big plus for freelance workers. Clients and employees are becoming more results-oriented. This means no matter when, where, or how long you worked, they just want to see that you got the job done.

Maybe you have other responsibilities that need to be handled throughout the day, such as picking up your child from school. By setting your own hours, your boss or client or sees that you are a top-performing employee because you are completing the work just as you said you would.

Often when freelancers start to generate a more consistent income entirely from their laptop, they take to traveling more often. If you can work simply with your laptop and an internet connection, and love to travel, then you may take a liking to freelancing pretty quickly.


Some Negatives to Consider

To be a freelancer, you are working on your own schedule, which sounds great. This isn’t so great when you are not the motivated and truly independent type who naturally gets to work without someone else telling them what to do.

If you have never done any freelance work, it is going to take some adjusting. Not only will you want to start creating an online presence for yourself online, but you want to get more familiar with working on your computer and using other communication channels to do business.

It takes time to build up a portfolio and start finding clients of your own. Fortunately for you, we offer a course that lays out this entire process to make you a successful freelancer.

Another thing to consider is your taxes and benefits. If you are working from home as a freelancer, you are going to have to get health insurance and an accountant to help with your taxes.



We know the transition from working in an office to working a freelance job from home can be intimidating at first. That is why we created a course to help prepare freelancers by addressing everything they need to know so that they can get as many hours, clients, and as much money as they want! For more information, check out our course Freelancer Masterclass.

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