What should I look for when hiring freelancers?

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What should I look for when hiring freelancers?

  • Reviews
  • Google them
  • Specific work, not so much in your industry, but the type of work you need done. So not just SEO, ecommerce SEO is more specific
  • What’s their background? Do they have experience with SMB? Enterprise level clients?
  • Can they deliver in the timeline you want? How busy are they?
  • Are they doing the work themselves or outsourcing it?
  • Will they agree to internal processes or do they require you to use their tools?
  • How do they like to communicate (i.e. Skype, phone, email, etc?)

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Get ready for freelancing strategies, hacks and tactics to help you skyrocket your success brought to you by Freelancer masterclass calm. You’re listening to freelancing school with your instructor Mike Volkin.

Yay, it’s freelancers school time and today we are going to be discussing something a little different today. Usually we discuss items about finding clients or getting work as a freelancer or making your life more efficient as a freelancer. But today we’re going to be discussing what should I look for when hiring a freelancer? Undoubtedly, as you begin to scale and grow your company, you will need to work with other freelancers. And your ability to find quality freelancers that can work with you and melt with your personality will make or break your success as you scale. So let’s go ahead and talk about hiring freelancers properly from someone who does it dozens and dozens of times a year, that would be me. By the way, if you don’t know and this is your first time listening to our podcast, I am Mike Volkin, the lead instructor of Freelancer masterclass, I probably should have led with that. But hey, I’m so excited to dive into the topic of what should I look for when hiring freelancers. So let’s go ahead and do that. Number one, the most obvious is look at their reviews. And I’m not talking about these the standard five star review, I’m talking about the review of the particular work that you’re interested in. Here’s a perfect example. I hired a virtual assistant a couple months ago to do some data entry work. And all the reviews looked fantastic, except he had about three or four, two and three star reviews. And they were all related to data entry. I couldn’t find any five star reviews about that entry. And I don’t know the reason it wasn’t difficult work, but for whatever reason, he does not do data entry very well. Now upon looking at His Upwork profile, which is where I was hiring this person or thinking about hiring this person, it would appear that he had 60 plus good five star reviews and a couple bad ones that may or may not have impacted the work that I had planned on getting him but in fact it did. So I want you to not only look for reviews, but look for reviews that had work related to what you’re going to be hiring that person for. And also, other than just if you’re not hiring an Upwork I want you to also Google them or big enough, googling them find out what they what their presence is online. I gave an example of one of my earlier podcasts on how I was all set to hire somebody and then I googled them and it turns out they were a big pothead now. I mean, all they did, they had websites posted with forum postings about pot and growing weed and getting high constantly to Facebook posts were all about, you know, weed and, you know, that’s great if that’s your hobby, but from my point of view of somebody hiring you, I need someone more perfect. fessional and that, especially if you’re going to be working with clients from you, that is also going to be doing the same thing, and that is googling you. And if

you’re going to be having an impact on me getting hired

by a client,

if I introduce you as a part of my team, you better have a good reputation out there. Okay. What should I look for when hiring freelancers is what we’re talking about. And another tip I have for you is find specific work not so much in your industry, but find out if they have specific work experience for the work that needs to be done. So for example, if you’re hiring someone that if you’re a marketer, and you want to find someone that does SEO work, you’re not just looking for someone

that does SEO work, you’re looking for someone who

has e commerce experience, SEO work for your e commerce client. All right, so it’s not just writing work. For example, it’s technical writing work for your client who needs instruction manuals written or whatever the case is. So make sure you’re hiring someone that is not just has doesn’t just have a specific skill set that has a specific skill set of the skill set that you’re looking for even more niche. So not just SEO e commerce as you have not just writing technical writing, all right. And then also when hiring freelancers, you want to look into their background, what is their background? Do they have experience with small businesses or enterprise level clients? I made this mistake early on in my career is I hired a couple of freelancers, two at a time, actually. And they were both enterprise level clients, I’m sorry, enterprise level freelancers, meaning they only had enterprise level clients in the past. And I thought that was good because this particular client I was hiring for needed enterprise level sales. Now the problem is the client itself was a small business, small businesses and enterprise level clients are worlds apart and how they do business and both of these freelancers just could not melt well with our work. Small Business are very fast paced. They change directions a lot. They have very little to no processes in place

many times

when in fact, what if you’re working with an enterprise level client, there’s strict procedures for everything. You rarely change directions. You have to Log each and everything. There’s, there’s human resources to go through and all sorts of stuff. So small businesses, enterprise level client expertise is very, very different. All right. So make sure that if you’re hiring somebody for a small business that they have small business experience. Also, you want to find out if they deliver work in a timely manner. that’s easier said than done. What you want to do is look for the reviews. And if you see four star reviews to start a new three star reviews, and there’s a common complaint about delivering work in a timely manner, then that should bring up a red flag for you. Always ask them how busy are they? So say, Listen, this job is going to require 20 hours a week from you. How busy are you? If they say, Oh, we’ve got 10 clients, I’m super busy right now you know what might not be a good time for you to take on another client. Another tip I’ll give you is are they doing the work themselves or outsourcing it one time I hired somebody to do SEO for me, and it turned out that he wasn’t in fact doing the SEO. He was just outsourcing it to somebody in India and I went ahead and I had a discovery call with this guy. We melted great. We had great personality, he had a great personality. He was mentioning all the stuff that he do. It just sounded fantastic. You know, he hit the nail on the head. He just impressed me in every way. But it turned out after the fact that he’s not the one actually doing the work. He’s actually just outsourcing it, and then he’s delivering it. He was just essentially a salesman for the work. All right. So you need to ask them directly. Are you the one doing the work yourself? Or are you outsourcing it? Alright, I have a couple more tips for you here on what you should look for when you’re hiring freelancers. Another one is, will they agree to internal processes? Or do they require you to use their own tools? So here’s an example. I personally like to use teamwork, calm to manage all my projects. Now someone might come to me and this has happened for Hey, Mike. I use Asana to manage all my products, or all my projects. I use Trello. Well, great. If you’re going to do that on your time, you can do that. But I use teamwork and I’m Essentially, I’m hiring you. So you have to use one of the tools that I use. So if they are adamant about not using your software that you’re using and not melting in with your processes net will create a riff. And it will create more inefficiencies with you as you begin to work together. And the last tip I have for you for when you are hiring freelancers things you should look for is how do they like to communicate? I was interviewing a freelancer I was just getting ready to say you know what, you’ve got the job. You’re great and things like oh, by the way, I only use WhatsApp to communicate now right there that was a red flag because I don’t use WhatsApp and I don’t like WhatsApp. I’ve had too many technical issues with it before. So I use Skype I use phone I use email into a very far extent I use texting only as an emergency but that’s a whole other podcast amongst itself and why you shouldn’t use texting to communicate on a business level but I do not use WhatsApp. I asked him to get a Skype account. He refused and you know what I moved on to the next Freelancer so it’s always important that you guys use the same tools to communicate. So I know there’s a lot of tips I just covered in about eight minutes here but I hope you find these helpful. The next time you want to go hire a freelance.

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