What to Do With Freelancing Reviews

If you’re a good freelancer you will eventually get some good reviews. But what do you do with those reviews? Many freelancers doing nothing. Let me show you how to generate revenue from those reviews!



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to another episode of Freelancer school. As the announcer just said, my name is Mike Volkin and today, we are going to be discussing what to do with reviews that you receive in your freelancing business. Many freelancers don’t do anything with reviews, they might have dozens of five star reviews and they never tell anybody about them for some reason. So I’m going to give you some ideas on what to do with these reviews that we can actually generate some more business. Doing these tactics I’m about to teach you alone should give you an instant 20 or 30% boost on your revenue. That’s how important these tips are. The first thing to do once you start getting great reviews is to Put them on your website. Now when you go to, for example, Upwork, they give you a really easy way to post and share your reviews. Just go into your profile section, find the review you want to share. And then Upwork will generate a nice graphic for you that shows the first few sentences or first couple sentences of the review the number of stars and like a nice blue background, you have the option at that point to share it on social media, or what I do is I take my snippet tool from my computer and I just copy that area with that graphic. And I just paste it right on my website and I put in the navigation bar reviews, testimonials, happy clients, something like that. Okay. So another thing you can do once it’s displayed on your website is to put them in bid letters. So when you’re writing proposals, right, or when you’re at least responding to a job invite something to that effect, you see a job you like whether you’re invited or not. You can put that graphic or even reference that graphic So you might say something like instead of including it as an attachment, what you can do, you can just say hey, look at my profile, and check out my review from Julie. It’s the same same industry as you’re in Mr. prospect, right? So you can just reference the review when you’re applying for jobs. Okay. And many of you if you’ve been to the freelancer masterclass have some kind of takeaway one sheet that you give, so people you so you’re just not lumped in with the other people who are providing reviews on job proposals. So what you want to do, especially if you’re doing Upwork proposals where they can be getting a lot if you’re doing non upward proposals just applying to jobs, there might be two or three other candidates but with up work there might be 20. So you want something to for them to remember you by right. So what you want to do is create a little one sheet that talks about why they should hire you your experience. And then on that page on that one sheet, you also want to put those reviews on there. Okay. What I like to do I’ve done this as well as I make lewd comments When I’m sending out proposals on Upwork, just to introduce myself a face to face, it’s something different that other freelancers don’t do. And within that I will show either a printout, I’ll either print it out and show here’s a review, or I could just go to moviemaker and then splice the actual graphic and over my, my monologue my talking, okay. So that’s another thing you can do is use loom comm videos. Now here’s the big thing that you can do. Take those reviews, those me we’re speaking specifically to the reviews that you get on Upwork those graphics, go to LinkedIn. And let’s say that this, this review is in the aerospace industry, right? What you do is you go to LinkedIn and you go to you find and you connect with people in the aerospace industry. Now this works I’ve done this before, and you say Hey, mister, whatever or Mrs. Whatever. I just want to let you know I’m a graphic designer, I’m a marketer. I’m a writer and I just completed a job in the aerospace industry. Here’s a review I recently got if you have a need for it. A designer marketer right or whatever you are, please write me back let’s have a discovery call something simple don’t need to sell yourself just simply that here’s a here’s the an attachment, please check their attachment. Here’s what the review stated right and you can see the review that way. So those are some really great things that you can do with reviews that will actually help you generate more business. And if you don’t already, be sure to ask every single client for a review that you think you’re going to get at least a four star review out of. Okay, hope this helps. Good luck.

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