What are some easy ways to earn money via freelance work?

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What are some easy ways to earn money via freelance work?

  • Data entry
  • Translation
  • Transcription
  • Pet care/house care
  • Blog commenting
  • Voice over artist
  • VA
  • proofreading

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Today we’re going to be talking about the easiest freelancing jobs beginners can do. Now I’ve listened to top eight that I could think of. Okay, let’s get going. The first thing I want to talk about is data entry. Anyone can do it. I mean, it’s literally if you have fingers and a keyboard, you can do data entry. So that might be a great starter job for you if you have little to no experience transcription that is taking something of audio and turning it into the written written word. So again, if you have fingers and can type, you can listen to the audio and put it down on paper. I’m sorry, put it down on on Microsoft Word and type away If that is something that you want to do, that is something easy enough. I personally don’t like to do that I don’t like to listen to something and try to type. But some people love doing it and they make good living doing it. Translation if you know another language, by all means there are lots of companies out there that need translation services, everything from government entities to businesses to individuals. So if you like to translate between one language and another, especially written or verbal, you there’s lots of work for you out there. Pet Care healthcare, obviously there’s an onset of new websites like care.com, wag calm all those places you can find work as a freelancer to do various types of pet care and house care. Now granted, if you want to do pet care and even house care, there are certain things that you will learn and pick up as as you get experienced, but there’s no reason why if you’ve had a pet and care for pet in the past that you can’t do it for others. blog commenting. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of people out there that will pay to have fake blog comments on their blog or other people’s blogs to try to gain notoriety. Right now, it’s still popular. I know Google’s trying to combat that those fake blogs. But be that as it may, right now, it’s an easy entry level job to do it and pay that much. But hey, if somebody wants to pay you to do some blog comments, and you can come up with either some comments of your own, or they’ll give you comments to post on under your account on your behalf and you feel comfortable doing that, go ahead and do that. Voiceover artists if you have a lovely voice, unlike me, and can speak at a normal tone and at a normal, even keeled and by all means being a voiceover artist, is very lucrative in some cases. I know some voiceover artists on fire that charge over $100 an hour, just to say a few few sentences. So every everybody needs a voiceover artist that that’s in business at one point. Others were some kind of video or audio. They’re trying to create a professional one at least Especially car salesman, you know, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday inventory, clearance sales, stuff like that, you know, that sounded pretty good. Maybe I’ll be a voiceover artist. But anyway, there are a lot of voiceover artists, artists on fiber, fi ve RR so go ahead and check them out. Upwork also has them but fiber sees most be the most popular platform for that. Va also called a virtual assistant. So those are people who are ready and able to work with anybody on any particular task, virtually. So you can work out of your house and somebody you might have 10 clients and at any given time, they might email you or call you and say I need this done or that done. It could be anything could be data entry could be transcription, it could be they’ll teach you how to do something and you do it. Usually it’s mundane tasks. But I have three or four virtual assistants based on what type of information I needed the time usually it’s web research that I have people do for me so organized Using spreadsheets or creating spreadsheet so if you like the kind of stuff by all means Microsoft Office if you have skills Microsoft Office virtual system, maybe a good job for you. And the last one here proofreading if you are the type of person that likes attention to detail if you’re a reader, what you can do is proofread people’s blogs. Lot of people have ghost books, Ghost books ghost written for them, you can proofread those you can proofread manuals and transcripts and all sorts of great stuff. So if you have a good attention to detail and you like to read, proofreading could be a great entry level job for you. Okay, I hope you enjoyed these tips. And if you are new to freelancing and haven’t quite found how you want to make your money or what your niches then go ahead and get started with one of these just to get some of that revenue coming in. Good luck.

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