Top 3 common freelancer myths

Top 3 common freelancer myths
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Alright, Freelancer myths are the topic of today’s podcast. I hear a lot of myths out there and I’ve picked the top three that I think I should present you with. So you know, that is in fact a myth and not a fact. The first myth that I hear is, I can build a career on one z two z clients in a perfect example that is a freelancer saying they can make a full time career on fiber, fiber com. That is an extremely difficult way to create a career, at least a career with a lifestyle that you would want. One z two z clients or clients that have One or two hours of work for you, and you may or may never not see them again, it’s okay to do an hour free as kind of like a lead magnet to get them in the door to trust you. You know I have my thoughts on that, you know plus and minuses both ways. But to do that as a career to take on clients that only have one or two hours to give you. That’s a really tough way to make a living. What you want to do is you want to have an anchored client or two those are ones that will give you 10 hours of work or week ones that will consume about 25% of your time and give you long term work. So that is a myth No, no building career on Wednesday, Tuesday clients hasn’t been done Yes. Should it be done now?

Very tough way to make a living.

Another myth is I can have one service. And you know, I’ve seen so many people say you know, pick a niche, pick a sub niche and then that’s the only thing I’m going to do is, is that one exact job. Well, that’s okay to market yourself that way, but you should want You have clients be able to cross and upsell your clients with a diverse portfolio of what you offer. So you may be bringing in clients saying that you’re a designer working with only trade show booths, but then when you do good work for them, you can also say that you do web graphics or social media graphics or whatnot, you really need to get some more skill sets that complement your main skill set nicely. Okay. Another myth I want to tell you about is one that I just recently heard a freelancer saying I don’t need to prospect

my plate is full right now

I’ll prospect when it’s not full. So this person’s thinking and it’s very common is hey, I have more work than I can handle right now. I’m working 40 plus hours a week. Why should I prospect? Well, as you may or may not know, if you’re a beginner freelancer, you probably won’t know this. freelancing is cyclical. There are seasons there are times of the year where it’s slower than normal depends on what niche you’re in.

But you do need a prospect

at all times, even if you can’t take on work. Now, if you have a client that wants to sign with you, you can be straight up front saying I’m full right now, I can start your project on this date, a week, a month, whatever. But as long as you keep that pipeline full, and you can have them keep coming in. And you know, it’s kind of odd how you get clients, sometimes I’ll be talking to a prospect and this has happened probably a half a dozen times in my career. I’ll talk to a prospect that didn’t work out. Like I didn’t close the job and close them as a client. But they referred me to somebody later on like, as much as two years later, I’ve gotten referral and I really think back on Oh, that person referred you I had to look back at some notes. I had to scan my email for the name of that person cuz I had no idea who it was. And wow, why would that person be talking to me? So you never know getting somebody on the phone? What opportunities might come of it? So always be prospecting and use that aggregated listening technique we talked about in Freelancer masterclass in That way you always have prospects or opportunities come into your door or coming into your inbox rather, there’s a better way to say it. And then you can always get on a discovery call with somebody. And who knows, you never know in the freelancing industry clients could get, you can drop a client or clients can drop you faster than you could send an email. So you never really know what’s going to happen. It’s always good to have three or four even more waiting in the back. So always be prospecting at all times. Okay, so that’s a quick little podcast

of three common myths I hear good luck.

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