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Want to earn $10k, even $20k or more per month on Upwork? Now’s Your Chance to Learn Directly From A Top Rated Freelancer ON THE HOMEPAGE of Upwork

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    In just 40 minutes you will discover 3 secrets on how to dominate Upwork.

      King of Freelancing

      AS SEEN ON

      freelance media

      Lead Instructor of Freelancer Masterclass

      Mike Volkin, often referred to as the King of Freelancing, has been freelancing for over a decade with resounding success. He has had dozens of media appearances spanning radio, TV and podcasts.

      As a best-selling author who has built and sold 4 companies, Mike continues to inspire entrepreneurs throughout the world helping freelancers break free from the corporate rat race and spearhead their own successful careers.

      Mike is currently a contributing author at Forbes and is featured on the homepage of Upwork.

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      "At first I thought it was just another free course, but..

      I completed the steps in the webinar and within an hour I got my first invitation to interview. I closed that client and have them on a rolling $1,800/month contract now. I signed several more clients that month too, all much bigger than normal. I’ve been on Upwork for 3 years and now I make more money in a month than I did each year prior. Mike knows his stuff!”


      DANA B // Designer

      "I decided to watch the webinar not expecting much...

      But then I realized Mike REALLY knows what he’s talking about. 1% of freelancers hog most of the jobs on Upwork. I didn’t think it was possible for me to be in that percentage, but in less than 7 weeks, I am proudly in that group. Mike, don’t tell too many people about your system!”


      MARC J // Business Analyst

      upwork male

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