What do most people not know about working as a freelancer?

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So shat do most people not know about working as a freelancer?

Freelancing sounds like a fancy job, but sometimes it’s not, here’s why:

  • Inconsistent income
  • No benefits
  • Isolation
  • It’s a dog eat dog world
  • Self-motivation is important
  • Separating work from home life is important
  • Finding clients suck, to some people
  • The hours takes some getting used to

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and welcome yet again everybody to freelancers school. I am Mike V. And today’s topic we’re going to be discussing, what do most people not know about working as a freelancer? Okay, many people ask me this because they don’t know what a freelancer is. They might have worked for themselves, they might have owned a service-based business or invented a product and been an entrepreneur that way. But freelancers are a little bit different of a breed and I want to talk to you about some of the hidden benefits and drawbacks of being a freelancer mostly drawbacks because in my other videos and podcasts, you’ve heard me talk so much about the benefits and I don’t

need to repeat them here. But this podcast will focus more on the negatives. And the first thing I want to mention is freelancing looks fancy. And in some respects, it is there’s a lot of really great benefits you could never get from a “salary job”. But nonetheless, the first item on my list here is inconsistent income. All right, this is probably the most obvious but as a freelancer, your work ebbs and flows. Now, in some months, you do way better than you can ever do at a salary job. But on some months, you know, maybe even sometimes seasonally, if you’re in one of those industries, where a lot of your clients don’t really hire for a particular season, then they might seem drier than normal. Another item is there are no benefits. Well, if there are you’d have to pay for them yourself. Health Benefits are important. And luckily if you have a spouse that already has benefits to an employer, you can just get that but if both of you are self-employed, then you’ll have to seek benefits on your own.

I’ve outlined in a few blog articles of mine and my youtube channel on how to get your own benefits that really are cost-effective. So look into that. Another item on my list is isolation. You know, I mean, here’s an example of me sitting in my home office. And I’ve barely talked to people at all today. So sometimes it might get lonely. And if that’s the case, then go to a coffee shop and work from there. I know a lot of people who work at coffee shops or I know a lot of freelancers who do and they work at a co-working location. So if isolation is an issue for you, you can just work in a co-work location, and there are a lot of them throughout the United States is actually quite cost-effective and you get to see and work with other self-employed people. Another one I have on my list here is it’s really a dog-eat-dog world out there. There’s a lot of freelancers and freelancing is a growing industry because everybody wants to be a freelancer or it seems like everybody does. So there’s a lot of competition. There’s a lot of unscrupulous people who freelances who will promise

The world to clients at a crazy price. And unfortunately, usually, clients learn their lesson and wind up hiring as good ones. I refuse at this point in my career to work with someone that I had originally a prospect call with. And then they went to someone else that was cheaper, and then came back to me to fix their issues. It happens all the time. I’m saying at least twice a month, I get somebody who had a prospect call with a disappear that didn’t return my follow up emails. And it turns out that they weren’t hiring somebody else they interviewed for like half the price and they did a crummy job and promised the world that they didn’t get, I absolutely refuse to work with them. I used to accept contracts like that and it turned out to be a nightmare. Those types of clients will nickel and dime you and they’re already on their high guard at being defensive because of this previous Freelancer or freelancers and what they’ve done to that particular person or client so they are pretty much tainted at that point. And I know from experience of stay away from that plus is a

A little bit of a pride thing in there, I gave them my best effort, I spent time with them, I understood their issue, and I presented them with the best solution, then they go and hire somebody else for cheaper. I’ve even had, on several occasions, people who have come and taken my quote and given it to other freelancers to try to beat it thinking that the this new Freelancer can do the same quality work that I can, which is obviously not, not right. So I refuse to work with them. But yeah, the competition is fierce and you have to really niche down and find your brand and find out why exactly you’re a freelancer and what you’re passionate about, and you won’t have to worry about competition if you do that properly. Self-motivation is also very important as if, as a freelancer, most people don’t know that working as a freelancer. You have to be motivated. I know of a freelancer who just likes to sleep in late, doesn’t like to is not very proactive. Let’s put it that way. doesn’t like to get client work done when the client is working. So if they’re working like a client’s working like a nine to five job, they’ll specifically work from 5pm

Just so they don’t have to communicate in this person is a computer programmer. So he goes out of the way not to communicate with people. If that is the case, then maybe freelancing isn’t right for you, but you have to be self-motivated. Okay? So you have to be able to be proactive, communicate with your client, and get the work done on time when you promised.

as a freelancer, separating work from home life is also important. You know, I mean, I work out of my house right now I have a newborn couple doors down for me here in my house, I can hear her

laughing sometimes crying, I just want to be with her but you sometimes you just have to be able to understand that your time is money as a freelancer and every billable hour counts. So you have to separate your work from your home life and be disciplined with that. Okay. I have a sign on my door that says when my door shut please don’t bother me only text me that prevents people visitors in my house. My family members coming in knocking on my door. Heck, maybe even when I’m shooting a podcast people knock on my door.

I’d have to, you know, stop and start the whole thing over again. All right. So you have to have rules like that in your house so people know when you’re available. And then, you know, being a freelancer, a lot of people don’t realize finding clients kind of suck to some people. I like it, I could talk to freelancers all day long. I talked to entrepreneurs all day long. That’s my favorite part of being a freelancer is figuring out what the client’s needs are and being able to help them out. Other than the results, that’s my favorite part. So but in most cases, if you’re a writer, designer, and you don’t know much about selling or marketing, then that might be a very big sticking point for you. So finding clients is something you all you actually have to do. And then most people don’t like doing it. So there’s a crossroads there. Right.

The last point I want to mention is that the hours take some getting used to as a freelancer, many people don’t think it’s not just eight to five, as a freelance or nine to five, whatever the mantra is, right? It’s it’s whenever

You can work whenever you need to work while maintaining a work-life balance. Okay, so if it’s Saturday morning in my client calls and there’s an issue, or maybe it’s Saturday morning and I didn’t get enough work done on Thursday and Friday and have some emails to respond to or afford to put out Yeah, I’m going to work on Saturday just like it’s Tuesday afternoon, okay, so the hours in the day really don’t matter. It’s just a matter of getting the client work done and getting your prospecting done. So you can line up work for the next month, next week, next year, whatever the case so I hope that sheds some light on what most people do not know about working as a freelancer Good luck.

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