What Courses Comprise of Freelancer Masterclass?

There are 9 courses within Freelancer Masterclass. The course structure took about as long as developing the topics within each course. Determining which courses for freelancers to include in the masterclass, and in what order, took research not only from my many years of experience but from talking with dozens of top freelancers.

Let’s dive into these courses in detail.


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Hello and welcome to another episode of freelancers school. I am Mike Volkin, your host and lead instructor of Freelancer masterclass. Today, we’re going to be talking about what comprises a freelancer masterclass. So many of you email me and say, What are these courses about? I see nine steps. So let me give you more detail in addition to what’s on the website. First of all, there’s, as I mentioned, nine courses there’s actually a bonus 10th course but you won’t find that out until you register. Nine courses are as follows the foundational requirements for success, branding and position Marketing for clients, working with clients working with other freelancers, money management, tools and resources, work life balance and troubleshooting. And that was the hardest part of developing Freelancer master classes determining what those nine steps should be and in what order they’re meant to be taken in order. So let’s start with the first one foundational requirements for success. You know, even experienced freelancers get a lot out of this course. Because if your foundations aren’t correct, and nothing else seems to fall into place, think of it like building a house, the foundation comes first. If the foundation isn’t level or built properly, then the rest of the house won’t be built properly. And the same goes for your freelancing career. There are foundational core skills you need in order to really excel as a freelancer. So that’s what that chapter is about. or courses about. The next one is about branding and positioning. So a freelancer does need a brand themselves. It’s like any other branded company like Apple coke. But there’s a difference in the personal branding versus product branding. So as a freelancer, your brand is your identity and how your clients are perceived by you. So we have a branding expert named hunter Kali that comes in, while she’s more of a of a social media expert. So she does a lot of branding, as well. And she talks about how to brand yourself on social media and find your niche. And it’s just, it’s a great course and I go through some of the classes as well. Each course consists of several classes or what I call topics within the master class. So branding and positioning really puts you in the light of how your clients are going to perceive you online and how your reputation is going to be perceived online as well. The next one marketing for clients is probably the most comprehensive of all the courses probably because I’m a marketing expert myself and I liked I liked making this this course more than any other course but I also did have a couple guests instructors in one is Dermalogica woman who’s a expert at creating fantastic websites. She’s a copywriter, Hunter colleague does make another appearance, Chelsea Craig, who’s the owner of Rhino reviews, who’s excellent at reputation management, we all chime in on this course. And we go through the bigger benefits of how you’re going to tell your story and how you’re going to bring in clients consistently. So you can avoid any dry spells that seem to plague a lot of freelancers out there. And the next course is on working with clients. And this naturally comes after you know how to bring in clients now, you know, have now you know, now you need to know how to work with them. Okay, so you’re going to learn how to master discovery call, how to ask the right questions, and how to get the prospect excited to work with you. And you’re also going to learn a lot about pricing strategies and how to get paid well for what you’re doing. You don’t have to be the low price Walmart leader in freelancing and least you shouldn’t, especially if you’re enrolled in Freelancer master class, you’re going to command a premium price and one of the most important assets This next course working with other freelancers, a great source of work should come with your network of other freelancers don’t just think of freelancers, as someone who’s going to help you with work or, or work that you can outsource to them. They’re actually great to bring in work. So we’re going to talk about how to create partnerships with other freelancers in this course and also how to communicate with them when you’re working with them. It’s very important to understand managing up so we have a whole class on managing up within this course. Another courses on money management, a lot of times newer, and even experienced freelancers, they come from the corporate world right so they don’t really know how to manage money, their their extent of managing money was all about, hey, let me just take this paycheck from my work and put it in the bank or even better a direct deposit. You don’t have to do anything but with as a freelancer, you’re working for yourself. You have money coming in. You have money going out to other freelancers, maybe and there’s a you know, an ebb and flow of how you should manage your money how you should prepare for taxes. This isn’t this doesn’t go into like the taxes. But this shows how to save for the right amount of taxes. So it shows you how to set up separate bank accounts and where the money should flow once it comes in. So there’s no surprises and all that good stuff.

tools and resources, there’s tons of new tools, there’s tons of old tools, tons of timeless tools and resources out there for freelancers. Once you become a professional freelancer, you will notice that anybody and everybody is trying to get money from you because they have some cool service that will save you time or money or make you money. And what we do is we outline the best ones, we show you how to best use them. We tell you how to avoid the expensive ones and how you can kind of growth, hack it and piecemeal together on your own. So we are always updating this section, myself and my instructors to bring you the latest and greatest tools and resources in the freelancing world. And then last but not least, we have a actually it’s not least it’s the second to last class. Work in life balance. So when you work out of your house as a freelancer It’s really hard to stay focused and keep your work life separate from your home life. You know, for example, I have a six month old child at home, I hear her crying, I want to stop what I’m doing and, and go out there and comfort her. And likewise, I hear her laughing and playing in the other room and I want to go play with her as well. So it’s really hard to keep focused and we go through some of those pain points that you might experience working from home and how to really create a good work, working, efficient, focused life in your home office. And then the last but not least, troubleshooting no matter how good you are freelancing, trouble will arise. I’m going to walk you through some of the common problems that freelancers have, especially dealing with lawsuit threats, no matter how good you are, you’re probably going to get sued or even the threat of being sued at some point. We’re going to talk to you about how to identify and deal with different difficult clients that you might be exposed to. Not all clients are perfect, managed. These issues are going to save you thousands of dollars in huge headaches and lots of times so this this troubleshooting section alone as short as it is, is just a huge it’ll pay for the course over and above itself many times over. So that is a little bit more about Freelancer masterclass focus

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