Top 5 Ways to Make Clients Love You

If you can’t keep clients very long as a freelancer,then you won’t be in business too long. Listen to this episode to find out my top 5 ways to make clients love you.



Hey guys, Mike Volkin here with another Freelancer school brought to you by Freelancer master class. Today, we’re going to talk about the top five ways to make clients love you. As you know, there’s a lot of ways to make clients love you, but I have prioritize the top five. So if you get nothing away from this podcast, no, at least five things that you can do to keep clients because as a freelancer, if you can’t keep keep clients very long, then you won’t be in business very long, you need to be able to keep the clients especially the ones you like. So let’s go ahead and run through these, the top five ways to make clients love you In no particular order. Number one, be on time, be on time for meetings, respect their time, as you know, as a freelancer, you everything you do is billable per your hour. And time is obviously of primary importance for you and your clients. So even if you’re a couple minutes late, it does reflect poorly on you be on time, if you have to be early, you know, spend some time in the army eight years. And one of the things when we have to get ready for formation, if the drill sergeant in basic training said, I want you information at 5am sharp, that doesn’t mean you get down to formation information at 5am. It means you get there at 455 or even earlier. So you’re ready to go at 5am. That means when you when your boss tells you to start work at 8am. That doesn’t mean you walk through the door with your coffee in your hand and your backpack or briefcase at that time. That means you’re ready to start work at that time. So be on time. Okay. Number two, be polite. You don’t need to be overly polite. I’ve worked at some freelancers that are overly polite. And frankly, it’s a little bit annoying. But you know, be polite. If somebody does something for you, say thank you, if somebody takes some time away from you, that you would have spent doing work you don’t like say thank you, right. So send, say your pleases and thank yous, it’s probably the easiest on this list to accomplish. Okay, so number one, be on time. Number two, be polite. Number three, be good at what you do, you know, freelancing, you have to have a skill set, you can’t just be a freelancer in general, you can’t be a writer, extraordinary and a marketer extraordinary, no web developer extraordinary, you have to pick one, and be good at it. So always invest in your education. For those of you who have taken my master class, you know that I spend an hour every single day, educating myself in the latest tips, tricks, and tactics and marketing, because I am a marketer. And I also spend time reading every day because leaders are readers. So if you do not have an educational, self guided educational platform in place, I highly suggest you do that because you will become irrelevant very fast. One of the things I do when I hire freelancers, and I asked them always, what is the thing that you do? Or things that you do to further your education at your skill set? And if they can’t answer that, I don’t hire them. I don’t care how good the interview was. So if I’m on the phone with you, I hope you have an answer to that question. Okay. And if you say I read, that’s great. I want to know, a couple books, I’m not going to grill you too much on it. But I am a firm believer of the a player freelancers that have hired and will hire again, they all have one main thing in common is they have some kind of self guided education in place. Okay. So number three, be good at what you do through education. Number four, scope your work properly, a lot of times freelancers will come to me after scoping work. And then we’ll say oh, well, this is going to be 40 or $50, extra or $400. Extra Well, why? Well, because of this, this and this? Well, you knew that before you started scoping the work. So why are you adding to this. So that’s a very big pet peeve of mine, when if you’re an expert at your skill set, you should know what it takes to complete a task and you should be able to scope your work properly. Alright, so give, give this scope of work some proper thinking before you deliver to your client and make sure all the hours and timeline is is involved and installed correctly. Okay. in that in that proposal. Number five, deliver early. So what you want to do, as a general rule of thumb is do a fudge factor of 10%. So let’s say you plan on delivering the work on Thursday. All right, I would tell my client I can have this done on Friday, right, I add a little seven to 10% fudge factor on that time, because something always happens, maybe the website is down, you can’t complete your work. Maybe you had an emergency at home, maybe the client couldn’t meet us scheduled. So if you plan a fudge factor in there, go over seven or 10% or even 15% you always have the chance to deliver a little bit earlier than you expected and clients love that. It’s like a nice little surprise. Okay, so I hope this helps. Let me just recap. Top Five Ways to Make clients love you. Number one, be on time. Number two, be polite. Number three, be good at what you do. Number four, scope your work properly. And number five, deliver early. I hope this helps Good luck out there.

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