The Best Websites to Get Freelance Jobs

A lot of you are familiar with the big freelancing websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and, but that only takes you so far. Honestly, there are so many websites out there where you can get an anchor client. An anchor client is somebody who can consistently give you work at least 10 hours a week. In this blog, we will cover the best websites to get freelance jobs.

Before anything else, I want to refer you to an excellent blog post called the “72 Best Freelance Jobs Websites to Get Remote Freelance Work (Fast)” by Ryan Robinson. Ryan is a freelance writer who has a website where he teaches people how to blog. If you want to become a successful blogger like him, check out his website at This site has listed many different job categories of websites, from general freelancing jobs to developer jobs to design jobs, marketing jobs and more.

Other useful websites for finding a job include flexjobs. Flexjobs is great. It’s very well-curated, and there are a lot of useful filters to narrow down the job that’s right for you. Most companies that are on flex jobs are looking for freelancers to work for ten or more hours a week.

I tried another website called Solid Gigs. This website has dozens of jobs available daily, and once you’re a member, you will be notified of the top 1% of positions available daily. This method will save you time from hunting the best job that can enjoy working. Solid Gigs also offers expert advice in the freelancing industry by publishing blogs related to correct pitching, finding your niche, networking, pricing your talent, and other helpful tips.

The third website that I want you to visit is called Cloud Peeps. Cloud Peeps is relatively new to the scene, but they’ve been making some significant strides. When I first joined them, I was one of the first people to join. They didn’t have much going on. But now they do. If you want to do an upgraded package, they have a lot of paid features exclusively available for their premium members. But they also have a free version, which will allow you to test the waters first.

Also, consider I will give you a tip when searching for jobs on this site. To make job hunting more manageable, on the search bar, you can do what is called a Boolean phrase. Boolean phrase search is when you can use dashes or quotes to do whatever you want with your search results. Example, when you type a dash before a word, it means you would subtract that word from the search results. If you put a phrase inside a quotation mark, your search would only look for the exact words inside the quotes. What you want to do with is set up an alert with some Boolean phrases that will allude to only remote jobs, you can type in remote, freelance or any of those keywords that have to do with finding remote jobs.

You can also check out Service Scape, a medium-sized company that’s making some good headway as well. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s a top-rated site where some freelancers I know where able to find gigs. You might want to try it as well. Then, there is a little-known website called Craigslist. You can go right into Craigslist, there’s a gig section, search for gigs or there’s a job section as well. You can filter your options to telecommute jobs only to show you the freelance jobs available.

Aside from the websites I mentioned here, I hope that you can find more places to get your first client and grow your freelancing career. But the sites I included here have excellent lists of available jobs to get you started. I hope this helps. If you need to know more about how to become a master freelancer, join me in my freelancing school,, to get the latest news and tips.

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