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Mastering Upwork – The Ultimate Guide To Attracting, Converting, And Keeping Excellent Clients On Upwork 

What is Mastering Upwork about?

Mastering Upwork is not just another “how-to” book on how to be a successful freelancer.

It is NOT just about getting clients on Upwork.

  • Yet the tips in this book will help you get clients on Upwork, more clients than you ever had before.

It is NOT just about increasing your conversions from prospects on Upwork-

  • Yet the tips in this book will help you convert more prospects into clients than ever before

Mastering Upwork is a book about shortcuts. Many freelancers don’t approach Upwork like they should.

Upwork isn’t about competing with the millions of other freelancers on the platform and it isn’t about offering the lowest price possible to secure a job, it’s about creating and showing your value. Mike Volkin has spent almost 2 decades successfully freelancing for over 400 companies.

His background as a scientist fueled his desire to test everything he could about getting high-paying clients on Upwork. He spent many years testing every aspect of Upwork, how the algorithm works, what converts prospects into clients, and what keeps them happy (and paying) longer.

This book shows you the results of his validated research.

You will learn

  • How to ATTRACT excellent clients on Upwork.
  • How to CONVERT excellent clients on Upwork.
  • How to KEEP excellent clients on Upwork.

Mike Volkin is an Army veteran and successful entrepreneur who has built and sold several companies and authored several books.

He is a contributing author at Forbes and has had hundreds of media appearances, including being featured on the homepage of Upwork. His teachings have inspired freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs throughout the world to empower their own careers and improve their lives.

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