No Doesn’t Mean No

During the year 2020 I was hired by 24% of my prospects within 3 months of them saying no. Understand how I did it in this episode of Freelancer School


Hey, everyone, thanks for joining me for yet another Freelancer school. I am Mike Volkin, the lead instructor of Freelancer masterclass. If you haven’t already, check out our website at Freelancer Alright, enough of that. Now on to the subject of today’s podcast, which is no doesn’t mean No, let me tell you something.

This is a statistic I recently ran and never thought about running it before. But now that I have, I’m glad I did. Because I understand the power of this 24% of my prospects who did not hire me, wound up hiring me within three months in this stat was taken in the entire year of 2020. So we had a discovery call. I sent a proposal. They said thanks. But no thanks, I enjoyed meeting with you, blah, blah, blah. I’m gonna hire somebody else. I said, thanks very much. And three months later or less, they’re back 24% of people that’s, you know, almost a quarter. That’s one every four. That is a lot of reclaimed prospects from people that I never did any marketing to after they said that. So what happened? Well, I used to not be this way. But I was overly nice. Alright. When someone rejects you for a job, the first instinct is to one not reply at all, or to say something a little snarky and return or three say something completely mean, and believe me, someone who hires a lot of freelancers gets each one of those three. All right, most of the time, I’d say 70% of the time, I’ll tell a freelancer, you know what, I appreciate your time, I decided to go another direction. I’ll keep you in mind for the future. You know, that standard rejection, right?

I never get anything back.

never get anything returned. Maybe. And this isn’t an actual statistic, I’m saying maybe 10 or 15% would actually blocked me

on up work from talking with them again. And other ones? Sometimes I’d get people that say, Oh, well, good luck trying to find someone that could do the work that I proposed, you know, something a little snarky like that. But what I’m telling you is, I took the position in 2020. And beyond, not only 100%, full honesty and transparency, but full and total politeness no matter what. There was one particular time in 2020, where I met with somebody six times, way more than my normal, because I really wanted to help them and see their business succeed. Because the type of business it was, whether I got the job or not. And it turns out, I didn’t get the job. But they were nice to me. They said you know what would really appreciate your time. I look forward to working with you in the future, just not right now. And I could have said, I cannot believe this. I took six out I had six different meetings with you. I wrote a proposal, I even sent you some stuff. I made special case studies just for you. I sent you to two clients that I work with that for phone calls or references like, This is crazy. How can you be so rude to go that far down the path of me and then not hire me? I could have said that. But I didn’t. I said you know what, all in all, our end result was the same. I just wanted you to be happy moving forward and feel that you got value out of our calls. Didn’t need to say that. But I did. Alright. And that is the way I felt. So ultimately, they that particular example, they did wind up coming back. But my point is here is that if I wasn’t nice, that probably most likely wouldn’t have come back to me. I could have said something snarky, I could have ignored them altogether, but I didn’t. Alright, so lesson learned. for you guys. If you’re not already doing this, please do this. Be nice. When someone is nice enough to follow up the look, think about like this. prospects don’t have to tell you that they’re not hiring you. They could just not tell you in the first place and ignore you.

So that’s just nice of them to update you as it is and not leave you hanging. But when you respond with a Hey, I’m glad you found what you wanted. Hey, I’m glad you’re able to move forward. It was great meeting you. Always nice to meet a fellow entrepreneur, something like that, according to my stats are going to come back to you and work with you. So be overly polite, and thank them for their time, which is always important and wish them well. And you will see that no really does not mean No. Okay, see you guys next week.


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