Should You White Label Your Services?

As a freelancer, white labeling your services could be a great avenue for you. But you need two critical skills to pull it off. In today’s podcast, we talk about the pros and cons of white labeling and what skillset you need to do it.


Should You White Label Your Services?

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it or not do it. I mean, that is either your business where you freelance to other freelancers or agencies, I’m sorry, you white label to other freelancers or agencies or you don’t do it at all. So let me tell you some of the advantages of doing it. Well, number one is that your partnerships are your lifeblood. And that’s an advantage. But it’s also a disadvantage, meaning if you lose your partnerships, you pretty much lose your entire business. But really, it’s it’s a benefit because getting work as a freelancer is a lot easier. As long as you have those partnerships in place. Now, partnerships are actually more difficult to create and maintain then, right getting a client, but they’re more lucrative in the long run, and they bring the work to you. So when you white label your service, which basically means you’re doing the work and someone else is submitting the work on their behalf with their letterhead, or their logo or what however, they’re submitting the work.

So white labeling is basically you doing the work and somebody else taking the credit. Now White labeling is great, because if you have a niche, and you do it well and you have a pattern of how you get it done a process behind it, then you can bring on as many partners as you want. And as long as you have a stable process in place to be able to fulfill the work, it’s actually quite easy. You’re not running around all over the place, trying to find clients different, that work for different companies, and so on and so forth. So you might have a partner that has six clients for you. And you are working with that one particular client and that client, or that partner rather, is the one that’s working communication wise with all the clients. So you’re doing all the work and they’re doing all the communication. So if communication isn’t really a strong point for you, that’s an advantage to white labeling your services, you’re talking to one person fulfilling six clients or seven clients, whatever that partner may have, while you’re just executing the work. Now the bad thing about it

Is that there’s a limit to how much you can do during the day, right. So if you have five or six partnerships and all giving you consistent work, that is pretty much your limit, and then you might have to bring on other people. And that’s when you start forming an agency around white labeling. One of the big benefits around white labeling is that you’re actually creating a company that can be

sold to someone else and who also wants to white label. So you can create you know, white labeling SEO agency comm or whatever the name might be, and now you’re building a brand. And these partnerships will go more towards the white labeling aspect of what you do in their buying into your, your company rather than you yourself as opposed to when you’re freelancing. You’re servicing clients or they’re really buying you I mean, they’re buying what you do but repeat clients are buying into you. They like you, they like to work with you. And it’s hard to sell that right. You can’t sell them

To someone else and then tell your client Hey, the work you’re I was doing now belongs to this other person. And it’s not sellable when that when that occurs, but when you’re white labeling, then that is a potential because now you’re instead of trying to sell yourself, you’re actually selling your company and the processes behind it. Now, the big disadvantage behind white labeling is the reason why a lot of people don’t white label, it’s because Well, number one, you’re doing all the work, and you’re not getting credit for it, as I mentioned. But the other thing is, you really need a great niche and you need a great process. You need to be a processes person to make whitelisting work and it needs to be succinct, meaning that when you take on a new partnership, you have to do this. And then you do that. And then that’s this is the way a partner, send you a new client. And this is the way you send out work like everything has to be lockstep everything about white labeling, it’s crucial that the processes are in place and they’re adhere to so you have to be a good project manager.

You have to be a good process person. And that’s a whole different skill set than being a freelancer. So you might be a freelancer doing design work. But if you want to do white label design, you better be really good at processes in project management, which is a whole other skill set. So I hope this gave you some insight into you know, white labeling the advantages and disadvantages and whether you should do it or not. I would say, if you are a good project manager and you do like creating processes, then this may be a great avenue for you. Good luck.

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