Top 3 Mistakes Experienced and Rookie Freelancers Make

We all make mistakes, it’s how you minimize them that determines your success. In this episode, I am live on Youtube showing our listeners how rookie and even experienced freelancers make mistakes, and how to rectify them.



– Don’t have a process dialed in.

– Don’t understand managing up.

– Onconsistent with your pricing.



– Assume you know what the client needs without asking enough questions.

– Outsourcing the work.

– trying to form an agency.


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Today we’re gonna be talking about rookie, inexperienced Freelancer mistakes, everybody makes mistakes, whether you’re a rookie or experienced freelancer, and today, we’re gonna talk about the top three mistakes that each of them make, and then how you can not make them to be more successful. So if you have any questions about freelancing in general, you can just ask them in the chat box. And if you’re listening to this via podcast, and you want to start asking questions and interacting with me more unlike Volkin, by the way, I didn’t introduce myself

You can join us live on the freelancer masterclass YouTube channel. Okay, so we’re talking about rookie mistakes and experience mistakes as freelancers. The first thing I want you to realize as a rookie mistakes is that a lot of times rookie freelancers don’t have their processes dialed in, which means that they’ll take on a client and they just basically don’t really know what to do. They know what needs to be done, but they don’t know what needs to be done in terms of like deliverability timeline. They just don’t ask enough questions. So when you’re on the phone with a prospect and a prospect is someone that is not a client yet, when you’re on a phone with the prospect and you’re trying to close the deal, I put that in quotes, close the deal. It is your job to understand the process and think about it from your point of view, don’t ask the client or the prospect what the process is, that’s your job to figure that out. So let’s just say that the prospect needs to SEO work done and you’re an SEO specialist, and then you have to know Okay, the

deliverables on my end is this it’s, it’s I’ve got to pull this report I’ve got to go through the keywords I’ve got to do this this and this and I have to deliver to them within two weeks in this format like that’s a process you have to understand

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Be the top video the latest under latest videos. So don’t undersell if rookie mistakes. Another one is they don’t understand managing up. The first one is you don’t have a process dialed and if you don’t understand managing up, then you’re going to make your clients life a nightmare. I hire a lot of freelancers on Upwork. And or I used to I still do, but mostly I have my freelancers that are long term now. But managing up is we have a whole class in this in the master class, but it’s basically comes down to being able to communicate with your client without asking 1000 questions, there is nothing worse than hiring a freelancer. And then they just sit on this like Upwork message board as if they’re chatting with you all day long. Every little question that comes up is another free is another message in your Upwork chat. That is super annoying. I have a lot to do. I want to be able to give you a project and then you deliver it like I don’t need 1000 questions between now and then. So I’m hiring really only experienced freelancers who can just take the ball and run with it. Learn how to manage up learn how to anticipate questions that you have no had

Ask questions while you’re scoping out the project. So when you get awarded the project, you don’t have to ask 1000 questions. That’s the process and the art to managing up. Okay. And the last mistake, rookie freelancers make, or last major mistake I want to outline is you’re inconsistent with your pricing. So if you look at the reviews on Upwork, you’ll sometimes you’ll see like what that person was charged, what you charge that client for, for work. So I’ll scroll down or freelancers,

reviews and I’ll say, okay, they charge let’s just stick with SEO. They charged $20 an hour for this client, but yet, the client a week prior to that they charge $4 an hour like it’s just like whatever you can negotiate to capture that client. You need to have standards as a freelancer. And I know it’s super hard when you’re a rookie freelance or even a new Freelancer and you need to take on work you need money, but I’m telling you when you start having standards for pricing saying I will not work below this amount then you will

start attracting the right clients. Okay. All right, so Raul Salam

Carmela, thanks for joining me live on on the YouTube channel. So those are the rookie mistakes that a lot of freelancers make. Now, let’s go over to the experienced freelancers. Now even if you’re not an experienced freelancer, you should listen to this. Because when you progress in your career, you’re going to start getting experienced, and you’re gonna start making these mistakes. And if you’re an experienced Freelancer now and you can identify with some of these mistakes that you made, that you’re making, you might be able to learn how to how to rectify them, they might not you might not even realize they are mistakes. All right.

Number one, assume you know what the client needs without asking enough questions. That’s a mistake. So you might be and I’m guilty of this. Sometimes somebody might come to me with some marketing strategy. And they might say, Hey, I’m an e commerce site, I sell this widget or that widget and all like really in my mind of Okay, I’ve done this 1000 times, I know exactly what you need.

And I don’t ask enough questions, you know, that was something I used. And that was a problem I used to have until I realized I was making that mistake. So what you want to do is ask enough questions, because every client is different, every situation is different. There might be situations that you can’t foresee that will change the whole outcome and process of what you’re going to do. So ask enough questions really understand the answers. And I’m telling you, if you don’t understand them, maybe you’re talking to a freelancer or even a prospect in another country, if you don’t understand what they’re saying, maybe their accidents too thick, or they’re not speaking your language. well enough, you have to clarify that before you start work because nothing’s worse than doing all the work delivering it and then saying, this isn’t really what I was looking for. Okay, so be super, super clear before you sign on a client, what the deliverable is. All right. That’s

Mistake number one. Mistake number two is trying to outsource the work. So this is really for the lazy experienced freelancers, the one that says All right, I’ve got enough clients. I’m gonna do

I’m gonna outsource the work. So they hire you for a writing job and you outsource the writing and you say, oh, what’s the problem, all I’m going to do is just look at the document For I delivered a client, make my changes and upload it. Well, the problem is when work starts coming in from that client more and more, you’re going to start understanding that client less and less. Now the person you’re outsourcing the work does knows about it just fine. But you don’t, and you need to understand the client, when it’s the first work that you’re accepting from a client, you really should take on that work. Don’t get lazy and just say, Well, I’m charging $40 an hour, I’m gonna outsource this for $20 an hour, I’m just gonna keep $20 an hour overhead. That’s not scalable. You can’t do that you can do that like one off and two off. But really, if this is a long term client, you think on taking thinking on the first project you do for them should not be outsourced. Okay, that’s Mistake number two. So so far, we’ve got outsourcing work, and then assuming you know what the client needs for experienced, Freelancer mistakes and the last one, I want

Talk about is trying to form an agency. Okay? So when you get very busy as a freelancer not if but when you get very busy and you start doing this full time and you’re taking on tons of work and charging what you want, you get clients who love you say, your next natural step is say, hey, let me form an agency. Well, not all freelance work is conducive to an agency. Let me tell you what the difference between an agency that will succeed and an agency that will fail and believe me, I run my fair share of agencies, I run one now. And I’ll tell you what’s scalable, what’s not scalable, because the first agency I ran just wasn’t scalable. Okay, we made money but I was working my butt off. Alright.

In 18 agency, is should be formed when you have a specific set of processes steps that you can funnel a client through. So if you have an SEO agency, and it’s not just SEO, that’s not just an agency, an agency an SEO agency does inbound marketing

keyword research for example. Okay. So you

might say, okay, step number one goes to this team and they do this, this and this. Once that’s done, it moves over to step two, the clients file moves over to step two, and they do this, this and this, then they move over to step three, where it’s done for final verification checks. Step number four is processes and deliverability. Like, there’s chunks of steps that you would do that is an agency that is the most scalable agency that can grow to 10s of millions of dollars a year and be perfectly fine. If you don’t have those steps, then what you’re really doing is working 100 hour work weeks trying to coordinate with thousand different people or dozen different people on thousands of different tasks and that that is not a scalable agency. That’s basically you being a busy Freelancer calling yourself an agency there’s a big difference. All right, so let’s just quickly review top three rookie mistakes number one, don’t have a process dialed in. Number two don’t understand managing up number three, you’re inconsistent with your pricing from an experienced freelancers point of view your mistakes are you assume you know

What the client’s needs are without asking enough questions. Number two, you try to outsource the work. And number three, you try to form an agency when all you really are is just a busy Freelancer hiring people to try to do work for you. Alright, so I hope these six tips were helpful for you. Once you understand you’re making these mistakes, you’ll then be able to rectify them and minimize them. Okay, best of luck. Thanks for joining me live on YouTube.

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