Should You Do Google Ads as a Freelancer?

Google ads could be a valuable source of great leads as a freelancer, but it has its pros and cons, hear about them here.



Hello everyone and welcome to another Freelancer school brought to you by Freelancer masterclass, the subject of today’s talk is should you be running Google ads? as a freelancer, I will give you the pros and cons of it. So let’s go ahead and just jump right in, shall we? First of all, why run Google ads in the first place? Well, it’s, you know, there’s a lot of business out there to be made other than just the major platforms like Upwork, and guru and, and Fiverr. Right. Those are just some of them. But there are some ways to generate business on your own lots of them. And one of them is through Google ads. Now, the Pro is that you’d be getting a very targeted lead to your account to your CRM or your email account. And the negative is that it costs money for every click. So you really have to know what you’re doing. Another negative is that

it’s not just to set it and forget it anymore. You know, back in the days, when Google just rolled out their their ads accounts, people would just set up their keywords, and then they can just set that account to run forever, pretty much and then not have to optimize it. But today, with all the competition, it takes optimizing, if you don’t optimize it, you’re going to pay too much per click, and your ad gets stale really quick. So here’s how I recommend approaching this. If you are interested in getting business directly to your website, without having to pay commissions or fees to those platforms like Upwork,

what you will do is you need to set up a service that is very targeted to what you do. So just saying graphic design work isn’t available is not good enough, right? For example, you’d say something like best logo design work.

And lowest prices available, guaranteed something to that effect, right. So you want to have something that’s speedy, something that makes somebody money, like what a marketing or salesperson would do in a very targeted industry or niche that that you’re doing. So for example, to to

build upon what I just said about the logo design, you would say something like logo design for the automobile industry or logo design for social enterprises, right, so that the very targeted industry, then you could go after those very specific keywords.

People would be searching for that, you know, honestly, you should really look for the traffic search account first before you start developing your ads. And what you would do is you would log into Google ads, the first thing you would do is go to the keyword under the Tools section, you can go into the keyword discovery tool. And you can just search for whatever you want, like logo design. And you can also search for the keywords in your industry. And then see if there’s some search count there. If there’s a bunch of zeros or 10s that pop up, that means it’s really you’re not going to get much traffic. But if there’s something over 1000, then you might want to run some ads for that. Okay, so step one, do some keyword research to see if there’s some traffic in industry. Step two, develop an ad around a very specific service. And then step three would be create a landing page around that particular ad. So you don’t want to drive them to the homepage, you want to drive them to a landing page around that specific language that that ad has in it. So going back to my previous example, logo design for social enterprises, you’d have maybe your main website, which talks about you and your services, but then a landing page that is only specifically discussing your logo design skill sets in the social enterprise industry, right? so it matches the website. It matches the ad, all everything just from a customer’s point of view a customer journey. It’s just matchy matchy. All right, so they see the ad in the first place. Wow, that’s very targeted, they go to a landing page. Wow, that’s very targeted. And then of course, you need that call to action. So many people forget that it’s the most important part is you know, on the website, have something where you can capture their information, don’t just put a phone number at the top because most times people aren’t ready to call you right then and there it studies show only about two to 4% of people are ready to call. So you want some kind of leave behind you want some kind of ebook something that shows your expertise, some kind of video introduction. So you’re exchanging an email address or some other contact information for something that shows showcases your expertise. And you know, other examples other than just an E book or a video is a case study. Those are hot, you know, so I would be interested in seeing a case study of some somebody in my industry that has hired you and what you’ve done as a result. Okay, so hope that helps run some Google ads that it does get costly. So you don’t want to put a campaign budget, total lifetime budget on that and just also the big

Thing is, be patient because a lot of times that people, especially freelancers, but companies in general, they’ll start Google ads. And if they don’t start getting return on their ad spend within the first month, then they just they cancel the account. But Google

ads and other paid ads platforms takes at least two months to really kind of hone in on the messaging, what ads are working, what isn’t. So I plan on running it for at least two months, if not three, or four, to start seeing some good return on your investment. Okay. Good luck, everybody.

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