Top 5 Tools Freelancers Should Be Paying For

Who doesn’t like freelancer tools!? In today’s episode, we talk about the latest freelancer tools and resources you can use to make their day more efficient.

One of the best ways to help you grow your freelancing career is to invest on tools and resources that help manage your day-to-day workload. These freelancer tools help you do your work faster and more efficient. If you need to pay for these tools, by all means, go ahead.  To help you make a wise return for your money, here are the top five freelancer tools that you should be paying for.

1. Project Management App

A project management app is handy in scheduling your priorities, setting reminders and deadlines, assigning tasks, and communicating relevant information to your team and clients. I like using Teamwork, but there are other platforms like Monday, Asana, Function, Fox, and other software that allow you to enter tasks for your team and managing your own.

Signing up for a project management app is very useful even if you don’t have an agency. It helps you organize the clutter in your head and put them into writing. This way, you can present to your client what tasks you are currently working on and when they are due. You can give your clients access to the app to let them see the drafts subject for final approval.

2. Video Screening Recording

I’m using loom, a video sharing app that allows me to capture my screen, voice, and face and share the video to my client or members of my team in an instant. Aside from loom, you can also check out Drift, another video-sharing app with live chat capability for half of loom’s price.

3. Upwork Premium Account

At least 30% of my business come from Upwork. Based on my experience, there are many definite benefits that you get from signing up with Upwork Plus. I cannot mention all of them here because it probably warrants a whole blog on their own. But if you are interested, you can click the link here to learn more about the program.

Other freelancing websites have their upgraded versions, too. If you are a client or a freelancer who uses, Guru, Upwork, or other platforms, you should look into getting an upgraded account. They are designed to save you money, making money, or save you time.

4. Alternative Payment Options

If you dread paying extra for credit card fees, then look for alternative payment options like PayPal. With PayPal, clients run up their credit cards, and the freelancer gets charged for the transaction fee, usually around 2.9% of the entire amount. If you’re a freelancer, you should treat the transaction fee as another cost for doing business on your end. Don’t charge it to your client.

A lot of freelancers ask their clients to do wire transfers or ACS transfers, which are more complicated. The clients have to go to the bank, fill out a form, scan it, and send it back to you. The whole process is time-consuming on their part.

I had a job interview before, and the prospect asked me how I would like to receive the payment. I told the client that he could use his credit card to pay me, and I would take care of the transaction fees. I got the project over another freelancer who asked him to do a wire transfer. Why? Because I’m saving his precious time from doing wire transfers. Also, my client gets airline miles, cashback, and other perks every time he uses his credit card to pay me.

5. Scheduling Platforms

I’m using Calendly, but there are similar apps, including and Doodle, that help my client book an appointment with me. This freelancer tool lets me and my client schedule a meeting without doing a lot of back-and-forth emails and chats.

The beauty of a scheduling platform like Calendly is that the client will see when you are available. It will tell the client the date, time, and number of hours or minutes he can talk to you.

They will not know what are the activities you have during your booked dates. So whether you are doing business or just playing golf on the shaded schedule, they have no clue. They will only see the day and time that you are available, they can schedule it, you will get a confirmation email, and your calendar will be blocked on that date. Using this freelance tool shows your professionalism, keeps you posted with your appointments, and saves you time.

There you have it – our pick for the top 5 freelancer tools that you should be paying for. If using these freelancer tools can save you time and make your performance better, don’t be afraid to bite the bullet. More free time and better service for your clients translate to more opportunities to grow your freelancing career.







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