How to Get Freelance Work in 3 Days

I know what you are thinking, getting freelance work in 3 days doesn’t really sound possible and could be just another clickbait title. 

In our experience, we have noticed there are a lot of people lately who have been trying to become a successful full-time freelancer. More and more people are not liking to work for others, and have an entrepreneurial spirit and desire to work for themselves. These same people like to consume lots of content and learn all about being a success. The key problem is many of those same people haven’t taken the lunge to get freelance work quickly, and even sustain it as a full-time career. For those who want to make a change and try something new, this article is for you.

To Get Freelance Work, Take it Easy

I know what you are thinking. The first thing you are telling me is to relax and take it easy? Yes. Here’s why. If you are just dipping your toes in the freelance water, you want to take a step back and come up with a simple and easy-to-follow plan that isn’t large and intimidating. 

Develop an Online Presence

A simple way to begin your journey to starting a profitable freelance business is to create an Upwork profile. Make these improvements to your profile to get your profile started in the right direction:

  • Fill it out completely
    • Be thorough in how you describe yourself
    • Touch on all relevant work experience for the position you are seeking
  • Get a great picture
    • There are websites that actually allow you to post several different profile pictures and have a group of people vote on which presents you in the best light.
  • Develop a great headline
    • You want to have something engaging that stands out to others.
    • Don’t have a simple title like, “Freelance Copywriter”. Get creative and draw attention. 
  • Get feedback

We currently offer a course specifically designed to help freelancers become successful in Upwork. In this course, we have specific classes dedicated to explaining each of the above bullet points in detail.

Next, you want to announce on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, that you are offering your freelancing services. Note: Be careful announcing this information online if there is a chance your current boss will see this.

Be Specific About Your Business

Be specific. Before you can get freelance work consistently, you need to know the answers to these 3 questions:

  1. How much will you charge?
  2. What will you do?
  3. Who will you target?

Understand what the value is that you can bring to the marketplace. Be clear about what you could charge for this type of value and why your clients would pay you for this.

Build Your Network

As with any business you do, having connections and a strong network could greatly impact your success. It is important to be able to build key relationships with customers and other freelancers.

If you are not so comfortable networking with people directly in person, you can always start by meeting freelancers online in Facebook groups. You could even set goals for building your network, such as connecting with 25 people a day on LinkedIn.

The reason you want to also connect with Freelancers is to have a trustworthy group of other skilled professionals who you can refer your clients to when you have decided you can’t help them right now. Also, those freelancers will also send you business too knowing your skills would be better to assist in solving the client’s problem.

With just these few tips, you are well on your way to starting a profitable freelance business in a very short amount of time. Need more information? Not only can you check out all of our other free content on our website, YouTube channel, and podcast, but if you are serious about your future as a freelancer you can take the next step by getting our amazing course Freelancer Masterclass!

The Freelancer Masterclass course was designed for freelancers just like you who want to make this your full-time career and would like to be better prepared and set up for success. To learn more about how this course can make a life-changing impact on your career, click here.

We made a YouTube video explaining more about this topic here.

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