5 Tips to Promote Your Freelancing Career

Every day, many freelancers who come across my YouTube Channel, often ask different questions about how to promote your freelancing career. One question that freelancers ask is “how can I scale my business as a freelancer?” In this article I will outline, in no particular order my top five tips to scale your freelancing business:

1. Create an Account on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the Facebook equivalent for professionals and business-related topics. It’s the best online platform to connect with your work friends and former colleagues. Think of LinkedIn as your online resume. LinkedIn can be an excellent source for getting new freelance clients, as well as cultivating relationships with existing and past clients.

Create an outstanding profile on LinkedIn to get noticed. I discuss how to create a standout LinkedIn profile in Freelancer Masterclass. Simply ensure that you fill in every section, have a great profile picture and a captivating headline.

2. Sign-up on Upwork, Freelancer.com, or Other Platforms

Upwork, Freelancer.com, and other freelance job sites have been helping companies and individuals find the right talent-client relationships for years. Because of their popularity, these sites (especially Upwork) are now congested with freelancers who are looking for their first client.

After creating an account, make sure that you monitor these sites for job openings related to your skillset. If you don’t want to follow dozens of sites that will show you freelancer work, you can use the aggregated listening technique that we describe in Freelancer Masterclass. By doing this, opportunities come right to your inbox and you don’t have to do anything manually to ensure opportunities are coming to you.

3. Develop a Niche and Brand

A niche is the specific industry or segment of an industry that you’re targeting. On the other hand, a brand is a way that you’re going to exude yourself and be seen in that industry. There are hundreds of industries out there, most of them I cover in my Freelancer Masterclass course. I can assure you, there are no shortages of niches for you to choose from.

When choosing a niche, select the one that you are passionate about. If you love cooking, then creating recipes or food blogging might be a good niche for you. If you like your niche, you will not feel like you are forcing yourself to work.

4. Create a Killer Website

A lot of freelancers don’t have websites. If you have a client that is going to be paying you thousands of dollars for a particular project, they’re going to Google your name. Having a website will not only build your online presence, it will also show your prospects what services you offer and display feedback from your previous employer.

Your website doesn’t have to be very fancy or cost a lot of money. You can opt for the basic web hosting with an attractive design and top-notch content that showcases your skill set. The client will see your experience based on what they can see on your website.

5. Be Diligent with Prospecting

Do prospecting even during busy times and don’t stop doing it just because you’re busy. Freelancers give me different reasons why they don’t do prospecting- that they are busy, they are okay with what their workload, or they are just being lazy. If you want to separate yourself from other freelancers, prospecting is an activity that should never stop.

Prospecting brings work, which provides more income. The more you prospect for new clients, the more chances you have to not only bring in more clients, but bring in clients you love (and that love you). Avoid procrastination when it comes to prospecting.

When you take on more clients, you have an opportunity for you to scale your business. You can hire people who can help you do specific tasks. You can simply charge your clients say $40/hour for one of your contractors to do the work. You may be paying your contractor $30/hour to do the work, you’re simply covering the spread. This is exactly how agencies make money. When you get someone from an agency on the phone, they aren’t the ones (most likely) that will be doing the work.

There you have it, my top five tips to promote your freelancing career.

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