My new favorite way to get clients in 2020 and beyond

We all want more clients right? But sometimes we get in a rut of how to bring in prospects consistently. Well, let me show you my new favorite method for getting all the clients you would need.


Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of Freelancer school today, we’re again, we’re streaming live on youtube, this may be the new norm because I like to have a big audience now on YouTube. And I like to reach them anytime I can. And my audience isn’t that big on the podcast. So I figured what the heck might as well stream live on youtube and then convert it into a podcast. So here we are on YouTube. And here we are on the podcast as well. Today we’re going to be talking about my new favorite way to get clients and that would be partnerships. There’s a way to do partnerships, right and there’s a way to do partnerships wrong but if you are a freelancer and you only do partnerships, you will be if you do it, well, you will be a successful freelancer, you have all the work you need. Let me show you how to do it right. Now, first of all, before I show you how to do it, right, let me show you what 99% of the people and companies do wrong with partnerships and it’s just one thing.

They view the partnership as a way to get clients

Only in they’re constantly asking

what prospects do you have for me? What work do you have for me what this what that that is not a partnership a partnership is when there’s a mutual agreement and exchange of information. So the first thing you want to do is you want to make a list of all the types of companies or agencies that your clients would also need. For example, if you’re a graphic designer,

you might want to partner with other graphic design agencies, you might want to partner with web development agencies because they have clients, web development agencies have clients that are building a website, they may need other graphical assets in addition to their website as well, right. So as a graphic designer, you can go to all these other agencies that meet your criteria, you have to get criteria down, right. You don’t want to reach out to

agencies in Bangladesh, if you’re in the US, you want to

Hit your lowest hanging fruit because you can’t manage an unlimited amount of agencies, right?

You can probably keep six to 12 partnerships. And then that’s, and that’s a lot of partnerships. Most people keep three to four ones that do partnerships, right. So I want you to sit down and make a list of all the agencies and companies that you could partner with that have clients that could also be your clients, okay? And then I want you step two is to reach out to them and ask them for a partnership. Now, you don’t just outright to say, Hey, I’m a freelancer, this is what I do. Do you have work for me? This is a partnership, you’re going to be explaining to them that this is a give and take partnership. I’m going to give you some referrals, you’re going to be giving me some referrals. Now they may view as you know, if you’re approaching a multi million dollar agency, and they see a small time Freelancer who does this as a side hustle, they may view this as you no big deal not even respond. So you want to pretend or not pretend but that

A bad bad way to put it. You want to make it seem like you are bigger than you are. So be professional about it have a good website good representation have a plan in place. No matter how small you are, people are still going to view you as someone who they want to do business with if you’re professional, and they see benefit in the relationship, so don’t

have broken English trying to get somebody to get you on the phone like example. I just had somebody i’d hide them from this channel, all the

videos Hey, me want to partner with you, sir. I want Sir, please give me work. Every one of my videos, I just eventually had to hide them like, be creative and professional. And reach out to me for a reason. Obviously, you want to get me on the phone because you want me to give you clients that is not a way that you’re going to get my time or attention or other company’s time and attention. So have a plan in place. That’s step three is write a document and I want you to outline the stipulations, the partnership and you might think Mike, that’s a big task. It’s really not either

I have a document like that, and no, I’m not going to give it out. But anybody can make it. It literally took me 20 minutes to make this document. It’s a bulleted item of things that I will do for you. And bulleted items of things that I expect in return. So it’s two sections. It’s labeled, what this partnership entails for me. And then what this partnership entails for you in each of those sections has three to five bullet points on what I’m going to be doing for you on a weekly basis. I suggest you call a meeting. And in that document, you say we’re going to meet every Friday at 9am. All right, in that document you’re going to say when you’re going to review leads together because all the good freelancers and companies have a bucket of leads that they try to nurture. And I want you guys to go through the lead list every single week, and determine Hey, this could be somebody I’d want to talk to this doesn’t have to be now when you reviewing that lead list. I have some partners. We just hide all the contact information. We talked about who they are and what they’re trying to achieve. And then

We say okay, this is somebody I can work with. This is somebody I can benefit. And then you set up that introduction. The other part of the debt, same document is your what are the payment? stipulations? So are you going to be asking for a monthly fee to be a partner? Probably not. But I’ve seen that before. But you can also do a referral for every

contract you take in. So I have a partnership with an SEO company, and they pay me for certain clients on a rolling contract rolling basis. So it’ll might be 5%. It might be 20% of a particular contract. Because I referred them I set up the introduction. I do a lot of stuff to make sure that I secure the contract. Now, of course, I won’t be doing that to one of my clients. If I don’t believe in this agency that will do good work, right. You want to stand behind your your partners, but that’s a great way if you have a written document, it’s a great way to have two people come together and it breaks that big, big error that a lot of people have in partnerships is Hey, it’s just all one sided like

All I want is you to give me referrals and, you know, here’s our initial conversation and that’s the end of it. Okay?

So I just got a comment here now that we’re live on Upwork I’m not sure if this is relevant or not, the commenter says, but I’m a content writer, could you please share some tips and tricks on how to hit the upper platform with a positive impression? Yeah, that is uh, I appreciate the comment. That is a lot different than what we’re talking about now and I need to stay focused, but all I can recommend to you is go to my website I have on Upwork mastery course so go to Freelancer masterclass calm and check out the Upwork mastery course it’s on like extreme sale right now. It’s like, I think it’s $47. It’s never been anywhere near that price. So if you’re going to buy it, now’s the time and that shows you all about how to get positive impression network for sure. So anyway, what I want you to do is have that document and very simple like it’s going to outline three or five bullet points for each of the two sections. And the last part is carrying out the partnership, right so a partnership is only good if it’s long lasting

thing if it’s lasting enough, right? So most partnerships are like an initial call. Great, here’s what you do. Here’s what I do. Thanks a lot. Let’s keep in touch and then nobody keeps in touch you expect the other person to, but no one is ever actually doing it. The most successful strategic partnerships are ones in which both parties have a written agreement in the head of a weekly or even a bi weekly call once every two weeks. Okay, so I hope this helps. Thanks again for joining me. Oh, and by the way, if you’re on YouTube and you haven’t listened to my podcast, go to iTunes go to anywhere that podcasts are shown and download Freelancer school NATS where this is airs and all the other podcast episodes there. All right, good luck. Thanks very much.

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