The Modern Marketing Method No Freelancer is Using

I just secured several new clients trying a new marketing method that I don’t think any freelancer is using. Check out what it is in this episode and how to use it.

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Hello everyone and thank you and welcome to another Freelancer school brought to you by Freelancer masterclass. I am Mike volken, the lead instructor of Freelancer masterclass and the host of Freelancer school. Today we’re going to talk about the marketing method that I don’t know of any freelancers or using, I’ve used it with success, and I’m going to use it again. So I’m going to show you what I’m doing and how you can do it too. It’s actually quite easy. This marketing method is ringless, voicemail drops. So if you don’t know what that is, maybe you’ve been succumb to this at one point, maybe you’ve checked your phone, and you notice you had a new message and you never heard the phone ring. How could that be possible? Well, somebody left you a ringless voicemail. That means, instead of doing like a cold outreach email where the phone actually rings, you may or may not get someone and if you don’t, it goes to a voicemail. In this case, you would create an audio file and upload it to some kind of ringless voicemail software, which we will discuss in a minute. And then that audio file blasts off to a list of phone numbers that you have. Now, instead of it ringing on the person’s the user’s phone, it will actually go straight to voicemail and leave a message there. So there’s a lot of great messages you can leave that will entice them to either call you back or go to a website. But the first thing you need is a list of their phone numbers. And this they being your ideal client. So you have to identify who they are, you can get a list by purchasing it you can get a list from maybe you’re an existing content, contacts, perhaps clients you’ve worked with in the past, that’s a great way to drum up more business. So for example, as an entrepreneur, coach, I have a list of hundreds of people that I’ve coached before, I can just send off a ringless voicemail that says, hey, I just want to let you know my schedule is filling up for this upcoming month. If you want to schedule an appointment, go ahead and go to my calendar and schedule an appointment quick, before all the good spots get taken, right. So that’s a common one. But if you don’t have an existing list like that, you can buy lists, you can get a list on through list brokers. And you can also manually get people’s phone numbers and just keep adding them to the list as you get them. I did this back early in my career, before I had an audience, I would hire a virtual assistant to get a whole bunch of basically people that I didn’t know and get them on a list, I was looking for a very specific type of person. Alright, so that’s how you get the phone numbers. But really, what are the benefits of ringless voicemails? Well, most people don’t answer unknown numbers like myself, but they do check voicemails, okay, your customers can listen to message messages whenever they’re, that’s convenient to them. And they can listen to the message more than once and just refer back to it later, when if maybe they saw the new voicemail and they were on the road. They can listen to it again later on. As opposed to like a cold outreach, where you may be getting getting them when they can have time to talk or not. So it also saves time, by scaling your outreach to reach more people, instead of having a phone bank of people, you know, three or four people just cold calling cold calling all day long and dialing for dollars, you can just drop 1000s of voicemail in a matter of seconds. Okay, so it actually cuts the cost of your marketing outreach dramatically. So what software is out there? Well, there’s a slide broadcast comm there’s a call drop cowboy is the one that I’ve used. But you know, they’re all very similar, a couple more, C dine CDY any. And another one is stratix network stratix networks, actually, they all do pretty much the same thing, right? So you create an audio file, that sounds really good. You want to make sure that it’s personal, but also general at the same time. So you you don’t you can’t address them by their first name in this case, because this is a general voicemail that goes to everyone, right? So I usually start off with Hey, this is Mike, in going to the example that I left before about my existing clients. Just want to let you know my calendar is filling up, please go ahead and book a time before all the good spots are taken for the month. All right, those are to my existing clients. But if it’s a cold outreach, you might want to do something like Hey, my name is so and so sorry, I missed miss you on the call. I just wanted to introduce myself as I provide graphic design services for for marketing agencies, and I’m available for white labeled graphics work. If you want web or print design, I am available to you. Let’s go ahead and set up a quick time to talk please give me a call back at data data data data. Okay, now the voicemail comes from a number that is not yours. So you have to give them that number to call back. But go ahead and give ringless voicemail drops a try. I think you’ll find that you can reach a lot of people and you’ll get a lot of callbacks. Just make sure you have a really good message. Okay, best of luck.

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