What are the Best Freelance Marketing Tips?

In today’s episode, I discuss the best freelance marketing tips you can do to get noticed by prospects and build your personal brand. Be sure to take notes for this episode!


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Hi, everyone, Mike Volkin. Here, I wanted to give you some of the best freelance marketing tips for those of you that just don’t do any marketing and have gotten worried a little bit, that maybe just relying on client referrals won’t get you by as a freelance marketer. So let me just highlight some of the things that you can do to kind of get you unstuck and outside of your comfort zone. To get you noticed more, the first thing I want you to do is I want you to pick a channel, okay? Don’t try to do too many things at once. Just pick your most comfortable marketing channel and go after it. So you might be asking Mike, what is a comfortable marketing channel? I don’t even know what that is. Well, do you like LinkedIn or possibly even another social network? Do you like sending personal emails? Do you like going to events and seminars, those are all channels that you can market yourself and don’t think of it as you just selling yourself and handing out business cards. You know, it’s, it’s just about relationships and connections. The freelancing world is all about that connection.
Okay, so pick a channel and go after it and then once you master it and go on to another one, it’s rare that even I someone who’s been freelancing for well over a decade will do more than two marketing channels at once. I usually just stay focused on one and sometimes I’ll even pick another one that kind of complements the one that I’m working on but the freelancer to try to do too much at once are deluding themselves. They pick one and get really good at it, and then go after another one. Or just stay with that one. If you’re good at it. I know someone who’s built a multimillion-dollar agency, a marketing agency after he was a successful Freelancer on just one type of marketing platform. He is a speaker at seminars before he was just networking at seminars and he made the right connections. Somebody asked him to give a talk. Then somebody else asked him to give a talk and now everybody’s asked him give a talk and now that’s how he makes his money and he makes a lot of money doing it well into seven figures if not eight.
commit some time in your calendar. Okay, put time on your calendar specific tomorrow.
If you don’t do it, it doesn’t get done. Think of it, like going to the gym. When you get a gym membership. You know, did you know this that most gyms realize that 70% of their
members won’t come regularly, they sign up and they leave within a year. That’s why they try to push you on the yearly memberships because they bank on the fact that you won’t be coming in it more than every once every three weeks if that at all. But I’ll tell you that the best thing you can do for the gym is put time in your calendar to work out because there’s always something that will take precedence over working out right especially if you don’t like working out. Same with dieting, right? There’s always something in the cupboard that’s more beneficial or tasty to eat than then celery and carrots. Right. Same with marketing. If you’re not into marketing, then you won’t do it unless it’s on your calendar. So live and die by your calendar. Put time in your calendar every single day to do some marketing. And just remember your best source for work is client referrals. That’s right, you can make an entire career on a client referral
But the problem with client referrals is it doesn’t come consistently and regularly. I’m at the point in my career where I can get client referrals, but I still do marketing. So the reason why that is because when I do marketing I know that if I hit X amount of people
during an X amount of time I’m going to get x amount of leads and X amount of leads can turn into X amount of prospects or clients. So I know that math that that those numbers those down the funnel, and you will too as an even if it’s not as formal as me where you’re writing them down every month or you say, Okay, I need to hit 50 people today. That means they’ll get to two more contracts, but in a week, you can you’ll just know instinctively at after a while that
if you do certain amount of marketing activities and you will get X amount of clients that month or that week. But client referrals is the easiest way to get people who like us. All you do is simply ask, Hey, you know, I haven’t a Mr. Smith. I haven’t talked to you in a couple months. Wondering if you had anybody that needed any search engine optimization search
I have an extra slot open this month or I just got finished working with a large client have some extra hours. If you know of anybody that can benefit from the same services I provide for you, please go ahead and
send them my way, I’d be happy to pay you a little bit for your time. You know, for any new business I get coming in, however you want to word it is lots of ways to work.
So go ahead and tap your existing network of past clients if you have some for referrals.
Something else you could do is just make sure to automate because if you spend too long doing all this manual work, you won’t actually get very much done because there’s a lot to do. So automate as much as you can, especially for follow up work. You know, a lot of freelancers don’t have newsletters at all. I have one, it goes out twice a month, and it’s just an update of my content. It’s all an RSS feed. I put out content like this. And it goes out to all my clients are my prospects and they just see me as providing value to them and their business.
So use tools like MailChimp, and Active Campaign or HubSpot, I’m super familiar with all of them. And all you really have to do is set up a newsletter with an RSS feed and just be sure to create content. You know, just talk about your expertise. I talked about becoming a, I talked about becoming a great freelancer. And for my entrepreneurs, coaching, I talked about becoming a better entrepreneur. Whole bunch of different stuff you can do but with an RSS feed is pretty much automated. As soon as you populate YouTube as soon as you populate Twitter as soon as you populate Facebook or any other tool, the RSS feed, pulls into your newsletter and then you just click that send button and get a whole fresh new newsletter with all new content. It seems like you took hours to do it and it really just you did nothing besides click the Send button. Okay. Here’s a really good marketing tip that a lot of people aren’t utilizing, especially freelancers, and that’s making a paid YouTube video. Okay, they work make a YouTube video showcasing a specific way you can help a client This is not a sales video. This is like something let’s say you’re an SEO expert.
You make a video on Hey, let me just tell you about this new SEO technique that, you know, Google just updated their algorithm and I just did this for a client and it increased their search engine availability 38% in the last month, let me show you what I did. And then you walk them through the process and four or five minutes you show them what you did you say, hey, if you want me to do this for you, give me a call. And then it’s let’s say you’re targeting that particular video was talking about a client you worked with that was a small business between one and 10 employees that makes less than a million a year and they live in Columbus, Ohio or something. And now you’re targeting Columbus Ohio companies with less than 10 employees and you can in a certain industry you can target as almost as specific as you want. You can target on on specific channels if you have a competitor you want to be on their channel or something but it’s a very cheap way to drive targeted traffic. A lot of times freelancers try to advertise on Google, and it’s super expensive. It’s I was just paying last month I paid 12 and a half dollars for some clicks for a camp.
I was running. It’s crazy. That same campaign I was running on YouTube, which is owned by Google was like 48 cents a click, it gets because there’s nobody doing stuff on YouTube right now. So it’s like, all this traffic is the second largest search engine in the world, and very few people compared to Google are advertising on it. So there’s a real opportunity for you to make a quick paid YouTube video. How do you make YouTube videos? Well, you have a phone, you can make one on your phone. Do you have something like this a free tool loom calm, which I’m using right now to film this video that you know that’s coming straight from the webcam, Hulu, and then you got a presentation on the screen just talking your way through it. That’s a YouTube ad right there. Okay, so go ahead and utilize it spend a couple hundred bucks Don’t be afraid at the very least you don’t get any prospects. You’ll get some good data on what people are clicking on and what they’re not. Okay. By the way on my first YouTube paid YouTube campaign ever did, I brought into $6,000 contracts. One was 50 801 was like 6800. But I was offering something very specific to ensure
salesman’s insurance reps. Okay, I just thought of this idea that I could offer and I did it I just explained this what I can do for you as an insurance rep and I just targeted some insurance reps and I spent a couple hundred dollars on our brought in like 60 $800 or some crazy number return on investment was huge. Okay.
upsell your past and current clients with more offerings. Alright, so again, reaching back out not just asking for referrals but saying hey, listen, I know I did this SEO project for you. How about I do this local listing projects or citation building project whatever is an upsell for SEO companies or SEO freelancers. You can say hey, listen, I know you utilize me before to do this project. But did you also know I can help you with your benefit with your company that will benefit doing this, you know, just tell them something? Maybe they didn’t hire you for all of your skill sets. Go back to them think about every single client you work with and how else you can help them. Okay, so I hope this helps a lot. Good luck out there.

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