One Change to My Upwork Profile Equaled 20% Increase in Job Invites

Listen to this one quick hack I did to my Upwork profile to increase job invites 20%.


Hi, guys, thanks for joining me for yet another Freelancer school brought to you by Freelancer masterclass. So today’s topic is going to be a quick one, but it’s going to be very important. It’s about your Upwork profile. What we’re going to talk about today is why you should alter it and some creative ideas that I’ve done in the past that you can copy, that will increase your job invites, because it’s golden. If you get invited to jobs on Upwork, those are people that want to hire you want to speak with you, and doesn’t cost you any connects doesn’t cost you any money to actually apply for those jobs. So let’s go ahead and talk to you today about the latest thing that I’ve done. That’s worked very well for those of you who have taken my master class, you know that i experiment a lot with my upper profile, I try to crack that crack slash hack that Upwork algorithm to figure out what makes it tick. Well, this particular hack that I did didn’t actually affect the algorithm at all. But what it did was it increased my conversions to my job invites I’ve increased my job invites 20% for this one easy hack, that was really, really quick to do. So I’m going to, I’m excited to share that with you. It’s only been running for nine days. And I’ve already noticed a 20% increase in job invites. So what I did was I got behind a charity that I saw somebody else doing not a freelancer but another company. And this company is called one planted one I believe is the domain. Let me just check real quick while I’m on my computer.

Yes, it’s one tree Okay, so what they do is they will plant a tree, I believe it’s in Iceland, for $1. So you donate $1, they plant a tree. Fantastic. Everybody knows the world needs more trees, because they’re getting cut down faster than they’re being reproduced. So this is a great program I decided to get behind. But there could be depending on how passionate you are about animals or the environment or whatever the case you can get behind any charity you want. This is just one that I’m using as an example. So what I did was I Upwork, I uploaded a different title to my Upwork profile. And instead of saying something like marketing strategy and coach, you know, I’m on the homepage of Upwork or whatever you have 70 titles or 70 characters to use for your title, I changed my title to say marketing strategist and coach for December one invite means one tree planted. And then the opening line to my profile was you read the title write for December 2020. For every job invite I get whether you hire me or not, I will arrange for a tree to be planted courtesy of one tree planted org, it takes two seconds to invite me to your job and a tree will be that will last for decades will be or more will be planted in the environment. So invite me and I put a little tree icon. So not so surprising, but it did increase the job invites. But what’s surprising to me was the percentage in which it increased now, yes, I started to get a little bit of untargeted job invites but that’s okay. Because as a freelancer you should know you should go to people and say listen, you know, for example, I don’t really do social media strategy. Okay. But I got invited to a social media strategist, I responded those job invite and I said, Hey, I am not interested, particularly in a social media strategy up thank you for inviting me I am planting a tree. But nonetheless, I do have a referral for you if you’d like to use, you know, so and so I’ve worked with in the past. And then you just contact that Freelancer and you say Listen, I just referred you to so and so please give me 10% of any money you collect from that client, you know, that kind of thing. So you get a referral fee from it.

So, even though I have been invited to more jobs, more untargeted jobs, I’ve increased my revenue accordingly because now my referrals are going up from other freelancers, great for the environment, great for clients, and great for other freelancers. So it’s a win win win. So go ahead and use that as inspiration. Go ahead and alter your job title, get behind a charity and see what it will do for you for one month. Okay, good.

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